Join the Facebook for Windows Phone Beta app program

Join the Facebook for Windows Phone Beta app program

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Calling all tinkerers. If you love Facebook and enjoy playing around with pre-release software, read on.

Today we’re launching a new program designed to help speed up delivery of new features in the official Facebook app for Windows Phone and need sharp-eyed, energetic volunteers to download a beta version of our next release and tell us how to make it better.

Don’t like it when apps crash? This probably isn’t the program for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to see where we and the Facebook team are headed and want to provide engineers feedback during a time when it actually matters, you can grab the beta app here.  (To avoid confusion, the beta won’t show up in Store search results and is only available via this direct link.)

As you’ll see, the app is undergoing a major redesign and now includes several much-requested features, including new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline. Once you’ve put the beta app through its paces, we hope you’ll pass along bug reports, feature requests, and other feedback by going to Settings>About in the app. You can also post a Store review. Your comments and suggestions will inform future releases.

By the way, the existing Facebook app (version 4.2.1) isn’t going anywhere yet. So you can have both apps installed side-by-side on your phone. Happy hunting.

Facebook for Windows Phone BetaFacebook for Windows Phone BetaFacebook for Windows Phone Beta

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  • Sparky
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    Update People Hub, Messaging Hub and Me Hub with better Facebook and Social Network Integration

    The people and massaging hub along with live tiles and SkyDrive is what brought me back to windows phone from android. The hub is amazing with the fact that I get a consolidated interface for communicating with people over several methods and networks without needing to jump between a bunch of 3rd party apps. But the current integration leaves a lot to be desired forcing the use of apps... Sure you have the official fb app but the people who want that are missing the point of the people hub because the fb app was how android trained them. Please expand upon the people and messaging hub to make WP8 the ultimate social networking tool by making it support all features that any 3rd party app would provide.

    - Search function

    - Upload photos to wall, groups and pages

    - Post photos to comments

    - Select multiple photos for upload via paper clip attach icon

    -Send and receive photos in messages

    -Show friends who are online

    -Add friends

    - update live tiles and lock screen with notifications

    - @tag people

    - delete my posts

    - share posts and pictures

    -View files on groups

    -Upload videos

    -Better push notifications

    -UI improvements

    -Change profile picture

    -See group picture

    - API so 3rd party developers can add functionality to Facebook integration as well as add other social networks to the people hub and message hu

  • ivan024
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    Is there any update about the official app for Windows Phone 7.8?

  • Since version 5.0.12 this app has stopped updating news feeds, pictures (basically everything) on my Lumia 920.

  • I'd love to see the ability to long press on a picture to save it to the phone. This feature should be added to the official Twitter application as well. ;)

  • peterw
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    so you removed my previous post beacuse of what?

    anyways no pictures in messages is not the only issue, I cannot Access full list of friends just like 1/3 of them, I don't even expect it to feature voice calls cause you're like a year behind iOS and Android (and doesn't seam like MSFT having stake in FB benefits WP in any way)

    Provide some way to give feedback from within the app (I mean 4 real: sending logs is no real feedback)!!!

    still long way to go with this app, at least UX and look and feel are better now

    don't get me wrong i really like how MSFT changed since zune, and I'm actually you're fan (I would not give 3rd attempt to WP if i wasn't one casue android and iOS just superior ATM at least for powerusers and switching is my act of giving you a chance). WP really neads some majotr updates I like it a lot in terms of UX and look and feel but the ecosystem and lack of some basic features are really killing the experience.

  • peterw
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    on  positive note I appreciate your trying and getting FB app revamped, new youtube app is very solid experience (though I miss remote controll)!

  • peterw
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    i like the redesign BUT

    1 messages still allow text only (super annoying)

    2 you put regional restrictions on apps which is very annoying but in case of global FB beta that's actualy SUPER annoying

    3 you call sending a log a feedback??? This should be fully automated while feedback is for providing verbalized user feedback

    I mean 4 real: I'm giving WP a third go now with lumia 920 top phone for the platform and i still feel like this is totally subpar experience compared to my nexus 4, and I really want WP to be a sucess as I love overall UX, look and feel, nokia phones build quality etc. But this platofrm is lagging a year at least and so many small anoying things look like you don't learan (e.g. my lumia will not connect to FB messaging - thi isue has been reported with WP since 2011 and it still has not been fixed - for Christ sake guys!!!)

  • "Hey, I know, lets throw the whole Windows Phone effort in the crapper!", that's pretty much what this app says.

  • Metro, Metro, METRO!!!!!  What the heck is this? Loosing your nerve? This is such a disappointment.

    If I want a damned android app, I'll buy an android phone!! I'll buy a freaking android phone!! You dig?!?!

  • 1. Needs Notifications worked on!

    2. Share To Pages on stuff in Newsfeed

    3. Photo option on Pages

    Otherwise it certainly has brought me back to Windows Phone!

  • eth0
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    Arriwed at my company this morning, fired up the beta and tried to check-in with NO luck... Facebook told me my place was miles away from were I was! O_o

  • eth0
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    Hmmmm... If, I say IF I wanted the UI that Android and iOS is using then I would buy one of those phones! I really love the UI on the stable release, and now? No, no and NO!

    But the bugs that I found right now is:

    When I´m goin to post on a page/group I run, it shows my picture and not the group/pages picture!

    Gona see if the location bug is still there in about 1 hour when I´m going to my company... The stable release can´t find my check in at all!

    Some people here in Sweden have problem with ÅÄÖ, like other people are having, but I haven´t found that right now.

    So please, skip this freaking awful design and keep the ones you have in the stable one!

  • mtcerio
    9 Posts

    Joe Belfiore has tweeted the new Facebook and others will come to WP7:

    "#WP7 users: don't miss the fact that new #Youtube is coming to WP7. FB (beta) will be coming to WP7 too, a bit later. Some others too."

    Maybe it would be good to have all this information in a unique channel, instead of having to hop between twitter, windows blogs, etc.

  • MrPorus
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    wheres the WP8 theme and design in it !!!

  • Well lets ignore the whining in here and give more constructive feedback:

    1)  Resharing kicks back with privacy issues, but I can reshare the same post in the mobile website it shares fine.  

    2)  Same as above on the tagging, but tagging works better now.

    3)  Saving pictures is needed.

    4)  Uploading videos.

    Keep the beta rolling.

  • make this available for 7.8

  • make this available for 7.8

  • It would be nice if they made this available for the windows phone 7.8

  • Is Microsoft going to launch this app for Windows Phone 7.8? Thanks :D

  • auk
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    I hope it could work on windows phone7.8 ,please.

  • I think its pretty good so far.  Its quicker and I can upload photos.  Don't know if its a timing issue but I can't seem to share someone elses posts.  It comes up, "your update could not be posted at this time."

  • I'm a facebook page admin, hope this facebook app will allow us to manage facebook page when it generally released, post as page / reply as page is really needed! I would also like to post multiple pics at once on the page I admin.. Would be helpful for event postings...

  • I'm a facebook page admin, hope this facebook app will allow us to manage facebook page when it generally released, post as page / reply as page is really needed!

  • I dont like it, I prefer the look of the old one, I miss the banner image, and whats the point of having a metro phone if the apps just copy other OS's

  • nickg85
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    The design of this app is a complete joke. Its a straight rip off of the android version ( slightly flatter ). It even has the freaking cards. Everything goes against the design of the UI and how you interact with it. What happened yo the intuitiveness?? Has got to be one of the most visually unappealing apps from a big developer ( and its Microsoft! ) I have seen on WP. Just a blatant, lazy port, worse even than twitter. There really isn't any reason any of the issues couldn't have been fixed in the metro version. Bigger thumbnails, better functionality, less taps.

    that's instagram, but there is no reason something like that wouldn't work for Facebook. The unique look and feel of the WP OS and UI is what is appealing for the platform, but it was abandoned to mimic android/iOS. The app is a joke, you guys can do much better than this. Its just flattened chrome, and it is pretty damn unfortunate that even Microsoft doesn't stand behind their design language. I didn't even know I  could swipe in certain areas, and then it only opens up a drawer. That is just out of place on WP, extremely jarring.

    At least keep the metro version updated.

  • So far I am really digging the design and speed of it! I haven't had a lot of time to play with it but am very thankful for MS updating this for us!

  • no hebrew support in typing new post ro replay

    delay when using the back button.

  • HiSpeed
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    I love the new app!

    Here are some issues:

    1 - This version of app doesn't allow traditional norwegian input like æ, ø and å.

    2 - The app shows a short list of my favorites. I want an option to see all my favorites.

  • No WP 7 support??? damn u microsoft !!

  • I downloaded the app and I actually really enjoy it, and it still has it's own unique design and features. (The live tile, lockscreen updates and design). This is Beta, you have to understand and it says that in the store and you can't search for it in the store. I'm really annoyed by the app reviewers who give it 1 star and say it crashes, read the fricking description.

  • @Gattaccio :Completely agreed.

  • Btw, this is a BETA, complaining is not useful. Dev team needs feedback on features and bugs. Is a great opportunity for all of you currently testing it to see your suggestions implemented in future versions.

  • Love it. Smooth interface, like the swipe to left and right to see chat and fb links.

    Videos cannot be showed, I tried to open a vimeo video shared by my friend and it says it cannot be opened. Need to be fixed to have a full experience.

    Also messages previews , with text fading at the right of the page gives a sense of incompleteness, better to cut the last words and add something like [read more]...

    Testing continues...

  • Thanks for the app but seems there are some bugs.

    1. When I want to write in Persian, this message appears "We're sorry. We don't currently support the colorful emoticon you wish to use in this message"

    2. When want to share someone's status, this message appears "Your update could not be posted at this time"

    Hope to see the solutions soon.

  • @ marcusasdrubal : I understand what you mean, but you also have to understand that there MIGHT  be legal procedures involved in releasing apps to particular regions.Eventually the app will be available for other regions. Its just a matter of how long it will take.

    Do not forget that when a new device has been released, majority of the effort will support the new devices rather than the old device. People who have w7.x on their devices should expect this.There many be so much of limitations that you need to consider .An issue would be its performance. Since the old gen win phones were single core, I could imagine seeing the performances when upgrading to w7.8.

  • Now the old FB app was pretty, but horribly buggy, so I was hoping to see a big improvement. How disappointed I am. The "new" UI is shockingly bad, navigating is reduced to pure guesswork. For example, clicking the messages "button" at the top takes you to the messages, fair enough. However it's entirely non-obvious at that point how to get back to the main news feed. The obvious hardware back button mostly works, but using it tends towards accidentally quitting the app when you didn't mean to. There is an unbelievably clunky "left side navigation" menu, which makes getting around possible if cumbersome. Of course some time later you discover the way back from "messages" is to click the "messages" button again. WTF? And, just to add insult to injury, that only works some of the time. If, for example, you click a persons name, bringing up their profile page, then you don't have any obvious way back. And clicking "messages" there doesn't take you back to news no matter how many times you click it (Now I'm not suggesting it should, but it highlights how horribly inconsistent the behaviour is). Whatever happened to the rule of least surprise?

    Worse still, you can't even consistently swipe left/right to bring up the annoying left menu or the equally baffling right-hand list-of-some-but-not-all-and-in-no-way-obvious-how-it's-chosen list of contacts either, because sometimes bits of the page attempt to scroll left/right, depending entirely upon where your finger happens to be (such as the About Likes Photos section visible in the middle pane of your last screenshot). The end result is that you basically spend all your time guessing how to get to places or what might possibly happen when you click something. The only reliable way to navigate to anything at all, the left menu, rapidly becomes a major annoyance as you find yourself having to scroll left and then up/down just to get anywhere. And, as a final insult, when looking at things like a collection of photos, it just isn't accessible at all. I don't think I've experienced quite such a clumsy design since early 90's webpages.

  •  the worst that could at least say something. Until now they did not provide any answer. , people are waiting for the answer!

  • Damn! I can't believe MS has left WP7.x users behind again. I've been expecting this app look and features since Android and iOS updated theirs and it's now on WP OS and MS has decided to leave Legacy devices behind. This is just unacceptable and soo sad. Never been on a platform that has forsaken me and treated me badly like this before. Feel sorry for myself :(

  •  we are not asking them to release a BETA for us, we only want to know if they are developing for US. Only that. And those bastards can't even answer.

  • Answer whether or not will be this app avaliable?

  • Guys, do remember that this app is in beta version. Please be reminded that this app has a long way to go in terms of functionality. Since its going through the beta version, it still needs to go through the production and be certified.

    Poeple who have w7.x , you need to wait a while longer.

    I DONT work for Microsoft, but at least I am tolerant of the app deployment and know whats to come after beta is finished.

  • This what I hate in MS, they can even answer that. And their spokerperson don't even know or want to answer.

  • sutt359
    0 Posts

    Looking good.... Ive now stopped using the online touch version via IE.

    One thing i did notice is that when you get a notification you dont get the number in the pinned tile.

  • I want the new fb app for wp 7.8!!

    It's very sad  for us. I hope you make it! People buy a smartphone for fb!!!!

  • Liking the app a lot, very nice-looking. It doesn't take "special" characters, tho. When trying to type in øæå, I get an error saying "We don't currently support the colorful emoticon you wish to use".

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Interesting how almost all the people leaving positive comments are new accounts...really seems legit that way...

  • There's a reason they're designing the UI to match Android & iOS = it's better than the stupid Facebook Metro UI.  I only wish I could actually install and try it out.  I've got Lumia 900 with WP 7.8 and feel like I'm being punished for being an early adopter/supporter of the Windows Phone!

    Microsoft = you've got to support your previous OS versions if you want to build customer loyalty!  I seriously doubt I'll buy another Window Phone if this is the type of support I can expect in the future.  Why would I want to buy a WP8 device when it won't be supported when WP9 comes out?  

    Hey Microsoft, Backwards compatibly = Live it, Learn it, love it, embrace it!!

    Oh and @MichaelStroh , I'd love to send my feedback via the app, but I can't install it, remember.....    [banging head on desk.....]  

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    Well, I'm in the 'What happened to Windows Phone" camp. I like the current one visually way more than this. I cringe when I scroll sideways and get just one screen on each side, instead of a panel experience that wraps around. I much prefer the layout of Newsfeed on the current version, rather than Google Now Cards. Why do I need to swipe right to launch anyything other than News from a shortcut. If the intent is to make all the mobile versions of facebook the same, I suppose that benefits Facebook as folks won't have any problems ditching and switching platforms. If you want a different and pleasing experience though, you already had it. If all the apps on all the platforms all look the same, what's the point of having choices?

  • carl800
    0 Posts

    Microsoft, just a piece of advise, If you are releasing an app whether it's a beta, don't forget that WINDOWSPHONE's ecosystem isn't all about the wp8, You still have 7.8, and you suck!

  • Its faster than before, UI is more flat, i like it, its welcome. But, i totally dislike the way it handles the commenting part and i can't allow or reject a photo (read timeline review). I like it, Microsoft, but make it a little better.

  • Facebook is a key application for Windows Phone.

    All users, who have trusted and now have smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 7.8, deserve full support from Microsoft.

    You can sign my petition, guys ;)

  • arknu
    8 Posts

    What happened to Metro? This look totally out of place on Windows Phone. I did not buy a Windows Phone just to look at poor copies of Android/iOS UIs!

    That being said, the added functionality is badly needed, but, please, this is Windows Phone - and apps developed by Microsoft should lead the way!

  • MasterG
    0 Posts

    When i press Turkish Characters, it gaves me an error that emoticon is not available. That should be a bug.

    Nokia Luima 920

    Windows Phone 8

    Region: Turkey

  • Okay, guys, the app looks great and all that, but SERIOUSLY, the first thing you need to fix are push notifications. The only ones I'm receiving with old, and now with this new one, are wall post and comment notifications, even though all options are checked.

  • dalydose
    11 Posts

    I like the direction that this is going, although I do miss the banner with the pictures.  That was always a nostalgia builder for me seeing pics and people up there from back in the timeline.  

    Some things that I would love to see:

    * Long press on a picture to download it. I know you can go back to the picture hub to do this, but why??

    * Make and "insert link" area for posting that will show you what the summary text and preview image will look like.

    * Improved use of Pages - I'd at least like to post on my Page wall AS the Page.

    That's really all I have at this point. I'm really liking it so far.  It is pinned to my homescreen and replaced the old version.  I haven't uninstalled the old version yet as this is still a beta and you just never know.

  • HOW About 7.8??   ARE we going to be lag with the oficial 7.8 App and won't get this one ever ??

  • wizll
    9 Posts

    win7 fb app update please. and go kick AT&T to release 7.8 for Lumia 900 while you're at it.

  • cyborgs
    0 Posts

    An App from Microsoft which doesn't follow Metro? Seem like Windows Phone has lost its identity and direction. It's a shame.

  • It seems the App doesn't accept Chinese characters input (or maybe all non-Latin characters). I tried the chat box and the reply box. Both of them give me error message.

    It prompts the "Emoticons" error - "We're sorry. We don't currently support the colorful emoticon you wish to use in this message."

  • KJKing
    0 Posts

    I dont get notification of incoming messages or any other thing...include stickers for more facebook lockscreen custom option when deselcting all the albums are still selected fix it and even the photos arent displayed in lockscreen fix it...and put in ability to send photos and voice through option to set cover landscape mode in messages the option bar covers the profile pics of the users its irritating

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    Installed and already uninstalled.  It killed my built-in Facebook Chat.  Unable to send or receive messages as soon as it was installed.  A buddy that installed it had the exact same issue.  Once we uninstalled it, they worked again.  Built in Facebook Chat is much more important than the app to me.

  • and this time they can't blame the developer to not releasing to WP7X. Because most of the time when you ask about why an app is only released to WP8, they always say : Please ask the developer if they will suport it. Try to enter in contact with the developer.

    The app is from MS (although is for Facebook), so no excuses this time. We just wanna a true and official statement about a possible WP7x or not. Simple like that.

  • mtcerio
    9 Posts

    I agree, not acceptable that the official answer to the question is "I don't know". And I also agree would be very disappointing if us wp7.8 users were left behind with an ancient, terrible Facebook app.

  • , , ,  and    if their spokerperson, , can't even provide answers if they are currently developing a Facebook for WP7.X and don't even bother to ask them about it. Something is really wrong in this company. It is hard to see that less than year you feel left in a bugged FB application.

  • I can't believe, less than year and my phone will stuck with a laggy facebook on 7.8. My lumia 900 =/. Hate to say, but my boyfriend was right. It is time to switch. Switch to better support. Switch to a company that pay attention to their customers. Time to switch. Time to Apple. I can't believe how I few so cheated.

  • Downloaded just fine here in the UK.

  • For those in Canada, you can install the facebook beta app. So its looking good. I really like the new design of the facebook. I hope that this also includes more functionalities than just the design itself.

  • briped
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    to install from your own country app-store, simply modify the URL a bit:

    This is the link from author:

    Change the locale part (en-us) of the URL to match the one used for your store. F.ex. for Denmark change it to "da-dk", for Sweden "sv-se" and so forth. At least that worked for me.

  • WHY NO SUPPORT FOR WP7.8?  (FACEPALM)  You guys are screwing the early WP adopters.

  • Steve-C
    0 Posts

    Shame the app isn't available for WP7.8, or for non-US users. Really feel left out at times with WP compared to all the backward compatibility for other platforms.

  • You know what would be awesome? Putting all these features in the OS so I don't need this app in the first place...

  • I ran into a few "there was an error" popups when I first tried to install.  It would do the download portion then as soon as it tried to install it would error and just say "attention is required".  Thankfully, the Lumia 920 has the Storage Checker, so I cleared the Temporary are and then the install ran fine.  Just one more reason that Nokia dominates Windows Phone!  Now, so far so good except for the fact that my device seems to be heating up quite a bit while using the app.  I'll have to play some more to see if that is consistently true or only under certain conditions.  Love the look!

  • , I tried to submit feedback through the app, but when I do that, it floods the body of the email with tons of log output that makes email composition grind to a halt.  Every keystroke takes a second or two to register.  It'd be nice if we could turn off the including the log information unless we're reporting an bug of some sort.  Or at least make it an email attachment.

  • Everytime when you want to make a new post in Chinese, it will show a alert "Emotions : We're sorry.We don't currently supportthecolorful emotion you wish touse in this message"

    There is the same issue on Viber, please fix ASAP, thx.

  • @marcusdrubal Stop being a moron. We get it, you're stuck on 7.x and are unhappy, but why do I have to be miserable with you? If Microsoft and Facebook get enough feedback from lots of people about it, they'll probably change their mind, but one person being a repetitive jackass doesn't exactly motivate people to be cooperative.

  • I, in contrast, like where the app seems to be going based on those shots.  I'd be happy to be included in the testing.  I have both a Lumia 900 and a 920.  I'm currently assisting with the testing of PocketBible across WP7.8 and WP8 as well as Windows 8.

  • I take back my previous post. After some clicking around I was able to get it to work as long as it is properly pointed to the en-ca store.

  • This US only stuff is getting old. Throw some love up here to Canada too, ok? Lumia 920, so I can't install from SDCard either....

  • Too bad! Just a mobile version, it doesn't use Microsoft design principles, no more fast and fluid, do less with more. It doesn't match Windows Phone Modern UI totally. If the final version is no any changes, why we choose Windows Phone? The FB app of iOS or Android is better than this one. What are you thinking about? Microsoft.!!!

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Apparently Microsoft is accepting iOS app submissions now...   I feel sick just trying to use that app...

  • so please as a MS employee, as MS is doing the app, and as you are supposed to answer about your posts, could ask Facebook app team if they will release any version to WP7.x?

  • why is the metro design gone? Where is the uniqueness of Windows Phone?


  • nickg85
    0 Posts

    I dont get why you basically threw up an android port. One of the good things about WP is the consistency in the look and feel of the OS and apps. Then, I open up a straight up port of an android app. Unfortunate. Design sucks.

  • yes, unfortunately. The worst was his answer...

  • WOW WOW. What is your job Michael Stroh heading this blog? Is it to only post news? or offer a great space to people get to know about the apps, feedbacks and etc? OK, I assume that you answered. Then could ask if they will release or not? Or will stay doing this poor job here? If you don't know, you that work there, I guess me neither. Everybody less. So what is your job in the end?

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    How about an app actually written by Facebook?  Wouldn't that be easier MS that having to jump through all these hoops?  

    @Marcus...I think you already know the answer.  Even MS will never come out and say it, they have zero plans for backwards compatibility.  IMHO, new apps will NOT be supported for WP7.X.  

  • I love the new app and finally we are getting full Facebook features.  Issues (you may know these):

    1)  Slow and laggy (due to beta I assume)

    2)  Reshare will not work, only got it to work once

    3)  Tagging will not work, only got it work once.

    4)  The main feed resets and will not keep my settings of newest first.

    5)  NO toast notifications, this needs to be fixed first I would say.  

    Can't wait till it is fixed.

  • @marcusasdrubal: Please stop spamming the blog. I've been in meetings. I don't know the answer since I'm not on the app's development team.

  • Bunnios
    0 Posts

    I can't install this in the UK. Feedback only valid from the USA as usual with Windows Phone?

  • amakhan
    0 Posts

    Love the direction. great start! Most important feature for me is the "top stories" view. Couldn't use the main version because this was missing. Thank you

  • Holy Mary. Holy Jesus. Holy Mother. Holy God. Holy MS. PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION. WP7X or NOT version?

  • tehkier
    0 Posts

    I can finally remove from my start screen. I absolutely love this design change! I was waiting too long for it!

  • Please MS answer my question.....

  • tehkier
    0 Posts


    Currently testing it, will report any bugs!

  • Holy Jesus, I wanna a simple plain answer. Will be or not wp7x? is it hard?

  • Please add landscape keyboard. I don't know how this is overlooked.

  • the big question WP7.X support or not?

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    I'm with DjiXas, where's the info on the promised "enthusiasts program" because those of us on AT&T are sick and tired of waiting for updates that will never, ever come.  

  • I am waiting the answer or I will not stop asking on this blog!

  • do85
    10 Posts

    GREAT GREAT WORK! Finally a real Facebook app.

    But we need it for Windows Phone 7.8 too. You can leave your customers with the previous terrible app.

    Pleased to help the Facebook team to add more missing features.