The Nokia Lumia 1020 is now available at AT&T

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is now available at AT&T

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If taking photos of your friends, kids, family, or travels is something you care about even a little bit—and who doesn’t?—you’ll want to run to the nearest AT&T store and pick up the new Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8, which officially goes on sale today. The 4G LTE phone, which costs $299 with a standard contract, comes in yellow, white, and black. You can grab one at AT&T’s retail and online stores.


In-depth reviews started to hit this week, and it looks like the phone and its 41-megapixel camera sensor are living up to its billing and leaving reviewers struggling for superlatives. “This is clearly a camera phone that helps define a new era of smartphone photography,” said CNET. “The Lumia 1020 is the best Windows Phone we've used so far and offers the best camera in the industry,” concluded Engadget. USA Today’s Ed Baig said the camera was “about as good as you can get on a smartphone.”

The phone’s cutting-edge 41 megapixel back-side illuminated camera sensor is responsible for much of this praise (and if you really want the juicy details on how it works and why it’s so awesome, check out this interesting deep dive on the technology from Nokia). But the other key ingredient is the built-in Nokia Pro Camera app, which is designed to take full advantage of the breakthrough imaging technology and make it easy for anybody to shoot, edit, and share amazing photos and video. Pros can also use it to manually adjust flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure, and other key settings.

Speaking of apps, one other one you’ll want is Hipstamatic Oggl PRO, a new version of the popular social photo editing app made exclusively for Nokia’s Lumia 1020. For a full rundown of its impressive features, check out my other post today—or just download Hipstamatic Oggl PRO here and start playing around. One notable callout: The app can post your stylized photos directly to Instagram and other popular social networks. (Hipstamatic also released a standard version of the app that works on all other Windows Phone 8 smartphones.)

The Nokia Lumia 1020 and its camera grip accessory, which was a hit with reviewers.

If you’re planning to pick up a new Lumia 1020, there are also a bunch of special offers that you should know about. While supplies last, the Microsoft Store is offering a free Nokia Camera Grip to customers who buy the phone there. Many of the reviews I read this week heaped lots of praise on this $79 clip-on accessory, which has a tripod mount, extra 1020mAh rechargeable battery, and makes the phone feel more like a point-and-shoot in the hand.

Anyone who buys a Windows Phone 8 at a Microsoft Store also receives a gift card good for $10 worth of apps (see if there’s a store near you).

Finally, for a limited time every Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with a voucher that can be redeemed for a free 20x30 SmileBooks print poster—the perfect way to show off those beautiful new photos.

So who’s picking up a new 1020 today?

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  • bobz
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    Without call or text blocking app, these and other Windows 8 Nokia phones are worthless! Wake up Nokia-Microsft.

  • Nater
    147 Posts

    @ F4denz:  People only need ONE app to be missing for it to be a showstopper.  For example, there is nothing like Coach's Eye or Dartfish Express on Windows Phone, which makes the video camera largely a waste for those of us who use our phones for that.  You can, due to that, be more productive with a GS2 than a Lumia 1020.  The App Situation is bad.  There are no Google Apps, except Search.  There is still no Official YouTube App since the Microsoft app was pulled.  Is Vine on Windows Phone, yet?

    There are no really great podcast clients on the platform, and Microsoft removed Podcast support from the Zune (Xbox Music/Video) client on the phone...  Flipboard still isn't there, yet.

    Other apps exist, but even those developed by Microsoft are of dubious Quality (Skype, for example).

    The OS and Metro design language still make poor use of screen real estate, which makes large high quality screens feel wasted on these devices.

    This phone is dead to me because of the missing apps and subpar app quality.  If the apps that were there were as high quality as their iOS (and in some cases Android) counterparts, I'd have gotten it on release day.  But they are not.  They are much worse.  And Notifications are still a major showstopper for me.  The PUSH Notifications on WP are some of the most inconsistent and volatile that I've ever experienced, and the Live Tiles in many cases aren't really Live at all.  It still has no Notification cache so if I silence my phone during dinner/meeting I'll never know which apps got Notifications unless they are pinned and I search all the non-pinned apps to check myself by going in all of them and letting them refresh...

    WP8 feels more like WP 7.6.  I am not happy with how slow Microsoft has been advancing the platform, seeing how late they were getting it out the door.  I have never been so tempted to just up and buy an iPhone.  It's not like most iOS/Flagship cameras aren't good enough for 99.5% of consumers, anyways...

  • f4denz
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    Hey Hawk, did you ask any of them what missing apps they were worried about?  So far I get a few very specific ones, but very few that are huge apps other than instagram (which I never used with my iphone).  I have found very few things that are actually missing on my Lumia 1020 vs. my old iPhone, but a lot of things it didn't have.  Tops of the list is live tiles, what a time saver and convenient feature,

  • Hawk
    61 Posts

    I was in Austin this weekend at the W hotel for a business weekend.  There were a lot of people talking about the 1020.  They were excited about the camera but almost ALL backed off because someone mentioned that WP8 is still missing apps.  Nokia can throw all kinds of hardware at the Lumia's but as long as the popular apps are missing from WP8, people will stick with iOS or Android.  

  • Pre-ordered the phone, but they don't have them in the warehouse yet, next week sometime? :-[

  • Any way someone who got the phone from AT&T get the perks ?

  • vieya
    44 Posts

    This is great for At&t users but how about Sprint users? I would like a phone like this on Sprint but Nokia keeps having exclusive phones for At&t and all the other carriers already have a Nokia phone when will Sprint get one? Also could you guys get instagram and more apps? HTC has bad support service and Samsung phone on Sprint looks like it's barely even trying.