Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 1020 now $199 at AT&T, Microsoft stores

Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 1020 now $199 at AT&T, Microsoft stores

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If you missed’s $100-off sale on the Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8 this week, you’re in luck: looks like AT&T has decided to make the cut permanent. All colors of the world’s best smartphone camera are now just $199 with a two-year contract. Buy one here on AT&T’s site.

And the Microsoft Store is going one better. For a limited time, if you buy the $199 phone from a Microsoft Store, you’ll also get a free Nokia camera grip*—a $74 value. Learn more.


The Nokia Lumia 1020

Want more proof of how good the Lumia 1020’s camera is? Here’s what the photography buffs at DP Review concluded last week after an extensive round of tests: “By nearly every metric, it takes better pictures than any other phone on the market.”  And check out the shots (like the one below) that National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez was able to capture on a 10-day trip through the American West, armed only with a Lumia 1020.

National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez captured this shot in Page, Arizona with a Nokia Lumia 1020.


*The fine print: Exclusive Microsoft Store offer: Expires 9/22/2013. While supplies last. Purchase of new Nokia Lumia 1020 required. Limit 5 per customer. Conditions apply.

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  • I want a 1020. And the purchase of Nokia made me feel that MS had fully committed, in fact doubled down on the platform.

    But MS's customer service on the platform is MISERABLE! I looked into the phone/battery grip deal, and their website doesn't have my zip as covered by AT&T. Believe me it is covered, recently in LTE. So I tried to get the specifics by calling the phone support number on the same web page. He steadfastly refused to answer even a single question -- warranty, return policy...etc. All I got was the hard sell. He even wanted me to give him a fake address to use in order to get it past the zip code error.

    So I tried the chat line.  She honest to goodness told me to contact my ISP.  She really did.

    I called the nearest store, 250 miles away, and she sent me to AT&T where I cannot get the grip as part of the deal.

    I went to the iPhone 2 years ago because of a similar experience with the Zune (now Xbox) software.

    This is exactly the opposite of the support I have always gotten from MS developer support. That has always exceeded my expectations. Apple's customer support has always been good to me.  But my with WP experience is the same as what I hear from my friends' anecdotes.

    I'm afraid that, if you don't fix your WP customer support, they will kill off your customers dozens at a time and the $7MMM along with your wonderful (really, I do mean wonderful) programming will go to waste.

  • sumty
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    Why does WP8 series dont have a real time call recorder.

     Its a must in a day to day life. My symban use to a inbuilt, WP8 developers, if u r reading this, will praise ur talent for years , plz plz give  a call recorder in a new update. or atleast allow 3rd party vendors / software developers to do so..

  • Hello, can I buy Nokia Lumia 1020 into my country Indonesia?

    If yes, is there any additional fee? Thanks


  • Nickel
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    Also, while you used Microsoft store Website to find the phone and do the transaction you purchased the phone from Simplexity not Microsoft, and are subject to Simplexity's return and price matching policies. No where in the terms of purchase that you agreed to is there anything about them refunding you for  future price reductions.

  • Nickel
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    Return policies and price matching policies are not the same. Go buy an item at major retail company I once worked for, it has a 90 day return policy. If it goes on sale 3 weeks after you buy it, you will not get priced matched. If it goes on clearance the next day, you will not get priced matched.  If the regular price drops, you will not get priced matched. They will only adjust the price if it goes on sale and is in the ad as a sale within 14 days and you come in during that 14 day window, and the expectation is few if any will seek it. When you make a purchase you are agreeing contractually to pay x amount for something. If after you purchase it the price goes down, you should have no expectation of getting refunded the difference, just as if the price goes up the one who sold it has no expectation that you will pay them the increase.  If they choose to refund you, that is great, but it is not your right, nor should it be your expectation that they will.

  • We're pretty used to our price guarantees from places like Best Buy. I've been burned by being an early adopter before price-wise and here I am again.  It would be nice to see companies think about their early adopters in situations like these, but AT&T and Microsoft are getting too big to be fast enough on their feet.. You might argue that being an early adopter is its own reward and worth the might not win that argument, but hey there it is.

    I'd love a $100 Microsoft Store credit, or accessory credit, or *something* without having to complain to customer service for it. The 1020 is obviously not moving as well as it should and obviously price is a big reason for it.

    The reason I'd say we all deserve a break is that $299 was too high to begin with but those of us loyal to WinPhone were willing to slog through the additional cost anyway, work a few overtime hours or save a few cups of coffee to get this phone in our hands (or just had the disposable income anyway). Big companies don't think about these things, especially big companies headed up by billionaires.

  • avn128
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    @rodenyEJones The gas example still is not a good example because gas has never has never had a return policy to normal consumers, where as all of the hardware products from Microsoft does. It is the norm for all companies to price match themselves even the Microsoft brick and mortar store had refunded my two friends $100 that just bought Lumia 1020, today.  I never said I was wronged, that I was charged $300 dollars, its wrong that they don't price match themselves within the return policy as every company that sells products do. Most companies won't price match other companies and that's understandable.

    If I were outside the return window I would understand not being refunded the $100. However, I am not even close to being outside of the return policy.

    For example if you bought a Laptop and the difference was $1000 p[rice drop and not $100, would it not be wrong to try to get your money back by returning a product and buying it again? or would you take the loss on a product you just purchased 5 days ago?

    I think that one of the reasons most companies refund customers that are within the period of a price drop is so that they don't return items and make them buy it again wasting time on both ends.

  • @AVN128... If you have a way of getting your $100 back more power to you.. But, you can't say that it's wrong that you have been charged $299 for the device because that is what it was priced at, and that is what YOU agreed to pay for it at the time you bought it.. Everyone knows that smartphones, especially WP devices, drop in price quite fast... Because you were not patient enough to wait for the imminent price drop you blame Microsoft? They are a business, and can't just give discounts to everyone who ask. Also, when you return your device it will not be able to be sold as new, you're not dissatisfied with it, and it is not broken, so morally you are admiting to doing something wrong, and you are asking the company that you are trying to cheat to back you up.. That's crazy... Actually, the example about the gas is perfect❕.. It's not the exact situation, but it conveys the point clearly, and simply.. The fact that you would argue against it just shows that you are only able to look at this situation in a way that benefits you, and not in a fair, and rational way towards Microsoft...

  • avn128
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    Nickel I have worked in retail but, I don't see how that is relevant. I purchased my phone less than 5 days ago and was also very calm when I talked to them as I believe raising your voice or harsh words do not help but, only hurts your situation. Since I bought my phone recently I am still in the frame in which I can return my phone for a full refund. The Microsoft store has no restocking fee which, mean I would get all my money back and would enable me to purchase it again at $100 less.

    The gas example is not very good since the gas has already been used and completely impossible to return. Items you buy from your local store or online will typically be price matched by their own price drops with in the valid return period. Because if they don't credit the customers, the can just return the item and repurchase it. This is bad because the store has to waste their time with multiple transactions as well as the customer

  • Nickel
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    Avn1, you must not work in retail. The $50 is not a admission of guilt, it is just an attempt to be nice, calm an upset guest, and keep you as customer. When you buy something, you agree to buy it at the price you paid, knowing full week that the price could change in the future. If it had been a PRE-ORDER and the price changed before release to a lower price, that would be a different story.  If you buy Gas today for 3.85 and two weeks from now it is 3.65 do you seek a refund for the difference?  If ATT had increased the price by 100, would you have gone in and paid them the extra 100? So why do you expect them to refund you 100?

  • avn128
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    I bought my 1020 less than a week ago from the Microsoft Store online and they refuse to do a price match on any item that already has been shipped since, it is there policy. I am sure a lot of people will be complaining about this.

    I was chatting with their customer service online and told them that I would just return the phone and purchase again. Than they told me they could give me a $25 gift certificate as a good will gesture after 15 minutes of me explaining that there will be many other customers trying to get a full refund. I explained that I will just waste all of our time by returning the phone and than purchase it again. They finally offered me $50. I didn't take it since taking it will probably will not allow me to get the full refund when public pressure takes place. It's a bad policy to not offer a refund on items after they are shipped and even worst to offer me a good-will gesture of $50 which, means Microsoft Store admits that they are wrong about their policy.

    I think that this is poor customer support from Microsoft who usually has a very good reputation when it comes to these matter.