Facebook update for Windows Phone 8 brings new photo features, languages

Facebook update for Windows Phone 8 brings new photo features, languages

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The official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 received a big update today, and version 5.1 brings a bunch of handy upgrades.

First off, the app is now available in triple the number of languages—19 in all. There’s also some helpful photo-related feature additions. For example, you can attach photos to your messages and upload them to Facebook in batches. Are you feeling so over someone or something? You can now “unfriend” and “unlike” right from the palm of your hand. Finally, you’ll find inline @tagging, navigation improvements, and performance tweaks to make checking-in and posting to Facebook faster and easier. Don’t have the app yet? Grab it here


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  • true.

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  • To be sincere I was so much comfortable with my old Facebook app, it was elegant, it rarely got lack, it was unique, intuitive and I was really happy with it.... But then I had a notification of an upgrade, I thought it was going to be way better than the other... My surprise was that it was a shame. It was so very slow, with the same structure that the Facebook app of Android and IOS, bored and with so much difficulties. Come on people of Microsoft you can do it so much better than that, there is so much people uncomfortable with this app, please improve it or return the old one.

  • Hawk
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    @Lorenzo...I'm with ya man!  Funny how MS employees will almost immediately respond to comments regarding THEIR apps but when it comes to comments related to the absolutely horrible update process, especially when involving AT&T, their lips are sealed.  

    Not only was I drawn to the WP due to it's so-called full FB integration, but I was also sold on the fact that updates would be smooth and often unlike the Android process.  As long as MS allows the carriers to be in control of updates, the WP ecosystem will remain a distant 3rd place in market share.  If Apple truly does come out with a 4.8" iPhone6 next year, you could see the death of WP!  I know I'll be saying good-bye to WP8!  At least when bug fixes are needed, Apple is in complete control of their updates!      

  • While I'm a WP7 user, not a WP8 user, I have installed the Facebook and Twitter apps, but I'm just at a loss why development continues toward making separate apps instead of integrating the experience into the OS. That was what drew me into Windows Phone to begin with. I want to see more of what @vishj05 was saying. I'm glad other people appreciate that the OS needs the updated integration.

    Are these separate apps coming along because so many cell carriers refuse to let us upgrade the OS? I'm on Windows Phone 7.8 only because of the various upgrade workaround tricks and software other users developed, because at&t and Samsung sure weren't making the updates available for me.

    I'm really bummed out at the slow pace of releases too. This isn't the blog post to comment about this, but I'm surprised (why, I don't know) that Microsoft is in 3rd place and isn't cranking out small but incremental software updates to keep up/surpass the competition.  The fact that there aren't any new major announcements happening every month or two has me worried that users aren't joining our ecosystem in the droves we need to get more of the app selection.

    IN SUMMARY: Facebook app? Ok, I'll download it. Just get to work on integrating the experience quick and often and don't let carriers get in the way.

  • Agree with all the comments...

    I'd also like to see FB messaging gain when seen/read stamp.  I want to know if I need to reach out via text or call if the person hasn't checked in on fb for some reason.

  • Nice and useful update for the great windows phone 8

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  • really disappointed the panoramic UI of the facebook app was abandoned awhile back. that's the whole appeal of windows phone.

    i echo all of the comments above. would like to see more features in the native facebook functions of the OS.

  • I totally agree with Stephen Barrett, one of the best things in Windows Phone is the deep integration; it's a lot better and more natural to have all features in the OS itself rather than in a seaparate app.

    To add one more thing, I would love to see to have an option in the chat app that allows us to sync the FB chat with the messages stored by the phone. Because, when you are logged in to FB on computer or any different device, and start chatting with a friend, you will see the messages received if your phone is connected to any sort of network, but you can't see your own messages. It's a bit silly when you see tons of messages from your friend but none of your messages, so it would be nice if there was either a sync option or the messages you send on computer or anything else also appeared on your phone right when you send them.

  • WinGeek
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    @ ichael Stroh: Whoever desighned this app, has massively violated the New-UI desigh guide lines. It seems that the designer has only iPhone in mind and, lazy enough, exported the iPhone app into Windows phone. what a disgrace in the face of Windows phone community!

    this new app has a learning curve. It s not based windows phone UI. It looks like a disgusting iPhone app-replica.

  • WinGeek
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    @ ichael Stroh: Whoever desighned this app, has massively violated the New-UI desigh guide lines. It seems that the designer has only iPhone in mind and, lazy enough, exported the iPhone app into Windows phone. what a disgrace in the face of Windows phone community!

    this new app has a learning curve. It s not based windows phone UI. It looks like a disgusting iPhone app-replica.

  • vishj05
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    Totally agree with Stephen..

    Windows Phone were advertised to be having facebook integration built directly into phone.

    While you can see people feed from People tab and post update from ME tab.

    But there is still so much that can be done to improve:

    1. There is no option to tag people in update from ME tab.

    2. No option to add people and photos in check in ME tab.

    3. No option to view likes on post

    4. No option to like individual comment.

    5. No option to tag people in post.

    6. No option to add photo in messaging.

    7. PEOPLE tab does not show important life events of contact in the feed. Last I checked this is not even shown in the FB app.

    There is still a LOT that can be done to improve the integration but guess MS has just forgot about this feature and just concentrating on FB app. If all these features are integrated in Phone itself, there would be no need for APP.

    Please consider these features for GDR3.

  • Microsoft - please read the reviews on the windowsphone site for the Facebook app.  I like some of the minor improvements made with this recent update but there are still some strange quirkiness with the app that makes it inferior to the other platforms.  It's too early to tell yet with this new update but just prior to it - I had problems uploading pictures on occasion - I would get an error along the lines of the system can't upload the photos as this time but yet I would have a good signal and could browse the web just fine.  

    Secondly, while we're at it --- the LinkedIn app in my opinion is horrible....way inferior to the version on the iPhones.  I have experience using the iPhones and currently the Nokia Lumia 928.

  • It is very disappointing to see that even the apps created by microsoft itself fail to satisfy windows phone users. Basic expectation of users is that the app should be fluidic and fast even at low internet speed like 2G network, which this app does not support. The end result is that we have to move to m.facebook.com. So facebook app becomes worthless for us and comment like "this app is worst", "android version is better" etc pop up in the feedback. So its a humble request that you take into consideration the efficiency of app even on 2G network. This can be expected from developers at microsoft.

  • tN0
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    I hope you will change the UI to be more of a proper Windows Phone app instead of an outdated Android/iOS look and feel.

    What was wrong with the Pivot UI in the original Facebook app? Those buttons on top are simply difficult to reach, the text is sometimes too small (take a look at your first screenshot. The text is even smaller than the clock in systray!)

    Isn't it funny that when Facebook on iOS got a modern look, you are working on an app that feels more like an Android version.

    It is a mistake and destroys one of the strongest arguments for Windows Phone: the modern and functional interface.

  • Unfortunately I cannot tag any person with Korean or Japanese name. :/

  • @Michael Stroh. Thank you! I only post because I care!

  • abm
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    Do you guys ever read the feedback under the app description www.windowsphone.com/.../82a23635-5bd9-df11-a844-00237de2db9e ?

    Almost half of the lot is unhappy with the app and talking about moving to Android instead! Why can't Microsoft teams release a top quality stuff in first place instead of losing the PR at first and then spent millions to win it back!!

  • jjbowles
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    I too prefer to do whatever I can in the OS and not launch a separate app. In the OS I want full sharing capabilities and the option to like & post comments on photos/posts/etc... I like the native feature to check in but it is limited since you cannot add a photo or tag people with you.  I do expect that the app will have the same and more functions available than what is available natively.

  • @Stephen Barrett: Thanks a ton for sharing your thoughts--and supporting Windows Phone. I'll flag this for the team.

  • @JohnCDoherty: Not sure about the version numbering, but, yes, these features are coming to the official release after first being tested in the beta app

  • How is it that this app has a higher version than the Facebook Beta app?... and does the beta have these features?

  • I have a Lumia 920 and I'm a big fan boy of Windows Phone and Microsoft in general... but this app makes no sense to me. I don't understand why I need to have the facebook app to do certain things (chat with pictures, group chat, check in somewhere with pictures and friends, post with location and friends... etc)... and I need to use the built in OS features for certain things (upload video).

    I much prefer using the built in OS features than launching an app to do something. It is much more natural. I love seeing updates about my groups (posts, pictures) directly on my live tile... in my photos app, in their contact page... etc. I love having facebook chat directly integrated into messages. But it seems like the features for the built is OS level facebook stuff stagnated and is no longer being updated. Soooooo many missing features at the OS level its silly! Can't upload HD quality video, cant picture message, cant group chat, cant see who liked a post, cant edit a post, cant check in with pictures and friends, cant post with friends... etc. So you guys put them all into the facebook app. Which I hate having to chose between!

    Give me ONE UNIFIED VISION OF A WORKFLOW! Think about how people use your devices! I just convinced my brother to buy a 1020 instead of an iPhone and he immediately was super confused on the facebook integration. and rightfully so! It was perfect at the OS level just out of date. Get rid of this app and improve the OS.