Go behind the scenes of “The Recital,” our popular Windows Phone ad

Go behind the scenes of “The Recital,” our popular Windows Phone ad

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When “The Recital” made its debut last month, I noted that our latest Roman Coppola-directed TV commercial had high expectations to meet: Its predecessor, “The Wedding,” was the most watched Windows Phone video of all time.


In just two weeks “The Recital” has already logged more than 7.9 million views on YouTube, blowing past all our other videos and capturing the most-watched crown.

And what’s not to like? “The Recital” is poignant, funny, and features cute kids dressed up as vegetables. Oh, and it also stars one crazy cool piece of technology: the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its 41-megapixel camera and Windows Phone 8.

Now, in what’s fast becoming a Windows Phone tradition, we’re releasing a new companion behind-the-scenes video showing how The Recital was made. After watching it, two things are clear: Roman Coppola certainly had no shortage of winning zingers to choose from. And, man, are those kids super cute or what? (Yes, Virginia, there is a megapixel.)

So what gets your vote for best line left behind on the cutting-room floor? I know what mine is…

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  • Notification center for windows 8.1 phone leaks out a screen shot www.mobileosworld.com/.../screenshots-of-notification-center-of.html

  • @abm and BusinessGuy: The team appreciates the feedback.

  • I had a blackberry for years and was looking for a great alternative as a business phone and thought a windows phone would be it.  I was wrong.  The basics a business guy needs are missing. just a few obvious things; business guys travel a lot, put a good alarm clock on that stay on ...  dont make me dig around the market for something that does the basics like stay on when locked; add different indicator profiles, so i can quickly change settings like quiet, silent, loud, sleeping ....; another big one, put a message indicator light on this thing so i dont have to have the phone in my hand when on silent and i can still tell i have a message.  you will be surprised how a few simple overlooked items can make a phone more usable.

    I am sure i could make other suggestions but the list above is all i have after 24 hours with my windows phone - which is now headed back for a refund and over to android.



  • abm
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    Its imperative to realize that there are some "basic features" missing in Windows Phone. UserVoice has some, but its very tough to actually convince Windows Phone team about the importance of missing functionality.. For an instance:

    "First of all, Windows Phone is a phone"... "So the first thing comes to mind about the phone is a phone dialer"... "Windows Mobile used to support cursor in dialer to edit the phone number"..."iPhone didn't liked the idea so it never implemented it, you are supposed to delete all the succeeding digits where you want to edit the number"... "Android loved the idea and inherited from Windows Mobile"... "Then Windows Phone came along and followed iPhone's way, instead of their own Windows Mobile"...

    Lets say:

    - your entered 0011233445566. But your intended number was 00112233445566.

    - Now, without cursor; you would have to erase 33445566 and then enter 233445566.

    - But with cursor, you won't be erasing any digit and point the cursor between 00112 and 33445566 and enter 2.

    A tiny but a pretty decent usability issue... There are multiple suggestions about this idea alone on UV channel but it never got attention.

    How about just implement this tiny feature (drag-drop editable text control with cursor) and throw a line "Now supports editing in dialer app" deep down in change-log of WP 8.1

    Thank you.

  • @rlintw: I'm sort of surprised that actor didn't make the final cut. He was firing off one zinger after another. Wonder if those were scripted or improvised?  As you can tell, I wasn't involved in the making of it. Just an entertained viewer.

  • rlintw
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    I have to chose "baby's first cameraphone?" as my favorite.

  • My fav: "Awe, my Nana loves that phone."