The wildest West ever: Six-Guns for Windows Phone 8 arrives

The wildest West ever: Six-Guns for Windows Phone 8 arrives

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Your enemies come fast and furious in Six-Guns, a new Xbox game for Windows Phone 8 from Gameloft. The game, which supports single or multiplayer mode, is also totally free. Download it now

In this third-person shooter set in Arizona and Oregon, you’ll confront cowboys, bandits, and a host of unnatural enemies (zombies, for starters). The goal is to shoot your way through 40 missions, unlocking 8 different horses, 19 weapons, and a selection of clothes and ammo to help you on your adventure.

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  • AMJ
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    Not Downloadable on HTC 8s.. When I click on Install, it says that you don't have enough space left. Infact I completely reseted my HTC 8s and tried to install it again, still doesn't work after even having 1.4gb of free space..

    Please Microsoft do something with this storage issues... Please allow installation on SD Card....

  • @Mughal: even i m getting that issue... How to download it manually ?? Pls help

  • Mughal
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    @Julian.. Thats what it says when I tried to download...! I downloaded it manually and installed it successfully .. running fine on my lumia 520

  • I really hate not being able to download this game. Stupid htc logic

  • Kel
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    Would be nice if i could download thus, unfortunately i cannot as my HTC 8S has very low memory. But as this game is around 450MB i have 570MB free yet i still cannot download it. Microsoft needs to make a update for HTC 8S to be able to move apps onto the micro SD card as i have about 12GB free on my SD card. Please sort it or no one with an 8S can be able to play anything. Don't get me wrong i love my 8S but its a pain that i cannot move apps to my micro card n the phone storage is completely full.

  • My phone has 2Gb free but I cant download this. It says no available space... I dont understand