Now in the Store: Jetpack Joyride for Windows Phone 8

Now in the Store: Jetpack Joyride for Windows Phone 8

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The award-winning game Jetpack Joyride just landed in the Store. It’s free and for Windows imagePhone 8 only. Download it here

Created by the people behind the smash hit (sorry, couldn’t resist) Fruit Ninja, the game puts you in the shoes of Barry Steakfries, who busts into a secret laboratory and suits up in the experimental jetpacks under development there. With your robot pal, Flash, by your side, you’ll have to dodge bullets, bubbles, rainbows, lasers, and more. Along the way, you can change up your outfit, add gadgets with special abilities, plus collect coins, vehicles, and power-ups. It’s a wild ride.

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  • It's very nice and satisfying to see Developers like Rovio,Zeptolab and now Halfbrick showing love for WindowsPhone!!

    Only problem is that we don't only want ported games from iOS & Android but we want them optimized as much as possible to run perfectly on WP platform without causing "crazy" battery drain or overheat our devices,so let's hope we will begin to see some updates from developers to fix/optimize games.

    P.S Xbox please release more than 1-2 titles per week on WP and be more lax with your certification progress! :)

  • WixosTrix
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    Excellent! Been waiting for this since I got it on my Surface. I love this game as well as Gravity Guy 2.

  • DjiXas
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    What's the point of XBL when I can't sync my Windows 8 Joy Ride data?

  • MrPorus
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    Really enjoyed on W8 and Now will be in my WP8.

  • Baster
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    Make available in Russia.

  • Another game the isnt available here in the Brazilian WP Store!! ComeĀ“on guys, please publish in here!!

  • Excellent on Win 8/RT, I just wish this version used the cloud save to bring my progress from my tablet over to the phone.  Not enough of that going on where the same game is available on Win8/RT/Phone.  Still, it's free so I have no right to complain.

  • Extremely Happy! Missed it so much on my Windows Phone as I had so much fun with it on my Windows 8 PC...