Quick tip: How to give your phone a unique name

Quick tip: How to give your phone a unique name

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With a phone as unique as you are, you might want to consider giving it a unique name (which also comes in handy when multiple phone-owning family members sync to the same PC). Unlike naming your firstborn, you won’t even need to fend off unasked-for opinions from family and friends.

Having trouble thinking of a name? I personally like to go with a theme. My first Windows Phone was Sparkles, and my new Windows Phone 8X is Twinkles. Or, if you consider your phone something like a pet, loyal and dependable, Rover may be an appropriate choice. And the safe route, naming it something like “John’s phone,” is always a good option.

Here’s how to do it: Plug your phone in to your computer, and open up either the Windows Phone app or the Windows Phone app for desktop (depending on what you’re trying to sync). In the Windows Phone app, go to Settings > Preferences. Under Name your phone, type the name you’ve chosen. In the Windows Phone app for desktop, just click Settings to get started.

If you want to go old school, you can also change your phone’s name in the Windows File Explorer. Plug your phone in to your computer, and open File Explorer. Look for your phone under Computer, and then right-click on it. Click Rename, and type in the name you’ve chosen.

Anybody come up with a phone name that beats Twinkles?


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  • Oh, its SO hard Marcusasdrubal...when despite whatever anyone could pretend was lacking, Windows Phone is STILL the dopest, most freshest and illest OS and I call mine a MiPhone8000! =P

  • It would be even better if we could name our phones from the phone's user interface.  :-)  We should be getting away from requiring a separate computer (and companion sw).

    @GoodThings2Life - cool!  I'm a huge Stargate-* fan as well.

  • The fake instagram is a private App Beta that someone put in their. Unless you get a link to that Beta it doesn't even show up in the Marketplace. Betas due to that are also not going through certification. I don't really see that big of a problem in it. If it were to pass through certification that WOULD be a problem.

  • Really sad to see a April fool around instagram in our store today in the morning Mr. Stroh. People are begging for this app and someone do such thing. Really hard to stay with windows phone. We have to bear Joe Belfiore teasing "new" apps like the old know temple run. Then Now, we have a fake instagram in our store. The truth, it is hard to stay here...

  • Haha. I'm loving all these names!

  • i call mine YodaPhone !! may the force be with ya'll WP users.

  • "Dr. G's Etheric Communicator"

  • windows does; WIN 8

    see? we have won 8 times over ios, andrioid...etc.


  • One true name for my awesome Windows Phone... Phune ;-)

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    Okey, missed there. Over here....

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    What are you below here doing in this blog ? If you don't like Windows Phone OS, og somewere else. You probably have Apple ! Good Luck With that, LOL.

  • How can I change the name shown to other bluetooth devices in search mode. It shows as "windows phone" only.

  • I name all of my tech after starships from the TV franchise Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

    For example, my Surface is called Atlantis, my phone is Puddle Jumper, and my server is Odyssey. My old Zune HD was Wraith Dart, and my original Zune was Alkesh.

  • Imagine that this come from the worst named OS, O would like so much that Windows Phone have a different name, one that express the personality of such great OS; I mean, you have outhere iOS, BBOS or Blackberry OS, Android, even Bada or Tidzen and then Windows Phone.

    What about Midori, Colibri or even Whatever OS; Microsoft seriously should think about abandon Windows brand name, are least in the mobile world. Microsoft should transform the Windows Phone great personality in a great name.