Love magazines? Get a $50 credit from Zinio for your Nokia Lumia

Love magazines? Get a $50 credit from Zinio for your Nokia Lumia

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The popular digital magazine app Zinio arrived in the Windows Phone Store this week as an exclusive for Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 models. (Miss it? You can grab it here.) It’s a beautifully-designed app that should please any magazine junkie.

But it gets better: To celebrate their debut, Zinio is also offering a $50 magazine credit to jump start your library. Click here to claim the credit. The deal ends June 30.

Zinio has an impressive stable of publications to pick from—everything from mainstream titles like The Economist, Esquire, and Rolling Stone to niche offerings such as Poker Player and Simply Crochet. Reader-friendly features of the official Windows Phone app include the ability to pull articles from multiple sources into your own customized reading list and read magazines offline. Zinio also serves up free articles each day from a selection of top-drawer titles. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • wildzu
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    Any comments about international availability ?

  • I should correct myself, my phone is a Lumia 820, not 800, so it's not the WP version that's the problem.

  • Which countries is this available in?  And why do you never say?  Is this a US blog or an international blog?  There is nothing anywhere saying the blog is US-specific, so one assumes international.  And there is nothing anywhere saying the app is US-specific, so again one assumes international.  My Lumia 800 can't find this app in the app store in the UK though, and if I follow the link it says either it's not available in my country or I don't have enough memory (I've no idea why it can't work out which one it is).

  • aullest
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    Why always NOKIA...Don't Leave HTC user away = =

  • talha
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    1 gb ram required

    guess not gonna work on 620 :-(

  • Sven
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    Honestly, Zinio is pretty tough to use on a phone. I even find it kind of hard on a 7" tablet.  I have been a Zinio subscriber for a long time and like reading magazines on larger screens, (won't mention the brand ;)  ) so this isn't my first stab at it.The $50 credit was a bit disappointing. It lets you get 1 issue each of lots of magazines, or mini-subscriptions, 2-3 issues, but not a year of anything. So, it is probably a good way to sample a lot of stuff, but not exciting if you already know what you would want to subscribe to.

  • Doesn't works on my Lumia 720 as it has 512MB of RAM. Wish that the app gets optimised for 512MB RAM too! :(

  • CSW
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    Great, unless you're running the 521.