“The wait is over”: Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless launches May 16 for under $100

“The wait is over”: Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless launches May 16 for under $100

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If you were paying close attention earlier this week, you might’ve picked up on some clues—buzz over a billboard spotted here, a magazine ad there—that our friends at Nokia had something special brewing. A moment ago, all was revealed.

Meet the Lumia 928, a new addition to Nokia’s award-winning Windows Phone 8 flagship lineup and its first exclusively for Verizon Wireless. Available in black or white, the phone goes on sale next Thursday for $99.99 (with $50 mail-in rebate and two-year contract). Pick one up and for a limited time you’ll also get $25 to shop at the Windows Phone Store, which now has 145,000 apps and games (read the fine print).

“Verizon Wireless customers: we heard you,” said Matt Rothschild, vice president of Nokia North America. “The wait is over.”

The Nokia Lumia 928 arrives on Verizon Wireless May 16 for $99

One push of its camera button or blast of its speakers and you’ll understand why online buzz around this new Lumia has been building. While the phone sports many of the same innovative features and specs that earned its sibling, the Lumia 920, Smartphone of the Year honors, you can tell Nokia designers wanted to give Verizon’s first flagship a unique spin. (Nokia likes to call it a “new expression” of the Lumia 920).

So, for example, the Lumia 928 has a super-fast Xenon flash that makes its 8.7MP PureView camera—widely considered the best low-light camera on the market—even more helpful in dim conditions and for freezing fast-moving objects. The phone also comes preloaded with Nokia’s handy Smart Shoot app for removing photobombers and other spoilers from the picture.

The new phone has a 4.5-inch OLED display screen for easier viewing outdoors. The device’s stylish polycarbonate body feels thin and light in the hand, and the glass extends to its very edge—a subtle but slick design touch.

Some innovations are less seen than heard. Tucked inside the Lumia 928 are three high-audio-amplitude-capture (HAAC) microphones and a new speaker, which Nokia says is one of the most advanced available for smartphones. These new audio components are designed to record and playback the sound more accurately and with less distortion—all the way up to a whopping 140 decibels (the equivalent ruckus of a jet engine). I can’t wait to hear it take on my AC/DC collection or, say, the new Vyclone collaborative video app that also officially launched today.

Need more concrete proof of the Lumia 928’s awesomeness? Check out Nokia's new teaser videos, like the one below shot during a late-night roller coaster ride that compares the 928’s camera with the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. And don’t miss all the additional coverage of the new phone—including this hands-on video Nokia put together—on Nokia Conversations, the company’s official blog.

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  • Praks
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    Lumia 928 is an amazing smartphone in a very elegant design.. Windows and Nokia have been committed to make a really nice phone..I came across a review that was descriptive.. www.gadgetride.com/.../nokia-lumia-928-full-review.html

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  • ddn123
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    I was happy with my old HTC windows 6.5 phone.  Eventually, I switched to a new HTC phone.  As I expand my use of the phone (now I generally read all my email through my phone), I begin to experience limits (camera in HTC is not so good, taking photos of serial numbers and model numbers of various equipment needing repair in dark closets) that I hope future phones will reduce.  Seems the 928 will expand my mobility with better camera, 4G and skydrive will allow me to increase my productivity.  But is the phone too big for my camera pocket on my Kuhl, Dickey, and Wrangler pants?

  • It has sharp edges everywhere now... that's really bad. I hate the top/bottom sharp edges in Lumia 920, so I wouldn't buy Lumia 928. Use it for a while and your fingers will hurt.

  • Definitely looking forward to getting this new Lumia and upgrading from Windows Phone 7.5, finally! :D

  • This kind of news is not good for WP!!.. Yet I spread it.....


  • @ David Carr..

    Yes, those fees, and any others.. Apple may charge similar fees, but MS surely isn't in Apples position when it comes to mobile.. Its been looking like MS is going to have to take a different road to success than Apple did a few years back.. Its called incentive.....

  • @eknock labs: black or white

  • Is it known if it will come in different colors?

  • mamacita42, there might be one, the Nokia Lumia 925. It is a variant of the L928 that might be released at the May 14th event in London

  • @Rodney Apple charges $99/year for developers developer.apple.com/.../ios  which is the same for Windows Phone dev.windowsphone.com/.../join and gives developers access to make apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and XBox Live. Are these the fees you are referring to?

  • @mamacita42... HTC, and Samsung, might come first for Sprint, but I'm sure Nokia will have something in the next wave or two.. So, you got three other carriers to choose from if you can't wait that long..

  • @ marcusasdrubal...  Its coming very soon. I promise!!

  • 145,000 apps?... I know it's more about quality than quantity, but it took Android only 14 months to reach 200,000 apps.. And, although we have been getting some really nice apps in lately the overall amount of new apps available daily is really slowing down.. I think WP has to many fees associated with bringing apps to the store.. Developers already are reluctant to make apps for WP, so why does MS charge any fees at all?

    Drop the fees please!!!..... And, I'm seriously exited about the 928 for Verizon.. Something tells me this might help WP with apps, and in other areas.. This is great news!!

  • Nice, but where instagram?

  • What's the return/exchange policy on phones purchased at the retail microsoft store? I bought a htc 8X in February off contract, is it possible to return/exchange for the 928? I also have the extended Microsoft warranty.

  • jschroedl
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    Hallelujia! It's finally here.

  • leichat
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    The wait ISN'T over if you're outside the US. :P

  • LindaE
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    I know of a few U.S. Cellular customers, myself included, who are also crying for Nokia to bring them a Lumia, high end or otherwise.  As of right now, US Cellular isn't say if or when they will be carrying and Windows Phone 8's.  Congrats to Verizon.

  • @David Carr: Thanks for the flag. It's in the process of going live. Will add back into the post once it is.

  • link to fine print wp.promo.eprize.com/.../%20 does not work..yet?

  • Finally it is here. took them long enough

  • I know a few Sprint customers who are crying for Nokia to bring them a high end Lumia. Oh well, congrats to the Verizon folks!