AT&T to sell prepaid Nokia Lumia 520 for under $100

AT&T to sell prepaid Nokia Lumia 520 for under $100

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AT&T just announced the Lumia 520, Nokia’s most affordable Windows Phone 8 model, is coming to the carrier’s prepaid GoPhone lineup starting this Friday. The contract-free phone is 4G capable and will sell for just $99.99.

Since launching earlier this year, the Lumia 520 has quickly become one of Nokia’s most popular Windows Phones, and it’s not hard to see why. The wallet-friendly phone has solid specs—check out the full rundown here—looks great, and comes packed with handy Nokia apps like HERE Maps, Drive, and Transit. It’s also been earning widespread praise from reviewers for its affordable design and unique Windows Phone 8 features.

Here’s AT&T’s full press release.


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  • I am using Nokia Lumia 520 so good

    ,camera clarity so fine ,music so good,sound,kids corner so good but calling,future not add,and other future as well so good,thanks for nokia

  • @ duus... Don't let society make you think you have to have everything right away.. Just wait and be patient kind sir❕.. I'm sure your Lumia 920 will hold out just fine for a few more weeks... Lol❕

  • duus
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    Anyone care to take a guess at when the lumia 1020 will be available in the us without preordering or standing in line for days? - Especially with the rumor that they already on back order for the preorders alone..

  • WixosTrix
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    $100 contract free for a phone that offers free voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with downloadable maps, free music streaming with downloadable playlists, and all those great camera apps/features. This is easily the best value for entry-level smartphones. Even makes it a little fun with the changeable backs, just like the old days.