Now in the Store: Temple Run Oz for Windows Phone 8

Now in the Store: Temple Run Oz for Windows Phone 8

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You’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. Temple Run Oz ($0.99), the popular movie-themed installment of the classic runner, is now available for Windows Phone 8. In the game, you turn, jump, and slide down the Yellow Brick Road to escape an onslaught of ferocious flying baboons. Inspired by the Disney film Oz the Great and Powerful, this Temple Run is another winner that fans of the franchise will definitely want in their game collection. Buy it now

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  • Mobile phones were launched in India in 1996 and that is the time since when I have been using a mobile phone. I had a nokia cell phone at that time and its the same company that I have been using till now. My sister uses an iphone and an android, the android phone that she uses has 512mb RAM and temple run 2 runs on it. I just bought a cellphone to play games have internet connectivity. So, I bought Lumia 520. Now if things like this happen that the most popular games are not released for the 512 mb RAM segment phones, then give me just 1 good enough reason why I should stick to the cell phone that i have and not buy a cheaper android phone which will run these games. MS bought Nokia, so technically its your problem now.

  • Such a big shame and embarrassment for you Microsoft you let your user felt really bad i mean companies like Sony and Samsung are proving this game in 512 mb b here Microsoft's phone are facing compatibility issue

    keep it up Microsoft are losing users trust ..

  • sumty
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    Why does WP8 series dont have a real time call recorder.

     Its a must in a day to day life. My symban use to a inbuilt, WP8 developers, if u r reading this, will praise ur talent for years , plz plz give  a call recorder in a new update. or atleast allow 3rd party vendors / software developers to do so..

  • AMJ
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    This is absolutely not fare... I guess users of windows phone 8 with 512mb ram are also your responsibility.. Why do you people don't make high end games for 512mb users.. Please don't do this with us... We are your customers too... Please make these big games for 512mb users too...

    And please solve the storage issue too because users with 4gb built in memory can only utilize 1.4gb out of 4gb... Please solve this Microsoft...!!

  • vinit19
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    This is a great news....but when i tried to install it windowsphone site show me that this game is not available for your device.....i have nokia Lumia phones ram 512mb and temple run oz for windows phone requires 1gb ram.....but when i am using Samsung galaxy with 512mb ram so the game was available for that device & not create any problem so i want to complain that why windows phone developers not provide temple run oz & brave versions for 512mb ram devices?...please hurry

    i am requesting you please provide temple run oz &brave versions for 512 ram devices free and also request that next time if you provide any new games please provide for all 512 mb with 1gb ram devices........

  • Nathan
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    Thank you! This is a GREAT NEWS. Now, please ask Imangi Studios to release Temple Run 2 and release both for Windows Store as well.

    Looks like their website is not updated yet: For the other releases, they have mentioned "Win", instead of clarify, whether its Windows Store or Windows Phone Store..