Locked out? Not with OnStar RemoteLink for Windows Phone

Locked out? Not with OnStar RemoteLink for Windows Phone

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The free OnStar RemoteLink app is now available in the Store for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8. The app lets GM owners check the tire pressure and the oil and fuel levels (something drivers do more than a half million times a month with the app). And if you lock yourself out, RemoteLink can pop the lock for you or start the car. The app requires an OnStar subscription and works with any 2010 or newer Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC vehicle. Download it now.

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  • All that we need now for this app is the ability to copy in an address and have the directions sent to the car!! :-)

  • Princy
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    This is very needed for each and every driver as he would be very conscious in checking fuel level, oil level and also tire pressure.This can be maintained and checked often if this app is available and the driver would be stress free.The highlight is that if the driver is out of the car the vehicle can be unlocked using this app.


  • vNOKFan
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    Love the App . . . just installed it. Have a Chevy Volt which felt incomplete without a Smartphone App. Glad that key apps are getting added to the WP ecosystem.  Time now for all the airlines to come on board.

  • Nathan
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    Dear Windows Phone team.

    There is a really bad user experience issue: the lack of cursor in default dialer app windowsphone.uservoice.com/.../2294827-cursor-in-phone-dialler-to-allow-editing.

    Suppose you wanted to dial 01234567 and you forgot to tap on 0, you have to erase everything and then reenter the whole thing....

    A cursor is very much needed! Please pleaseeee don't miss it in GDR3 at least!

    We can only post suggestion on uservoice and vote for it. Its sad when you guys ignore these basic requests! Please help us help the product which we all share.

    Thank you.