Splashtop 2, which provides mobile access to your computer and files, is now available for Windows Phone 8

Splashtop 2, which provides mobile access to your computer and files, is now available for Windows Phone 8

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How many times have you rushed out of the house without some important file you needed for workimage—or wished you had access to your desktop computer’s music or movie library from your hotel room on the beach?

Enter Splashtop 2, a popular app designed to provide remote access to your PC or Mac that just arrived in the Windows Phone 8 Store today.

Splashtop 2 users can view and edit files, use apps, and stream audio and HD video to their phone directly from a remote computer. Setting it up is pretty straightforward. First download the Windows Phone app, which is free through August 31, then install Splashtop’s free Streamer software on your PC or Mac. The Splashtop remote access service runs $1.99 a month. For more info, head over to the Splashtop site.


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  • Look at all these comments, over 800... These folks seriously want Instagram on WP!!


  • @ Michael...

    I'm not sure if you know who to talk to about this, but It's time we were able to create our own custom hubs, or folders, that we can pin to the start screen. I know exactly how it could work.. From the start screen if we long press on any blank spot a menu with the option to create a new hub will pop up. If we choose to create a new hub we will be given the option to choose between templates. For example, a hub for grouping specific apps together, or a hub that we can choose to make password protected so that we can file "secret" pictures or files. These hubs will automatically pin to the start screen, and app menu in the area where we originally long pressed the screen.. We should be able to name our hub, choose between different "modern" themes, and select a accent color for our custom hub.. Going to files, like a picture, would have the option to "move to" one if the custom hubs we have created, keeping in mind what what type of file it is, and the type of hub we have created. So, a picture would not be given the option of moving to a "custom games hub" The custom hub feature can be carried throughout the OS giving us options to make "folders" in existing hubs like games, music, or even Kids Corner. Another example of a custom hub.. If we were to create a CH in the music hub we would be able to add only certain songs, or albums, that we choose for that "folder", or CH. The custom music folder would have a option to play that folders music only. Of course the files will still remain in the original music hub, but the folder would have its own separate link. So, I can just imagine the possibilities if something like this were implemented throughout the OS where it would seem fit.

    Regardless, whether my idea, in the fashion addressed, is a good one or not we need some type of custom grouping system that is easy to use on WP.. After all, it is called WINDOWS Phone.. Lol!!.... DO IT!

    Thanks for your consideration.

  • @tferrill  I 2nd that or @ least integrate the web control into pocket IE 10

  • how do you scroll with this app?

  • Citirx Receiver is coming or Remote Desktop is $1.99 now www.windowsphone.com/.../e2af408b-555a-e011-854c-00237de2db9e

  • Much rather see RDP support.