The world of YouTube, designed for Windows Phone 8

The world of YouTube, designed for Windows Phone 8

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The Windows Phone 8 version of the official YouTube app is getting a major update this morning; It’s been completely redesigned to make the most of Windows Phone 8 features. If you already have it, watch for an update notification on your phone. If you don’t, grab it here. (The app just published, so it might take a few hours to show up.)

What’s new? Lots.

  • Pin videos, playlists, channels, and even search queries to Start as Live Tiles for fast access. The tile flips to show either the latest video from your subscriptions or the most popular one.
  • A new and innovative playlist design gives you easy access to videos using a touch-friendly filmstrip.
  • Just want to listen to a video? It now plays in the background even when the screen is locked.
  • You can share videos to popular social networks, and via email and text.

And there’s no need to worry about the little ones viewing content you don’t approve of, since you can now pin YouTube to Kid’s Corner and limit content based on YouTube Safety Mode settings you configure. An update for Windows Phone 7.5 is also on the way in a few weeks.



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  • So... A few weeks for de WP7 app? More than a month and still waiting... Come On Microsoft....

  • i'm in the US with the Nokia 920, how come this isn't available for me to download?!?!

  • maxwild
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    What's going on??

    It now says "No longer published"???

  • Ivan F
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    I dunno why I cannot download videos, could somebody help?

  • oziz
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    Best app!

    One question, is there a uri protocol to launch video in-app?

  • Congrats for this beautiful, well designed (and so much awaited) app!!!

    When can we expect the other core functionality to be implemented? (Video uploading)

    Thanks! :)

  • Hi Michael,

    Great app, looks very elegant on my 920! However have 2 questions.

    1. Is there a way to check the progress of downloading

    2. How to i delete history, from the app and also from the hub

  • So Window 8 is designed for You Tube. Window 8 hasn't worked for anything for me yet ever! Why should I expect it to work for You Tube?

  • When this app will have subtitles support? If yes, this app will be really better than the iOS/Android ones!

  • Any chance of getting support for live events? If we get that, we would be on par with iOS and Android users. Apart from that, congratulations on pushing out an official and good looking application.

  • iand
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    Nice to see a proper YouTube app for Windows Phone. Looks like its still the old version in the UK store.

  • MrPorus
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    A good Slap on google Face :D Very well done WP8 Microsoft

  • Are Dave Heiner’s complaints from (2 Jan 2013 9:00 AM) no longer operative?

    “Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone.”

  • Love the app and the pinning of playlists, my main youtube app.  Needs:

    1)  Links to open in this app, not IE.

    2)  Video uploads.

    Love it so far.

  • OMG..can't believe youtube, facebook...coming to WP7.x?? Thank you Lord for answering my prayers...was right about to let go off Windows Phone and jump ship but hey...ain't going now where. Damn... I'm glad today....just a bit sad cuz it will take some time for them to arrive.

  • @knaklovespesto: Thanks for YOUR support. Everybody in WP appreciates it--even when it's tough love. :-)

  • @tesla-electric, slaythoven: yes, I added that post posting. Thanks for the question.

  • @uopjo6 4 reasons: 1. Some of us are still under contract with a WP7 device. 2. Some of us can't afford at the moment to move to WP8. 3. Some of us don't want to move to WP8 because it's still missing some features from WP7. 4. Unless the app uses new APIs and/or native code, there's no reason to disregard the ~49% of users still on WP7.

    I could keep going if you'd like.

  • That update was not in the post when I asked the question. Thanks for the clarification Mike.

  • Guess I'll be one of the few to say it. Thanks for the support you all of you and great app!

  • uopjo6
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    Uh. WP7 users. How about just getting WP8. You shouldn't be complaining when you're getting some of the content of WP8 already. Or else why would MS upgrade the OS. They need to differentiate it from a older OS. WP7 is 3 years old anyways.

    It's like saying why the new iOS features can't be used on a iPhone 3GS.

  • This is AWESOME! But please add INSTAGRAM app on Windows phone!

  • DjiXas
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    Also, after latest Windows 8 Mail update, WP mail does not work properly. I delete mail on my phone and still see on my PC but this wasn't the case before.

    And on a side note, CTRL+Enter shortcut no longer works on the Windows 8 app so it's useless

  • jamiet
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    Rather than saying "it might take a few hours to show up" why not just wait a few hours before posting?

  • great! so finally you convinced Google to let you do it.

  • DjiXas
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    Can you update your core apps?

    Bing Translator live tile with word of the day still doesn't work

    Photosynth still causes green camera screen of death on 920


  • uhh. "An update for Windows Phone 7.5 is also on the way in a few weeks."

  • @slaythoven: An update for WP7 is in the works and expected in a few weeks.

  • So are you going to leave us WP7 users stick with 3rd party apps and not update the crappy official app there too?