Big update for Viber on Windows Phone 8—free calls with HD sound, Live Tile support, and more

Big update for Viber on Windows Phone 8—free calls with HD sound, Live Tile support, and more

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Free calls, texts, and photo messaging help make Viber one of the most popular VoIP apps in the world. Today, a new and improved version for Windows Phone 8 arrived in the Store. Download it here. The redesigned app offers free calls with HD sound, pinning of conversations to Start via Live Tiles, lock screen notifications, and beautiful improvements to its look and performance for Windows Phone 8. Connect in group conversations with up to 40 people. The app, which syncs directly with your address book, also makes it easy to share photos and your location.


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  • yes..same as me,it still sync contact from yesterday..not working..bad

  • Same here on lumia 920 cant load any contacts and keep saying syncing contacts

  • Gurtej
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    I am also facing this contact syncing issue with my Nokia Lumia 920. But can make Viber calls by manually entering the numbers of friends who I know have Viber. Can also receive Viber calls.  However, no such issue with HTC 8S phone in the family. And HTC 8S doesn't have a very powerful hardware.

  • Mine just sits on "Your contacts are syncing...".

  • Toman
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    This is really great news.

  • Nathan
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    It has been synchronizing the contacts from last night! What the heck is that? I'm using L920.

    Microsoft, now that Viber is out while Skype still in beta, FB phone gone with Android and Samsung has no mood for ATIV phones, make sure anything arrive in your stores is NOT half baked!!

  • wonderful!! just installed it on my phone, but seems hard to get it direct from market, need to get the link from requesting via pc to email and install via link

  • Nathan
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    @Windows Phone team. Congrats! Now, please ping the Skype team to hurry and release the final, "Gold" version for Windows Phone :-)

    , definitely a great great news. Last night I was searching for "Viber for Windows Phone" news on Bing and read a tweet from Viber's CEO. The app was just approved. Today I opened Windows Blog hoping that there would be updates and here we are! Big day for WP ecosystem.

    @Viber-team, please publish the same thing for Windows Store. 8-)

  • First Tech Federal credit union has released an app for Windows Phone!!

  • Great news!!! Yes!! The big name apps just keep coming in. 2013 is most definitely turning out to be the biggest year for WP so far, and its not over yet.. Instagram??