More perspective on the Nokia news

More perspective on the Nokia news

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If you’re just tuning in, Microsoft tonight announced a wide-ranging deal to acquire Nokia’s devices and services business, plus license Nokia’s patents and mapping services. You can read all about the agreement on the Microsoft News Center.  This is obviously huge and super exciting news for everybody involved—but especially Windows Phone and its fans.

If you’re interested in more insight and perspective on the deal, I also urge you to read what Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating System group, has to say in a new post on Blogging Windows.

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  • Eben erst freute ich mich, weil ein Windows Phone mit Full HD Screen auf den markt kommt - Nokia Phablet.

    Doch als ich dann las, dass dieses Phone mit Windows 8 RT ausgestattet ist, war mir klar, dass ich das nicht kaufen werde. Windows 8 RT steht auf dem Abstellgleis. Keiner braucht dieses System.

    Wozu wird der ganze Mist mit den Kacheln für den PC veranstaltet, angeblich um für alle Geräte ein OS zu haben, wenn dieses OS dann doch nicht für die Smartphones genutzt wird?

    Wenn das bei HTC auch so sein wird, werde ich mir ein Android Smartphone kaufen.

  • Congrats Microsoft and Nokia!!!

    Shame "some" people are not happy with the news. Windows phone will always be like it was if its "Nokia Lumia" or something else. So enjoy the OS experience on hardware that will still be produced by the same team as the current devices are.

  • I just read that no more "Nokia" brand anymore :(

    Microsoft really kill Nokia :((

  • Hawk
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    Cool...but us AT&T customers with Lumia phones are STILL waiting for the GDR2 update.  Just like old times...

  • This is great news for both companies. I enjoy WP on my Nokia Lumia 920 and look forward to the what Microsoft can bring to the table as they continue to offer consumers a superior mobile experience. When do you think will we see a Surface line of phones...2014?

  • Infozed
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    Thanks Microsoft, I was waiting this announcement since Google hired Motorola Mobility. Congrats Nokia and Microsoft

  • This is not good news for people like me who are fans of other OEMs. If this pushes HTC or Samsung out of the WP market, it also pushes me out as well.

  • SAE
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    People buy winphones because of Nokia

    you shouldn't wipe-out Nokia brand

    even Google didn't done this with Motorola

    as a winphone fan I'm very angry and disappointed with your decision

    and i know that many people feel the same :@

  • rstoft
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    Great news, Nokia have done an amazing job with wp8 & Microsoft an equally great job

    with the new windows 8 os/ platform.

    I hope both sides continue their great collaborative work and move mobile

    devices forward as a team.

    I expect great things as you have a high benchmark to live up to.

  • Yeah I hope Microsoft not kill Nokia.

    I just sad Microsoft buy Nokia so cheap, cheaper than Skype :(

  • This is great news as long as future Lumia devices are called Nokia Lumia device,, and not Microsoft Lumia devices.. That would be so sad...

  • Mike_Mu
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    So this is the end of the windows phone platform as a believable alternative to android. No other phone maker will release any credible Nokia alternative anymore.

    I'm afraid it will do to Nokia what the Google acquisition did to Motorola: nothing good. The difference between the two is that currently Nokia runs the flagship WP8 devices while motorola was already struggling.

  • congratz to Microsoft and Nokia

    Hope Microsoft never let Nokia down and together bringing the best service for theirs users