Your amazing Windows Phone kids’ art, painted realistically

Your amazing Windows Phone kids’ art, painted realistically

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In February, we celebrated the Kid’s Corner feature on Windows Phone by asking you to submit your children’s drawings in response to the following questions: “What do you wish your Windows Phone could do? How do you imagine yourself, your family, and others using your phone?” We received tons of amazing artwork from children all around the world, each one a whimsical creation that showed how Windows Phone can help unlock a child’s imagination.

Over the course of the past month, artist Dave DeVries has taken the winning drawings and painted them as realistically as possible. The results and their accompanying stories are below, and I think you will agree that they are a mix of striking, dramatic, cute, and remarkable. You can find more of Dave’s artwork at The Monster Engine, and you can learn more about Kid’s Corner at the Windows Phone website. (Click through the images to view them full-size!)


windows kc

Audrey, age 7, and Jared, age 9 (as told by their mom): “One sketch shows an alien attacking a town, and a Windows Phone with lasers coming out of it that is attacking the alien. The other kid drew a superhero (‘Micro man’, or as she wrote, ‘mick row man’, short for ‘Microsoft man’) holding a Windows Phone, triumphant after winning against the alien.”




Noah, age 5 (as told by his father): “The attached picture shows my son Noah using our Windows Phone to remote control our bulldog who is called Dougie. He has been turned into ‘Robo-Dougie' and Noah is taking him for a walk whilst [controlling] his movement via the Windows Phone on a sunny day.”



Jessica, age 4: “My Windows Phone can make kitty monsters happy with music! The kitty monster gets real real happy and dances around flowers.”



Akriti, age 6: “I wish could call up the sun on the Windows Phone, to dry up all the rain and helps the flowers grow.”

Louie Almeida - uk - windows phone Kid's art entry


Louie, age 5: Louie's mom says that Louie's design is the story of a lonely monster that wants to play. In the story, the lonely monster takes his Windows Phone and opens one of his favorite games. Then, the game’s characters come to life and jump out in front of the lonely monster to scare him, but the Windows Phone gives the lonely monster powers to become the hero!

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  • Any shot at getting some hi res versions of these we could use as Windows 8 backgrounds?

  • -- I'm on your side... I do not want to see Start Button.  The Start Screen is a nice step forward in PC UI design.  I find myself now using Win 7 at work and cringe when I can't touch the screen or get to the Charms menu.  I would much rather MSFT spend its time to transition some of the gestures on the phone into Win 8 Blue and vise versa.  The first gesture they can add is the swipe down to close an app; followed by a swipe from the right to bring up a charms for universal search.

  • @ Scuba.... Agree. The start button is no longer needed because all of the apps are right on the METRO interface, which is why it should always boot up there..

  • It may be a one-man campaign, but I'm going to start one anyway.  I'm lodging my complaint at the rumors that Win8 may be bringing back the stupid Start button and putting a boot-to-desktop option in.  Microsoft, you are hypocrites if you do this!  I'm sick of the people holding on to their buggy whips and insisting on a button and the desktop because you are too slow at grasping simple things.  Microsoft, I will trash you daily if you do this.  You HAVE to take a page from Apple's playbook.  They must be pushed to adapt or most never will.

  • That was what was said by Paul Acevedo of WPCentral, the largest WP community in the world! Its time to listen up Microsoft!!....

  • ""When I spoke on the telephone with a Windows Phone executive two years ago, he seemed to anticipate a mobile Halo game within the next year or so after our conversation. But that executive has since shifted off of the Windows Phone team. It’s no coincidence that PR efforts and new game announcements died off after that time.

    Xbox Windows Phone doesn’t seem to have a leader who believes in gaming or the Xbox brand any more. We’ll know that has changed when Microsoft finally announces a true Halo game for Windows Phone. Until the company is willing to take that important step, we cannot believe they take gaming on this platform seriously."""

  • Is anyone else having this issue where you have to restart your phone in order to get audio playback to play at higher volumes? If my phone sits for a while, or over night, audio playback is very muted, even on 30. I have to reboot it then audio plays at a higher level. I know im not the only one having this problem.... at&t Lumia 920!!!

  • vieya
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    Please get sprint on board with Nokia phones. I'm happy you guys finally convinced them to have some windows phones but HTC and Samsung are not going to cut it. I've had issues with phones from both companies. I prefer nokia. Please convince sprint. I've tried talking to them but they won't listen.

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    The person in Jessica's drawing is wearing green headphones, but the painter turned headphones to golden hair and a cord plug in the back. Weird and grotesque in a way - but then again, children draw some weird stuff sometimes ;o) What was the reaction from the children? Did they like the transformations of their drawings? We'll probably never know, but it looks like a fun project with an unusual take on Windows Phone. Thanks for sharing that.

  • Wow that's awesome!!!!...i like most the 4th one akriti nice played.. :):)