A peek behind the scenes of our new wedding ad

A peek behind the scenes of our new wedding ad

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Many of you said you enjoyed the new Windows Phone wedding ad that began airing yesterday. I’ve also been having fun reading the #timetoswitch tweets people have been sending explaining why they switched to Windows Phone.

If you’re a DVD extras addict, or just in the mood for another laugh, I thought you might like to check out this great behind-the-scenes video filmed during the making of the new ad.

What do you think: Just as funny—or better?

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  • I agree that these ads are great. This should work if they are aired enough and more ads like this keep coming consistently throughout the year...

  • I absolutely LOVED the ad. I got it... it spoke to me. I'm already a Windows Phone fan, but I'm an advocate for the platform. People ask me about my phone (a red Lumia 920) all the time, and I switch into a promotional video every time I demo the features. And they usually ask, "how come I never hear about it?" I usually tell them, "because people are too busy fussing over Samsung and Apple." And how ironic that Samsung's ads last year fueled that fire when they poked fun at the iPhone lines.

    Now here's Microsoft joining in on the action, but I can't help but think... we know how this ends... a WWE-style triple threat match, of course! :D But seriously, consumers remember these fun ads... the same thing happens about Surface when they see mine they want to see/hear the click (and get sad when I can't dance for them). However, keep the videos coming that show off the features of the phones too. Don't forget to inform customers about what they can do.

    Great work! I love seeing these!

  • I really hope MS/Nokia learn that ad's like these are good to do and that consumers usually remember them later down the road. A good example of this are Geico's former ridiculous ad's on TV. -Yes they might not show the consumer why the product is better -or simply why you should switch...but the hilarity of the ad in itself is what will get people to notice the product. And granted, that is what Windows Phone needs right now. Even in the blooper video, it was stated that WP is usually left out between choosing other products on the market. -Which is simply the motive for making the ad in the first place.

    Anywho, I am not a marketing major, but one thing is for sure, this ad did get a lot of attention on the Internets yesterday. It must've been a good video for that to happen. I wouldn't mind seeing more witty ad's like these in the future.

    I posted this on wmpoweruser...just my thoughts.  

  • A lot of apple and android fans started trolling (or fighting) after the release of this awesome ad and I will tell them one thing and one thing only.  Don't fight. Switch.

    Thumbs up M$