Meet the design guru behind Windows Phone 8

Meet the design guru behind Windows Phone 8

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"The way we approach design has really shifted in the last few years," says Windows Phone’s 46-year-old designer-in-chief Albert Shum. It’s always interesting to find out more about the people who create the products we rely on every day. If you’re curious about one of the leading thinkers behind Windows Phone’s award-winning looks, check out the profile on Shum written by CNET’s Jay Greene today.

Shum arrived at Microsoft five years ago from Nike, where he was part of the team that helped cook up the Nike+ fitness gadget line. The Hong Kong native, who has degrees in both mechanical engineering and product design, now runs the 88-person studio responsible for creating Windows Phone’s much talked about tile-centric user interface—a design aesthetic that has since worked its way into the DNA of other Microsoft products ranging from Windows to Xbox to Office. It’s a good read.

Credit: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images via CNET

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  • That is not really true. The 18 months support cycle only applies to the version of the OS. Meaning that the current version of WP8 will be supported 18 months but when it gets updated to a new version it resets the cycle. That's why Microsoft doesn't need to support Windows Phone 7.0 for example, because it got updated to 7.5 and now 7.8 and the cycle for 7.8 has full 18 months of support even on 2 year old devices.

  • Kit
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    Get him to redesign the Metro in Windows 8. Same DNA, bad implication on Windows 8. It is much more well design in Windows Phone.

  • Hawk
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    Oh and would like the OS to be supported for more than 18 months!  WTF MS?!  Windows Phone 8 is released 10/29/12 which as of today, that means our NEW phones will only be supported for 12 more months!  You gotta be kidding, right MS????

  • Need VPN, Visio Viewer, Project and this will be the IT tech and business phone.

  • mpmahen
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    It is a beautiful interface, but why has the vpn option been removed?

  • I remember seeing him talking about designing Windows Phone before it actually shipped. Way back in the day. It has been an exciting ride. I almost feel they should put him in a commercial about Windows Phone design, given that he talks with such excitement about it. :P

  • This guy needs an award!