Nokia’s first metal Windows Phone arrives. Meet the sexy Lumia 925

Nokia’s first metal Windows Phone arrives. Meet the sexy Lumia 925

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Nokia’s design team is on fire lately. Just days after unveiling a sleek new addition to its Windows Phone 8 flagship line—the Verizon-bound Lumia 928—the company today took the wraps off another innovative new model at a highly-anticipated London press event today. (Watch the replay.)

There’s a lot to say about the new Lumia 925, but let’s start here: The first Windows Phone to incorporate aluminum into the design is something to hold and behold. The second thing to know is that the phone will come with the latest Windows Phone 8 update that adds FM radio support and a handful of other goodies—extras that existing Windows Phone 8 owners will ultimately be offered, too. (More on that in a moment.)

The Lumia 925, which also includes an advanced new camera, will debut in June on Europe’s Vodafone network, then head to China Mobile and China Unicom. It’s scheduled to launch on T-Mobile in the U.S. later this year, Nokia said. In Europe, the phone will cost around 469 euros before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia Lumia 925

Why metal?

All of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 models to date have been made with sturdy polycarbonate plastic. Adding metal to the mix opened up a new world of design possibilities for Nokia engineers. Metal supplies strength, saves weight, and allows designers to sculpt a thinner, more tapered edge. It also helps deliver better antenna performance, Nokia says. (Learn more about its construction.)

The new Lumia 925 sports many of the same specs and hardware that helped earn its sibling, the Lumia 920, Smartphone of the Year honors from Engadget this year. It has a 4.5-inch AMOLED WXGA touchscreen with curved Gorilla Glass 2, 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 16 GB of internal memory, and a beefy 2000 mAh battery. Nokia Lumia 925 will be available in white, grey and black matte. Wireless charging snap-on covers will come in white, black, yellow and red. Here’s a little peek at how it all comes together.

Introducing Nokia Smart Camera

But the real star of the show is the phone’s 8.7 megapixel PureView camera with optical image stabilization and dual LED flash. The Lumia 925 continues to evolve this critically-acclaimed camera and push the boundaries of what’s possible on a smartphone, thanks to its advanced new lens design and new imaging algorithms.

I never realized that a smartphone lens is actually a sandwich of glass, but the Lumia 925’s camera now includes a sixth physical lens—an industry first. This means the phone’s Carl Zeiss optics are able to take in five times more light than competing smartphones for sharp, naturally-colored images and 1080p HD video, even under challenging conditions. The video above offers a glimpse of how this new lens is constructed. The Lumia 925’s onboard imaging software algorithms have also been tweaked to help make the camera perform even better in low light, and to improve color reproduction and reduce noise in shots.

Another cool innovation in the Lumia 925 is its new Smart Camera feature, which captures ten 5-megapixel shots in a short burst and then lets you edit them using one-touch editing options like Best Shot, Action Shot, Change Faces, and Motion Focus. Check out the video below to see what I mean. Then head over to the Nokia Conversations blog, which has an even more detailed post today showing how Smart Camera works. Another nice touch: The Lumia 925 lets you set Nokia Smart Camera as your default camera interface so you can open straight to it just by pushing the camera button.

Nokia says Smart Camera—as well as the new under-the-hood imaging algorithms—will roll out to all its Lumia models with Windows Phone 8 as part of a future update the company is calling Nokia Lumia Amber.

Windows Phone 8 update coming this summer

Speaking of updates. As I mentioned earlier, the Lumia 925 comes with the latest update to the Windows Phone 8 operating system that includes a small number of improvements and upgrades. (It’s similar in size to the one we delivered earlier this year, which brought new Wi-Fi and messaging improvements like the ability to text a reply to an incoming call.)

The new update, which is expected to start rolling out to existing Windows Phone 8 phones later this summer, brings back support for FM radio (we heard you!) and makes the Data Sense feature of Windows Phone 8 available for more carriers to offer. The update also makes it easier to select, download, and pin tunes in Xbox Music and improves the accuracy of song info and other metadata—something I know music fans will appreciate. (FM Radio and Data Sense availability depend on your phone model and carrier.)

The update includes hundreds of other small quality improvements. One final one worth highlighting, as we announced earlier, is that the update also ensures Windows Phone continues to work with Google services by adding support for the company’s newest sync protocols—CalDAV and CardDAV.

Make sure to check out Nokia’s official blog for more coverage and photos of the new Lumia 925.

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  • It sure would be nice if the Windows Mobile/Windows Phone team added the ability to text from Outlook/Exchange Server/Office 365 like the older Windows Mobile 6.1 OS had.... speaking of which, the new Samsung 4S/Google OS Jelly Bean has this feature in it which makes selling the Windows Phone that much harder when Microsoft doesn't fully support it's own Exchange/ActiveSync stack.

    For us business customers having this feature would be a huge plus. If there is somewhere else I should be posting suggestions please let me know.

    Signed- NVGoldenDog -  A Loyal Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Hi WP Team, Please Update the Notification area. if i missed the notification once then again i want to check the apps. so it is irritating in WP 8. or else i need to pin the app into start menu, really it is tough to maintain all the apps in start menu. and please update the Bluetooth also, and as well as please bring the FM Radio for WP 8 users.

  • Cornan
    0 Posts

    I dunno.

    Kudos for the 920 with its great choice of colors.  Back to boring for the 925, eh?

    More importantly to me, Windows Phone 8 still needs some basic functionality such as custom ringers, a credit card swiper (come corner the market, ye vendors) and Bluetooth HID [keyboard] support.

    I REALLY WANT to come back to Windows Phone (I was perfectly content with 6.5 "back in the day"), but... I dunno.

  • Can we expect to see HID added to bluetooth so we can sync up a keyboard? We have access to those wonderful Office Apps it only seem natural to add them.

    Pretty please with sugar on top!

  • goodwin
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    Только сегодня и только для Вас! Беспрецедентная АКЦИЯ! Себе в убыток - Вам на радость! Меняю свой изящный,простой в обращении,не убиваемый, С ФОНАРИКОМ!!! nokia 1280 black на  Lumia 925. Первому Счастливчику зарядка в подарок абсолютно бесплатно. Спешите! В ваших силах сделать себя намного Счастливей!!!

  • goodwin
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    Только сегодня и только для Вас! Беспрецедентная АКЦИЯ! Себе в убыток - Вам на радость! Меняю свой изящный,простой в обращении,не убиваемый, С ФОНАРИКОМ!!! nokia 1280 black на  Lumia 925. Первому Счастливчику зарядка в подарок абсолютно бесплатно. Спешите! В ваших силах сделать себя намного Счастливей!!!

  • Yahoo! T-Mobile FINALLY gets a decent Lumia!  I was seriously pissed when that Lumia 820 was dropped on us... YUK!  I got the 8x instead.... so, very soon, I'll be ebaying it!

  • Luigi
    9 Posts

    @ micalag: If you cannot rely on T-Mobile for the Nokia 925, you can always buy the Nokia 928 on Verizon or the Nokia 920 on AT&T: same phone, small variants!

  • Luigi
    9 Posts

    This is great! Finally I can replace my HTC HD7 with another flagship WP.

  • nytimes
    0 Posts

    MS should do something here after my experience! I went to Staples, Best-Buy and at&t store. No employees at Staples and Best-Buy recommended Windows Phone, they all said "Nay....!!!!". At least at at&t, an employee said "It's okay to go with Windows Phone provided you get all the apps you use on iOS or Android". Also, MS should give $50 store credit to those who switch, becuase they have bought $100's worth apps on iOS and Android (Eg. I use Tunein Radion pro, runtastic etc) each of those costs more in Windows store, what cost $1 in iOS or android costs $5 here in Windows store!

    Also, MS snails speed in updating or bringing features will NOT help in catchup game, especially WP8 team must work 24/7 to make their OS compatible enough ahead of Hardware innovations. Example 1080p/ Quad core processor certifications,etc should NOT hold any OEM from going ahead in this very competitive market place! Time is money but Timing is everything! Get it now!

  • micalag
    0 Posts

    Disappointed it is just for T-Mobile in US.  (T-Mobile has poor coverage in my area & customer service was non-helpful and rude when I was a customer.  I will never be a T-Mobile customer again.)  Would have been better if this device was for Verizon...IMHO.

    Until Nokia starts having multiple devices available across the US carriers, they (& WinPhone OS) are not going to break through.  

  • b23h
    0 Posts

    Very pretty phone.  Certainly a contender, except only 16 gig with no microSD slot means that it is a also ran for me.

    I consider 16 gb to be bare minimum for applications.    While one would think that the phone will sell fairly well, I really question the decision to max the memory of the phone at 16 gig.   That was an error.

  • One more WP customer- reason FM radio traffic updates.

    When is MS going to support large screens coming? 5" + in the norm now, 4.65" is 2011 standard.

    When is someone going to realise that summer is not the same everywhere, neither is fall? Putting July 2013 is much more informative - global audience!

  • Rob
    4 Posts

    Agree with most of the comments totally.

    Don't use FM too much, but when on a limited dataplan or patchy area its useful.  Not all stations carry adverts and not all stations on the interweb.

    Love WP but WE (the users who pay and advocate OUR platform to our friends / work) need to catch up in MANY areas.

    I use my 920 for work / play.  I often need to attach documents (NOT just images / videos) to emails which is not possible unless its done from Skydrive.  This is ludicrous, how can this be marketed for business when a simple function is STILL missing.  This is a MUST HAVE.

    Quiet hours, something that was also on my WM6.5 and most other OS's, still missing.  Surely a simple addition.

    I see MS are looking at the bigger picture, integration with their other platforms and corporate users which is important but the current users should be getting releases certainly every 3 months and many shouldn't be network dependant.

    MS - keep up the good work on a good and very neat and innovative OS and pull your socks up and catch up :)

  • Best software Development company in the industry cant incorporate notification center even after 9 months ?.I am getting lot of fire from friends which I canvassed to go for WP8.You guys need to speed up update process .please don't upset us even on blue update ( I have lowered my expectation).By the time u close gap with others ( essential features) others would have introduced lots of eye catching features .Then u guys would tell we didn't get time to introduce features in this release :( ,later after one year you will introduce those features :) . Please don't miss the boat ...........

  • cte
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    Been waiting for the FM radio to be available.  Now I wonder which phones have the necessary hardware to enable this...

  • MoClare
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    WP team should get off their butt and do some productive work... what was that mock funeral for iPhone about from 2 years ago? very classy Microsoft move eh?

    I am a former MS employee in Win32 core api/VS team myself. I've seen some dumb asses in my team that are more intent on unnecessary celebration than being productive or hunkered down and get some work done... I guess a lot of those folks got reassigned or they trained their young apprentices well in WP team?

    where's my frigging notification center and vpn support (enterprise users sorely miss this)? I get audio alerts in the middle of the night and if I'm too slow to get to my Lumia (love my 920 btw), it'll be a mystery for me forever on which app was alerting (I have over 150 apps installed). Sometimes I bump into the culprit notification 2 weeks later.... what's the point of toast/push notification if you can't arrange them in one place? Dumb.... even dumber is not releasing a fix for it after two years. I met with one of the WP evangelist with the prototype phone with WP 7.x, I was asking him where's the copy/paste. He was towing the official line 'you don't need copy/paste with WP'. I was like 'yes you do'. it took them till WP 7.5 to finally release copy/paste. are you guys really that out of touch? now, if your excuse is 'we don't have enough developers'. then hire more. what are you doing with that $100 Billion cash pile?

    Enough with my bitching.... but I'm only giving this tough love coz I see a great potential for WP. but currently its falling short in many respects and update cycle is way too slow. Slow enough for WP to never be able to pick up steam and catch up with Android or iOS numbers..... hopefully my rant is read by someone in WP team and react is a positive way in the future update cycles. I know well that I'm not alone in waiting for these sorely missed features. Nokia is doing a awesome job from the H/W perspective. please WP team, get your act together!

  • Muneebs
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    awesome and perfect design and important thing is a camera and i want to be from a lumia family

  • Now waiting for a 4.0" AMOLED model :)

  • @EricRenken while were on the subject of xbox video they still need to support game videos as well.

    also the the games hub is missing xbox message client support like they had in wp7.

  • alunj
    3 Posts

    "a small number of improvements and upgrades"? How did you figure out which features to include and which to exclude? There are so many things Windows Phone 8 NEEDS to have added back. FM Radio, yes, but what about support for audiobooks (aka "podcasts", but uploaded by hand rather than subscribed to)? Sync with Outlook over USB? User-provided tones for messages and other notifications? Subtitles in video playback?

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Windows Phone (there are so many reasons to do so), but it still needs some work, not to achieve feature parity, but to achieve feature richness.

  • I don't get it, whats the big deal about FM radio?  Do people really like listening to commercials that badly?  I haven't listened to FM radio in years, internet radio is the way to go.

    This phone looks awesome and has some great new things in it.  The one thing I'm afraid of is that people are going to look at 2 cores and get turned off.  I know Windows Phone 8 runs great on 2 cores, but regular people mistake the higher number of processing cores a phone has as being better.  It has been slammed into their heads by other manufacturers.  

    I want one of these!  Unfortunately I think Sprint will not get it.  If it wasn't for unlimited internet I'd probably switch, but as long as Sprint has unlimited internet (or until Verizon gets unlimited internet) I'll stay with Sprint.  Just waiting to see what Windows 8 devices Sprint gets.

  • What about getting Videos from Xbox video?  Stream on the phone or even download over wifi.  Heck even to be able to copy them from my Windows 8 machine like you could with the Zune software and Windows Phone 7.  The video is a huge whole in this platform.

  • This new phone from Nokia is disaster, no SD card, just a facelift of L920..The biggest problem of Nokia is WP platform, you are late guys!!! No new HW, many missing features.

  • BeckB
    0 Posts

    Great small update to perform some necessary housekeeping.

    I am focus and have very high expectations for the upcoming major update of WIndows Phone 8.1 (aka Blue).

    I really expect you guys to close major holes with the Notification Center introduction, Program Defaults for everything, and better Share function between Apps.

    Looking forward for Microsoft Build conference.

  • gbarcza
    0 Posts

    WP Team!

    Data Sense (Data counter), customizable tones is a must!

    Where is the good old "Profiles"? Under Nokia-Microsoft cooperation this feature why not implemented? (Dream: automatic profile switching (based on timing, WiFi/BT detection, GPS, etc)

    Lumia925 with Al body. Wireless charging kicked off. (Only w/ spec. cover.) Not too good.


  • Y U NO?

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo SMS_zps1d37ec66.png" /></a>

  • oscart
    1 Posts

    Re: GDR2... I was really hoping for a bluetooth stack update for some 4.0 BLE goodness! (

  • tsrblke
    327 Posts


    I suspect that the "carriers" part is referring to Datasense.  Radio is phone model dependent.

  • Just an addendum: Look at Windows Azure. LOTS and LOTS of improvements delivered in a short time, since the team leadership was taken by Scott Gu. Maybe you should look to the DevDiv and learn something.


  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    Hmm...only 16GB of internal memory with no expansion slot.  Nice looking phone but 16GB is a step backwards when the 920 comes with 32.  Now if the app gap could continue to get smaller faster!

  • Hi WP Team. I'm a big fan of the OS, but you need to delivery updates faster! We don't have some functionality that Android and iOS have since day 1 and instead of closing the gap, it is increasing...

    Please, have a look on the top 10 issues in the uservoice site and give us some feedback. And take some note with other teams on MS (Visual Studio, for instance) that is delivering updates in short times.


  • riseagn
    28 Posts

    so its going to be about 7 months from last update and all we get tiny features some of them might be available to us or might not im disappointed . as a windows phone Fan i must say this : MS you have the most creative smartphone OS in the market but you are "slow in delivering new features"

    I guess I must not have any high hopes for GDR3 or BLUE :(

  • do85
    10 Posts

    Great news for GDR2. But, seriously, your team need to push down the acceletor about update. Still missing too many features.

    Where are VPN, Notification Center, Custom sound notification, Toggle shortcut for settings, Lock rotation screen and many many others on Windows Phone User Voice?

    DataSense must be for everyone! This is 2013!

    Sorry but Apple and Google are running while you are are looking at the view.

    Many features missing on Windows Phone and we need rapid updates!

  • Nothing new for AT&T?

  • The HTC Radar 4G is also aluminum and plastic, right? Perhaps it is the first Windows Phone to incorporate aluminum into the design.

  • Great new features for Xbox Music! Now we only need gapless playback and it will be perfect! Make it happen WP team!!

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    And how come Android and Lumia's WP7 Counters can measure my data yet you can't offer DatSense for all phones? Or even unlocked phones?

    Mind = blown

  • DjiXas
    46 Posts

    So now I need to lick my carriers butt to get FM Radio?

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Vole182
    0 Posts

    I just shipped my pants! Its fantastic!