Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile exclusive, debuts this weekend on HSN

Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile exclusive, debuts this weekend on HSN

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T-Mobile provided fresh details today about rollout plans for the new Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile exclusive that’s based on Nokia’s popular and most affordable Windows Phone 8 model, the Lumia 520.

If you want to be one of the first to snag one, tune in to HSN this Saturday. The Lumia 521 will debut during the retailer’s Innovation Weekend event (check local listings for air times) and come bundled with a car charger and screen protector. Price: $149.95, with free shipping and handling. (Update: Looks like HSN decided to start selling the phone a little early. Check it out here. Update 2: …and they’re all sold out!)

On May 11, the phone is scheduled to land at Microsoft and Walmart retail stores. The Microsoft Store will carry it for $149. At Walmart, which hasn’t announced pricing plans yet, the Lumia 521 will be eligible for the retailer’s exclusive no contract, $30 per month unlimited web and texting plan on T-Mobile.

Finally, the carrier said it will also start selling the phone soon itself, but would provide more specifics later.

The Nokia Lumia 521 features a 4-inch touch screen, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and 8 GB of internal storage—expandable to 64 GB via microSD card. The phone, which is designed to run on T-Mobile’s 4G HPSA+ network, also comes pre-loaded with great Nokia apps like Music, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Panorama, Smart Shoot, and the HERE navigation suite—Drive, Maps, and Transit. Here’s T-Mobile’s press release.

The Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile exclusive

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  • Looks like HSN restocked their supply of Lumia 521s. The link in the post shows they're offering them once again.

  • abm
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    @Rodney E. Jones, I watched the video on that site the day Michael posted and if my memory serves right. they were saying something like "Hurry up! we only have 4000 devices".. :)

    I wish if Nokia release a batch of high-res phones including 3.8'' and 5+'' display sizes with dual-core and quad-core variations. The competition is rendering the hardware support obsolete each month, says me and this detailed BetaNews review

    If Microsoft is falling behind the curve (1-1.5yrs delay) to be on the safe side and its some kind of their strategy, then I believe they have totally ignored a whole lot of clientele who are into latest, high specs gadgets.

    L920 is exclusive, but there is a very good space for 5+'' phablet and/or a quad-core device! Last I heard, WP8 OS based on NT kernel supports up to 64 cores. If that's true, why not you guys take a lead on a hex-core gadget.

    Besides multi-core, we need a Windows Phone device with mini HDMI (in and out), USB and with all kinds of crazy things ever happened in gadget world! 8-)

  • @ Michael.... Wow, sold out already? Do you guys have any idea of how many devices were sold by HSN?.. I know, you couldn't tell me if you did know.. I wish I knew how many were sold.. Darnit!!

  • ...and it's SOLD OUT!

  • You've probably heard already, but looks like HSN decided to put the Lumia 521 on sale a little early.

  • Sven
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    Sort of wonder what is going on with T-Mobile and WP. Only WP on their site right now is a refurbished Lumia 810. That might actually be a better buy at $240, no contract. I picked up a refurb'd 710 some time back and it is a perfectly good unit. Never would have imagined it refurbished. I did get the $30 plan direct from T-Mobile. Great deal, unlimited txt, 5gig of 3G data before throttling to 2G, and 100 minutes. If you aren't a talker, you can't beat the data allotment. The unlimited talk plans seem to start at 500M of full speed data and prices go up from there.

    Kind of bummed the 710 isn't even getting the 7.8 upgrade from T-Mobile, though Nokia has developed it, and other carriers support it.

  • James99
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    I wonder why they say the phone "will be eligible for the retailer’s exclusive no contract, $30 per month unlimited web and texting plan on T-Mobile."  I didn't think this plan was exclusive to Walmart since it's listed on the T-Mobile site:

  • This is a ridiculously low price for a phone without a contract.  The only downside I see is no flash with the camera.