Official Fidelity Investments app for Windows Phone 8 arrives

Official Fidelity Investments app for Windows Phone 8 arrives

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The free and official Fidelity Investments app for Windows Phone 8 is now available in the Store. Download it here. (As with any new app, it might take a bit to show up in search results.)


Design-wise, it’s an impressive debut that makes particularly good use of Live Tiles. The app shows your brokerage account info and watch lists, and also lets you trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. Not a Fidelity customer? The app still serves as a great all-purpose financial app, supplying the latest market news and real-time stock quotes. The colorful interactive stock charts are particularly nice.

About those Live Tiles: You can pin individual securities directly to your Start screen for continuous quotes (you’ll find the option in the app bar menu on the security’s details screen). I also like how the tiles turn red or green to reflect market swings. If you choose a larger Live Tile, you’ll see news stories about the stock on the tile’s flip side. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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  • litri01
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    I also cannot install this on an 8x in UK.

    says this app is no longer published :(

  • Mr. Joe Belfiore, what is that anyways, Italian?? Anyways, what do you have up your sleeves Mr secrety pants? Is it a certain app that everyone has been asking for?.. I know your secret dude. I know what you're gonna do!!!!! Hahahahahahahahah!!

    Secrety pants!! Lol.. I know, that's not a word, but it sounds funny..

  • @adidell: Since posting I've found an easier way. If you search for a security by name or symbol (or tap on one in your Watch List or in your list of owned securities), the app shows you the security's detail page. There you'll see Pin to Start as an option in the app bar at the bottom of the screen (flick up to see it).

  • adidell
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    I love the app but can't get live tiles working...tried pressing and holding mentioned above but nothing comes up.

    Any ideas?


  • Not available on my 8X in the UK... any particular reason?

  • What did you guys do to get all these major apps on the platform? They've been coming in at a steady pace, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Good job!!