Official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 gets major upgrade

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 gets major upgrade

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The apps just keep on coming this morning. Redbox. iHeartRadio. And now this.

A few months ago we created the Facebook Beta program, an opportunity for heavy-duty Facebook users and Windows Phone enthusiasts to help test out and shape future versions of one of our most popular and important official apps. Your help and support has been tremendous, and today the beta program is paying its first big dividend: Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8. Download it now

This major update brings a ton of new features and improvements that many of you have been asking for, including a complete overhaul of the user interface, improved navigation, support for high-res pictures, post sharing, Facebook Timeline view, and more. Grab the update from the Store and tell us what you think.  (UPDATE: We’re also working to update the Windows Phone 7 version of the app later in the summer. Stay tuned.)

And if you’re the type who enjoys living on the edge and tinkering with pre-release software, then by all means also download the separate Facebook Beta app, which allows you to preview and provide direct feedback on future changes to the app.

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  • Nater
    147 Posts

    Quoting: "No push notifications :/"

    Welcome to Windows Phone.  It's why I'm skipping Windows Phone 8.x and waiting for 9.  At this rate it will take Microsoft 5 years to build an OS that is actually (not just them or some fanboys saying it) competitive with Android and iOS.  Hell, BB10 may just fly past them if they don't fix obvious issues like this.

    PUSH Notification issues have been an issue since RTM WP 7.0.  Microsoft has done literally nothing to deal with it.  A smartphone is unusable without consistent/reliable push notifications.

    Get it together.

  • In this time when facebook has grasped and entrapped the whole world with its charms and its use has become an addiction, such news is what we welcome the most. This new version is much better but still needs to fill some gaps.

    Samreen M

  • Byakuen
    0 Posts

    I am not pleased with this.

    Went to the app, saw that version supports WP8 and below it WP7.5.

    I would like to point out, that's BS (  I tried to install it into my WP7.5 phone and it said that it is invalid.  Yes, yes, working to update the WP7 version later on, but really, don't advertise one thing and not follow through with it, else take it off.

  • jangid
    0 Posts

    Don't like this app :( how to go back?

    If I type in Hindi keypad hides the text box.

  • well facebook upgrade was not all that as ya cant play the good games from that needs sorting..

  • still not satisfied...... the online contact list loads very lately....

  • Well, weird, on my Samsung ATIV S (Windows Phone 8 - 8.0.10211.204) it crashes at startup continuously for the past 2 updates...

  • I cant send a photo in a message.

  • arknu
    8 Posts

    And - notifications are still broken. Do you even read the feedback that you get? I have reported this for EVERY SINGLE beta version - and nothing whatsoever has happened. Notifications are a basic feature of Facebook - not having the count reset after viewing notifications (like on Android, which this app strangely seems to be a clone of) makes the whole thing rather pointless. I could understand it in a beta, but releasing an app with such a serious known issue is just crazy.

  • It's really nice update. But need Push notification for messages

  • AmyX
    0 Posts

    It's great, this is just the best experience. The older version had some useless tabs, but this is just great!

  • Debwain
    0 Posts

    I like the new layout!  Having it similar to the android is not a big deal and I find it easier to navigate with.  I would still strongly suggest adding the ability to tag people in comments/posts though.  This should be a basic feature.  I also lost the ability to add emoticons with this upgrade.  Although the "smiley face" icon is on the keyboard, it brings up an error message that says this version doesn't "currently support the colorful emoticon you wish to use in this message". What happened there???  Please bring this back as I enjoy using emoticons :)

  • Markx
    0 Posts

    better version but still not perfect !

  • This is a much better FB app than the old one. Kudos.

  • Sven
    54 Posts

    @jjbowles   1,3,4, meh. I'm kind of socialed out 2) the Nest web site works pretty well. Formatted for the small screen and all. Have it as a favorite  5) +10

  • Need more apps for Serbia department :D

  • Still can't share any posts due to "privacy settings."  Also not enough  for page administrators to keep their pages updated like posting photos and updates..

  • this update (for windows 8) brings in much better fb experience with it however still not at par with that in android. hope to see atleast this much "major" update of whatsapp soon :)

  • Sinchi
    0 Posts

    No push notifications :/

  • Svolo4
    0 Posts

    Why still in v5.0 photos are not shown in the conversations? I'm not even asking about attaching them...

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    MUCH better!  now we need:

    1. Instagram

    2. Nest (The clone works well, but aint nothing like the real thing)

    3. Hipstamtic would be cool too.

    4. Vine

    5. The real Starbucks pay app (although the clone works well)

  • samubl
    0 Posts

    still can't share any posts due to "privacy settings" :(

  • jofors
    0 Posts

    Message notifcations are still broken.

  • @Frogger3D: Just added this to the post. There's an update planned for the Windows Phone 7 version later this summer.

  • What about Windows Phone 7.8 Users.... it seems they have been left behind,,, no updates for them

  • Any news on the WP7.8 port?

  • dalydose
    11 Posts

    I have been using the beta. I imagine that this new "official" version has the same  feature set as the beta, correct?  Are there any advantages/disadvantages to running the "official" over the beta, or maybe even having both installed?

  • still no push notifications for messages...

  • still no push notifications for messages...