Bing apps arrive on Windows Phone 8

Bing apps arrive on Windows Phone 8

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[This is a guest post from Bing program manager Steve Chang, cross-posted from the Bing Blogs.]

Back in October we launched a collection of Bing Apps for Windows 8 including News, Finance, Weather, Sports, and Maps. The apps provide you with gorgeous, comprehensive and customizable experiences powered by Bing that showcase world class content from leading outlets. Today we are bringing many of those experiences to Windows Phone 8 users around the world*.

Let’s take a look at what’s included.

Bing News

Want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the world? The Bing News app for Windows Phone has you covered. With the new app, you have one comprehensive experience to keep tabs on the latest headlines and videos of breaking news. And the app is customizable so you can track specific story categories, topics, or news sources that matter to you. You can even rearrange the headline clusters so that the news that matters most to you is at the top. Download it


We’ve partnered with leading editorial and news agencies including Associated Press, Reuters, Gizmodo, The Guardian and more, including local and regional sources from around the world, so you can choose which sources you’re most interested in—all in one app.


With Live Tiles on Windows Phone, you can see what’s happening at a glance. You can also pin a favorite news source or a personal topic to your Start screen to get quick access to the news that matters most to you.


You can watch the latest news videos as they appear within the headlines, or in the dedicated video section. 


Bing Sports

The Bing Sports app is your personal sports companion letting you stay on top of the sports and teams that you care about. You can swipe through to see recent scores, top sports headlines, videos, photos, schedules, standings, statistics and much more across most major sports, including soccer, football, baseball, cricket, racing, tennis, hockey, and basketball. Download it


Care about the NFL and more than Formula 1? Or maybe the other way around? You can personalize the experience to track the leagues and teams you follow. Tap into a specific league or team and the app color theme changes depending on the sport, such as green turf for NFL, brown dirt for MLB, grey asphalt for Formula 1 racing, etc.


Have a favorite team? For quick access to team news, scores and league standings, you can pin the team to your Start screen, and tap the tile to go straight in.


From NBA live game tracking statistics to Chinese Super League soccer results, the Bing Sports app is a one-stop shop to keep up with your favorite team.

Bing Weather

Want to know to know whether you need to grab an umbrella? Now you can stay a step ahead of the weather with up-to-date current conditions including temperature, precipitation and wind. The Bing Weather app also dynamically updates your live tile based upon your current location . Open the app to get more detail on the present location or others you’ve saved as favorites. Download it


You can follow the weather with dynamic maps for your city or region in a number of categories including satellite, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover and radar. You can also drill down in to the daily weather conditions, explore historical data and view charts for temperature and precipitation.


You can pin the app to your Start screen for instant access to today’s conditions for your current location as well as your favorite cities. Once pinned, tap a location to get detailed information, including hourly and 10-day forecasts, along with monthly averages.


Bing Finance

Keep tabs on the financial markets and gauge performance of your stocks at a glance with the Bing Finance app which includes financial news, market info, currency conversions, timely US stock updates and customizable interactive charts. Download it


You can set up a watchlist to track your stocks and pin individual stocks to your Start screen for Live Tile updates.


Tap a stock in watchlist to get an overview of the stock’s performance, news about the company, stock statistics and a company overview.


Looking to stay on top of breaking business news? You will see top stories arranged by topic in the Bing Finance app. Simply tap to read an article or jump straight into the latest financial news directly from your favorite source, including Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business.


With a swipe of your finger you can access market information for currencies, commodities, bonds and more, plus a currency converter tool.



*Features and content may vary by country.

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  • Next up - have the watch list in Bing Finance sync with the watch list on the desktop.  Same with favorite sports teams.  I like these apps, and syncing them up with other devices running them would be icing on the cake.

  • Why not just integrate this into Bing? What's the point of naming it Bing? Google has Google Now.

    NOT: Google Weather, Google News, Google Finance, Google Search. Google has unified search on their phones, we do not.

  • Apps work and look great. Must have!

  • I wad finally able to install the Weather app to my Lumia 920 using the web site version of the app store.  Ironically, I did it on my iPhone...

  • I finally got them but they would be better if the had lock screen support especially for the weather app cause that would complete them also it would be nice to have the weather app with a wide tile as well as the others.

  • Guys, I am not from US, i'm from Argentina, 920 owner and apps working great =), maybe yesterday the apps weren't enable globaly yet.

  • Schuey, i have a 920 and I recently downloaded bing Wheather and Sports, both worked fine for me and are very cool apps. :)

  • dowloaded from UK store to my 920 yesterday 7th -

  • Love the apps overall.  Weather app needs a large live tile, or the ability to set lock screen background.

  • I second Rupy - put the weather status on the lock screen please!

  • Rupy
    0 Posts

    Please add the option that app provides a detailed status on the Lock screen!

    Besides, I am very pleased with the application.

  • Make those apps available on WP7.8 too! Especially News and Weather please!

  • Are these released tot he US only?

  • Apps work great on my Lumia 920.  Clean, professional looking apps - good work.

    One Request though - please add MMA as a sports category to Bing Sports.

  • dhina
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    Got in my Lumia 820...! Apps are amazing..! My review is that,

    Bing News - Amazing with beautiful live tiles support and can override all other news apps

    Bing sports - it is ok but not fully updated with live score informations

    Bing weather - it is worse, better apps are available for it.. It has to be upgraded

    Bing finance - it is neither amazing nor good.. It has a ok feel.

  • Downloads now for Lumia 920 on att, but disappointed it doesn't sync settings with Windows 8.

  • Still no love from the Bing Weather app on my Lumia 920 (AT&T / U.S.).  I get a message that the app is not supported on my device.  Odd since I'm able to install all of the others.

  • danielgr
    73 Posts

    Any possibility of these being made available to WP7 ?

    It's funny how some third parties (like NextGenReader) provide greater support than Microsoft for their own OS. Still waiting for the promise update in Facebook and what not.

    PS: Alternatively, it'd be just great if Microsoft could introduce WP8 in Japan... 'cause I seriously wouldn't mind moving on to WP8 if given a chance to do it... My 2-year contract expires in September and I've got the feeling I'm going to move to one of the zillion Android phones available over here... If only I could get my hands on a 1020 ...

  • Hey everyone. Let the downloading begin. Just checked Store and see the apps are starting to become available...

  • sumty
    0 Posts

    Hey guys just chilling checked it out

    finally they have published it on store...

    actually I should say

    atlast they did it...

  • Looks like someone hit the Publish button on the announcement before the apps were widely available. Seems like most everyone is saying we should continue check back frequently as the apps may not have been pushed out to all servers yet.

  • arknu
    8 Posts

    Looking great, but have you finally made the News app work in Denmark? On Windows 8, it has no content in Denmark. It has in Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK - but not in Denmark, which makes it rather useless. Otherwise these apps are great - but you really needs to work on expanding your services to all countries where you sell your products! (I'm beginning to feel a bit like a broken record on this topic).

    Also, the fact that these apps don't sync with their Windows 8 counterparts seems very strange. Wasn't that the whole point?

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    For reference - June 20th, 2012:

  • Yes i'd like to know as well where is the Enthusiast update feature that was promised in Windows Phone 8 Keynote in Summer of 2012 I believe it was?  

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    They refuse to even acknowledge it anymore as if I made it up.  The dev team used to respond to my tweets about it with something like "there's nothing to report now but soon" or something like that.  For the past few months they refuse to respond.  Don't get me wrong, I will continue to buy Windows Phone as long as it's an option but I do feel that Microsoft is royally screwing up... again.  With WP7 all we heard was "BUT WAIT UNTIL WP8!!!" and now we don't hear anything.

  • ap3rus
    0 Posts

    Yes, I'd like to hear about enthusiasts program as well, we were promised but where're the actions?

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    Wow, another colossal screw up.  By the way, where's our "enthusiasts program" so we can get early releases of the OS?  I seem to remember that being a HUGE selling point of Windows Phone 8.  Do you guys just like jerking us around?

  • I live in the US and I can't even get the apps. This I find to be annoying. Please fix!!!

  • Hugo R.
    0 Posts

    can't download!!!!!

  • sumty
    0 Posts

    thanks for the update Michael...

  • Hey everyone. Some of you have asked about availability. The apps should be available in all supported Windows Phone markets. Second, the technical issue that's preventing you from downloading them is still being worked on. Stay tuned.

  • hohansen
    10 Posts

    From what pages like The Verge show it looks like these apps do not support accent color, this ruins a basic (and good) feature of Windows Phone. I do hope all Microsoft apps will support accent colors.

    Except for this, I thinks it's worth noting the last paragraph from The Verge:

    "The only disappointing aspect to these phone versions is that they don't pull your places, favorite teams, news sources, and other settings from the Windows 8 apps. If Microsoft is serious about this integration, then cross-platform apps that sync are the types of experiences we'd like to see in future." -

  • Please someone advise if these are region specific, because if they are. It's pretty much a fail.

  • Way excited for these apps.  Can't wait to download them. Surprised it took this long for them to come out with them

  • "Apps are not available for your device" - at&t Nokia Lumia 920.

  • erfan
    0 Posts

    "This app is no longer published"

  • ap3rus
    0 Posts

    Please update the story on when the apps will actually be available to download, its distracting not to be able to download them.

    p.s. Lumia 925, GDR2, US

  • sumty
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    Hey Michael, I gues u are right.

    WP8 users have no other options, as whatsoever we are waiting for the other apps / update too...

    Its a longggggggggggggg Wait....

  • sumty
    0 Posts

    Windows Phone team,

    Take my advise

    Dont show up on blogs until u roll out apps & updates globally..

    The given links for Bing apps are saying "This app is no longer published"

    Are u guys a professional...

    first make a fool proof launch strategy, then boast out ur capabilities.

    everyone knows U guys have capabilities, no doubt,

    but show it up globally.

  • Hey everyone. I see the same thing. Looking into it. Might just be due to the apps still rolling out across Store servers. Best bet is to check back in a bit.

    3 Posts

    While this is great and all, nothing matters until Bing REWARDS is implemented into Bing.

  • They're not showing available for my Lumia 920 in the US right now. I'm assuming they're literally in the process of opening them up in the marketplace. Keep checking back.

  • I get the same message. Looks like there US only :(

  • Schuey
    0 Posts

    Apps look great, but I can't download them to my 920. Says not device compatible. If they are US only, I'm not going to be very happy.