Skype adds video messaging to its Windows Phone 8 app

Skype adds video messaging to its Windows Phone 8 app

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Skype updated its Windows Phone 8 app today, and version 2.10 adds a much-loved Skype feature: video messaging.

Video messaging is another handy way to keep in touch with the people that matter most—and the ideal format for birthday messages, long-distance goodnight kisses, and anything else that demands to be seen. Once you‘ve updated the app, just open a conversation and tap + to create a new video.  New to Skype? You can download the latest version of the app from the Windows Phone Store.

There’s more about the new update on the Skype Garage Blog today.


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  • abm
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    Great news! Meaning now we just need, ability to:

    - select the text of message.

    - copy message (hold and tap like every app in Windows Phone allows).

    - send pictures, videos and documents.

    - receive picture, videos and documents.

    - share screen.

  • Still missing voice message and "on a mobile device".


  • khanman
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    Amazing video quality!!!!

  • tribexx
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    Nokia 928

    For some reason, after installing Skype (even before this update) and bringing/merging those contacts over, my Contact phone numbers are now messed up.


    John Doe



    John Doe


    Which gives me errors when trying to call people and I had to remove Skype from the contacts listing. It would never let me edit their phone numbers saying I had to do it from Skype. I log in to Skype and I am not allowed to edit another person's information they put in themselves. It happened to every one of my Skype friends.