Gravity Guy and 3 more Xbox games for Windows Phone are now FREE. Sale extended through April 22!

Gravity Guy and 3 more Xbox games for Windows Phone are now FREE. Sale extended through April 22!

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Due to popular demand, Miniclip has extended this sale through April 22.

Start your tapping. Through April 15 22, four great Xbox games from Miniclip are now free in the Windows Phone Store. Each one usually costs $2.99.

These are all great, proven titles. Use your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to save the inhabitants of Monster Island. Test and refine your grenade-launching skills in Fragger. Elude zero-g pursuers in Gravity Guy. Or hit the slopes in one of the most fun snowboarding games ever—iStunt 2.

Twelve bucks worth of fun for the price of a few taps? Sounds like a good deal to me. And don’t forget about our new weekly sale on apps and games—Red Stripe Deals. You’ll find new bargains at that link every Thursday.

Gravity Guy


Monster Island


iStunt 2




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  • games are realy funny. :)) Thanks windows!

    <a> nakliyat </a><a> nakliyat </a>

  • jschroedl
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    Thanks Miniclip (& Microsoft)

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  • aditzap
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    wow! great offers! thanks a lot :D

  • Sweet news!!

    Thanks :D :D

  • They are also free in the Windows 8 store in case anyone missed it.

    As always, thanks to the awesome developers. :)

  • Now I can say that's the great beginning and I am anxious about the next games for free thank you so much for this MS...... I love to hear from ya if u provide us flexible billing option because I don't have credit card.... my b'day is near that's the perfect gift...

  • free always is nice, I will check it out :-D

  • I am really really thank full to Miniclip for this & Windows Tooo.