Disney’s Where’s My Water 2 debuts on Windows Phone 8

Disney’s Where’s My Water 2 debuts on Windows Phone 8

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Disney has been on a roll lately, releasing great Windows Phone-versions of titles like Wreck-It Ralph and Monsters University. Now here comes Where’s My Water 2, the fourth installment in their hit Where’s My physics-based puzzle series. 

Where’s My Water 2 brings back all your favorite Where’s My Water pals and adds three fun new locations for gators Swampy, Allie, and Cranky to play in. From the Sewer to the Soap Factory to the Beach you’ll cut through dirt and sand, then guide fresh water, purple water and steam to help their efforts in more than 100 levels. Also new this time around: Challenge Modes, which let you replay each level in explosive ways. The game is free and runs only on Windows Phone 8. Download it now

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  • Played it on my Lumia 920 and i can asure you it's buggy as HELLLLLL

  • abm
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    @GearDoGi, Albeit, I agree with your Xbox notion, I don't believe that you have actually played the game. Because the rant you are pulling is lame. This game works great on low end devices such as 620 and 520.

  • Disney seems to be rapidly increasing their presence on Windows Phone. I hope this is a sign that My Disney Experience is on the way.

  • P.S The game need to be optimized very much to run smoothly on WP8

  • Games like this could easily be Xbox branded and provide some Xbox achievements.

    If you agree with me that games like this should be updated and be Xbox enabled please vote for my suggestion so that Microsoft can hear us! windowsphone.uservoice.com/.../4163745-windows-phone-xbox-live-more-something-like-gamece