Announcing our third Windows Phone 8 update—plus a new developer preview program

Announcing our third Windows Phone 8 update—plus a new developer preview program

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A bigger Start screen for more Live Tiles. A new, customizable Driving Mode. Better accessibility options.

These are just some of the new features and innovations that we’re getting ready to deliver to you in Windows Phone 8 Update 3, which will roll out to existing phones over the next several months. As manager of the engineering team responsible for delivering updates to your Windows Phone, today I wanted to tell you a bit more about what’s included in our third official update of the year—plus describe a new preview program we’re launching to help developers keep their apps running smoothly on our latest software.

It’s been a busy but exciting year for my team—and Windows Phone overall. If you follow the news, you might have seen that our market share in Europe has grown to nearly 10 percent. We’re seeing things really start to accelerate. We believe this is because we continue to advance the platform at a rapid pace. Our hardware partners, meanwhile, have been taking advantage of this innovation by releasing amazing new Windows Phone devices throughout the year.

The story behind No. 3

When we sat down to plan our latest official update to Windows Phone 8, we had three main engineering goals in mind:

  1. Enable incredible new Windows Phone devices.
  2. Enhance the platform with new capabilities for current users and partners.
  3. Improve overall quality.

Support for bigger, higher-resolution screens

So the new update paves the way for future Windows Phone devices with 5- and 6-inch touch screens. The larger, 1080p HD displays on these devices will make Windows Phone even more personal—for example by sporting jumbo-sized Start screens with room for six Live Tiles across instead of four.

A bigger Start screen means the ability to pin even more of the people, info, and apps that matter to you. Built-in apps and Hubs like email, Photos, People, and Music and Videos will also be carefully scaled to take full advantage of the additional real estate on 6-inch screens.

A Start screen with room for as many as six Live Tiles side by side.  Windows Phone 8 Update 3 paves the way for larger Start screens like this on future Windows Phone devices with 5- and 6-inch touch screens.

More powerful hardware

In addition to larger screens, Update 3 will also bring support for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. The added horsepower that this chip delivers should make our already-fluid operating system perform even better.

Driving Mode

A new feature called Driving Mode helps you get from point A to point B with fewer distractions. Working with a connected Bluetooth device, Driving Mode is designed to limit notifications on the lock screen—including texts, calls, and quick status alerts—until you’re safely parked.

A new feature of Windows Phone 8 Update 3 called Driving Mode helps you get from point A to point B with fewer distractions.

You can even configure Driving Mode to send automatic replies to people who call or text when you’re behind the wheel, to let them know you’ll get back to them.

New accessibility features

Another highlight of the new update is Mobile Accessibility for Windows Phone 8, which isn’t a single feature but a suite of apps designed to make Windows Phone easier to see, hear, and use. The apps, which include a screen reader, make it easier for blind and visually impaired users to manage calls and contacts, send texts and emails, browse the web, make Skype and Lync calls, and hear notifications like alarms, calendar events, and low-battery warnings.

Improved Internet Sharing

Many of you are familiar with the Internet Sharing feature, which turns Windows Phone 8 into a mobile hotspot by sharing your cellular data connection over Wi-Fi.

In Update 3, we’ve made it easier to use your phone as a data-savvy hotspot for Windows 8.1 devices. Just pair your phone and Windows 8.1 PC or tablet over Bluetooth, tap your network name, and you'll be connected and ready to go. No need to enter a password or dig out your phone and turn on Internet Sharing—it's done for you.

But, wait, there’s more

That’s not all we’ve packed into Windows Phone 8 Update 3. Besides hundreds of under-the-hood performance tweaks and enhancements, we’ve also added a bunch of small but handy new features, including several that you’ve been asking for. They include:

  • More useful ringtones: With Update 3, you can use custom ringtones for more things—including instant messages, emails, voicemails, and reminders. You can also assign custom ringtones to contacts for text messages, so you'll know who's texting you without even looking.
  • No more twist and shout: Does your screen keep spinning when you’re trying to read emails in bed? Use the new rotation lock option to keep it fixed in place.
  • Better storage management: New storage settings make it easier to free up space on your phone and manage temporary files. A new category view shows what's taking up space at a glance.
  • Easily close apps: Now you can use the App switcher to quickly close apps when you're finished with them.
  • Wi-Fi access out of the box: You can now connect to Wi-Fi during phone set up, so you can start conserving cellular data right out of the box.
  • Better Bluetooth: The team made a bunch of improvements to improve connection quality for Bluetooth accessories.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3 adds the ability to assign custom ringtones to contacts for text messages, so you'll know who's texting you without even looking.Does your screen keep spinning when you’re trying to read emails in bed? Use the new rotation lock option to keep it fixed in place.

As you can see, there’s some fun and handy stuff in Windows Phone 8 Update 3. If you have suggestions for future updates, submit them to our Windows Phone Suggestion Box site. We always appreciate the feedback and take it into account as we prioritize new work.

So when will all this be coming to your phone? As I mentioned earlier, the rollout initially kicks off in the coming weeks and will continue over several months. Specific timing depends on a number of factors including your carrier and phone model.

Announcing the Developer Preview Program

Finally, today I’m also happy to announce the Windows Phone Preview for Developers. The program, which officially launches later today, gives app builders early access to our operating system updates so they can verify that their apps work as expected on the new code.

To participate and download Windows Phone 8 Update 3, you need to meet one of three conditions: your phone is “developer-unlocked," you’re a registered Windows Phone Store developer, or you’re a registered Windows Phone App Studio developer.

You’ll find more details about the new program in a post today on our official Developer Blog. Try it out and let us know what you think, and thanks for your continued interest in Windows Phone!

Darren Laybourn, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone

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  • Is this update available for lumia 520 also?

  • intech
    0 Posts

    Nice work Guys,...very interesting

    ut what about the Wifi?

  • Fast battery drain after update on Lumia 925, and still no support of Georgian (KA) keyboard.

  • When the update receive in Indonesia?waiting for driving mode update...

  • Since we have an update directly from Microsoft, we still be able to get the final update from the operator??

    I ask because the operators use to mess all the update, and it could be that in the update by the operator, we could lose some features that we add in the update preview...

  • When will this windows update be available to nokia lumia 610 users running windows 7.8?

  • Any budy give me answer that how long will come updates in India..

    plz give me answer??

  • Nokia 1110  or  basic sets are better smart phone compared to Lumia. I think its not at all smart phone

  • Can't get app

    Your version of the Windows Phone software is not supported by this application.

  • Downloaded the update hoping it would help my Bluetooth connection issues, still can't get a reliable connection with my car kit or my PC. The look and feel of the interface is great but unfortunately unusable in this state!!

    Can anyone help?

    Dell PC running 8.1, BMW Bluetooth Kit and Nokia Lumia 925

  • Hello Microsoft WP8 devs,

    what about internet explorer update ? why it lacks a lot as compared to the desktop version, even setting a homepage is not available !!

    Please give more attention to IE in WP8 because there are no better alternative browsers, the closest to the desktop version, the better

    Thank you

  • hilaire
    0 Posts

    Maybe I missed roll out, when might we see this 3rd update?

    Nokia 822 with Verizon

  • dear MS

    i give me one chance i guarantee you, within 3 months Windows Phone will be growing with 30% worldwide

    That for free Fund No charges for You.

    i am using Lumia 822 internet sharing has bugs which has to be rectify

    i had update 3 on my lumia but still i cannot share my net with other devices

  • A smartphone device without java and flash player can not call a smart Phone like my lumia 920,  can not plat flash games on Facebook apps, can not upload file, photo and video directly to a website that not register on apps store, i really dissappointed, i have waste my money for this device.

  • As there are several shortcuts given by android and apple by swipeing down and up respectively, microsoft should give same by swipe screen to and video,file,received from Bluetooth cant find as of now so it should be improve..., download video and music from whats app and attach same..,better file manager, apps in stores, fb app, all this problem as I seen till now...

  • Michael
    1 Posts

    @wpDev  So why is Wifi WPS a big deal?  I bet most people don't even know what that is.  Oh and by the way, it is not anymore secure then WEP.  So maybe we should use PSK.

  • miketer
    0 Posts

    A) Individual volume controls for music, notifications, and ringer volume should've been given priority.

    B) windows running on a dual core system with a silky smooth interface is a pride and joy for wp users. Hope the firmware is not bloating up for the need of quad core support.

    C) Having a HD screen on a phone is a joke. Having a clear absolute bright screen is the name of the game. Lumia 920's amazing non HD screen is what I'm talking about..

    D) An other absolute must feature is a control over apps whether to get connected to a data connection.

  • Jayesh
    0 Posts

    When it will be available for Lumia 625. And if available how can I download it ?

  • I believe you did a great job in leadership. After 5 years for WM6.5 and 6 months for WP8, I think WP8 far away from WM6.5 in many things. In my person opinion, WP8 will fail to win significant market share eventually. Because WP8 keep going away from meeting great user experience and GUI. Under current GUI, it is difficult for WP8 to make huge and great improvement. kill wp8 and build an brand new on as soon as possible.

  • Hi everyone. It’s Darren again with a few more answers to questions about my post and Windows Phone 8 Update 3. I’ll try to get to more if I can and, as always, appreciate your feedback. By the way, things are going smoothly so far for the developer preview program. As of 3 PM Pacific today, the preview program app ( has 305 reviews and a 5-star average. Thanks again for the support and keep building great apps!

    @Jheany: Yes, Windows Phone 8 Update 3 is the same thing that you previously heard reported as GDR3

    @Didier: Great idea to optionally start an app like mapping or music when you enter Driving Mode. I’ll make sure the team considers it.

  • eks1910
    0 Posts

    I’ve heard rumors that with 8.1 it would be coming out with a Siri like digital assistant (Cortana), is this something that will be coming out, or just that a rumor?

  • Team

    Great, this is fantastic!

    On the other hand, these updates are needed:

    -Ability to install Apps and content to SD (not all of us have a 920)

    -Native File manager

    These have been already requested in the Suggestion Box:



    - 1K:

    I'm looking forward the storage management improve though I hope is much better than Nokia's Storage Check.

    WP does not have potential, it is indeed an excellent platform.

    Thank you for the hard work.



  • Michael
    1 Posts

    @DarrenLaybourn Ok, I suppose I can understand why you might want to activate the driving mode with a Bluetooth but think about this.  Beforehand I used my Bluetooth hands free headset to text while driving.  That works great.  Now when I turn on the Bluetooth, it goes into driving mode and every text that comes in gets the predefined message that I will get back to them.  That is no good to me. I want to be able to communicate while driving.

    So why not create a pin-able tile that would allow you to turn on and off manually without the need to have a Bluetooth attached?

  • Does ie 10 will allow pop up in this update......

    If not why?

    please provide this features many business firms require to allow pop up to access their internet. Android and iPhone already have this feature

    I m not able to access internet in my college over wifi due to absense of this features.

  • Bob Hey
    0 Posts

    Hi, new update sounds good, but having had a Windows 7 phone (Nokia Lumia 800) that just didn't have the apps I needed at the time, I changed onto an android phone (Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini) I have to say that android still has its attractions, BUT.............if you provided items such as file manager and made using MicroSD cards much easier and more flexible, you would get a lot more converts. It wold also be good to provide some way of "importing" SMS messages etc from other OS's. I can't be alone in having part of my personal "history" contained within SMS messages. I can do it with both Apple and android, but not Win8! Why is that? A great to use OS, but let down by the lack of much wanted, and very simple, additions. Come on folks, give us what we want....and get the market share up even more :-)

  • please take a look of this @microsoft!

    hoping you will watch it soon :-)

  • this sounds promising :)

  • Well update 3 is gud but still one thing is missing is flash video support. If microsoft done this fix is fulfill all need of windows phone if microsoft unable to do this. Then i wish microsoft can create special software for flash video playback software for free.

  • Finally! A way for users to get the latest updates in a same fashion just like Apple releasing IOS 7 to EVERYONE!

  • Renu
    0 Posts

    I didn't receive the updates till now, when will you release to my phone 520

    I hope window will improve attaching MS office for replaying mails.

  • Sina
    0 Posts

    Hi n Thnx for good job

    there are a few little things that u should really work in

    first sometimes we want to send our data to older phones with Bluetooth that we CAN'T

    we need file manager with permition to delete and change location of files for example when u save a pic from a place its going to saved pic album and if u want to change u can't do it by phone u have to connect to pc

    another thing a proper video player, for god sake what if I want to watch a movie with subtitle in MKV format or someone  sends a video that he captured with old phone with 3gp format

    another thing is a background for behind the tiles and adjustable lock screen with widgets

    android is not good OS bcuz of lots of reasons but they have some good things in hand that u should see

    one of the first reasons that ppl don't like this OS yet is they like to change visuals and adjust everything, and in that Android is far ahead of WP.

    one more really important thing VPN !!!!

    hope u really read this

  • treckle
    0 Posts

    Hi Darren-

    I updated my Lumia 925 and my phone has rebooted itself every day this week so far. It didn't used to do this. Has this issue been reported yet?

  • Andy
    1 Posts

    There are many things I could put in the post about what is still missing from WP8, but what I wanted to comment is more to the fact that there is a developers image that I can install on my phone without waiting for AT&T, I just did get GDR2 late last week, and within a week I have release 3, If I had to wait for AT&T no telling how long I would have been waiting for.

    The process for this update was very simple and the install was without incident.

    Here is to hopping that we will see more updates this way and 8.1 will be here soon with some of those needed enhancements, VPN, Gapless playback, notification area, and quick setting access, to name a few.

  • I like the phone(Nokia 920) and because I work in a Microsoft shop I have no plans on switching phones BUT,

    1.) Are there plans in place to add the year to emails? I find it very dificult to find past emails when there is no year present.  Even after opening the email there is no year on the date.  I am stuck with the mundane task of reading emails from the wrong year.  As a project manager, I am constanly referring to original scope emails as to avoid scope creep and with no year present it can become frustrating.

    2.)  An idependent volume control between receiving emails and when my next scheduled meeting rates right up there with putting the year on the emails.  It would be nice to have a low volume tone for emails(I can get to it later if I miss the tone) and high volume for my scheduled meeting(not an option to miss the meeting).

    I agree with Dhilon that you shouldn't loose sight of the enterprise market.



  • sumty
    0 Posts

    kindly add all features available in US version to all global standards, like xbox music, bing music,, etc,......

    also fix the volume issue,, whenever we use headphones and take it out the volume controller doesnt work, showed my handset L920 to nokia centre they say its wp8 issue, and it is indeed , i have that issue in my l720 & l520

    plz add nokia slam (new bluetooth sharing  technology) in lumia, or add wifi direct if the hardware supports it.

    Camera apps like pro cam & smart cam in wp8 is no doubt the best feature that rest OS could offer, but rest minor things also has to be encouraged as the strength of WP8.

    keep up ur good work WP8 team.....

    i have been a nokia fan since i bought my fisrt nokia phone in late 90's and was happy on nokias decision with Lumia series supporting WP8.. plz make us proud by making maximum use of nokias hardware which is the best in any given condition.

    Once a nokia fan, always a nokia fan....

  • lboles
    0 Posts

    Great work with GDR3. As a suggestion to Drive MODE, can you start a user selected application automatically? This way, when I enter in the car, the GPS app or Music app will be started automatically.

  • provide me wid gdr2 first...its showing your phone is up to date now also even when it is available in india...

    really irritating to see that...first of all provide your recent update to everyone and go for the next...gosh..!!

    here are the details of my phone:

    Nokia Lumia520

    accessories agent :

    feedback to nokia :

    firmware update notifier :

    nokia first use experience :

    silent installer :

    sim unlock :

    sms vCard reciever :

    manufacturer name : RM-914_im_mea3_319

    Mobile operator : 000-55

    Configuration id : 169829

    Label ID : 1030.6409.1314.10170

    Application version :

    may be this might be helpful...please help atleast...provide me wid my update...common..plz...

    provide it to all first and go for the next...

    in the hurry don't forget your users....

  • anirugu
    0 Posts

    Microsoft Windows phone team,

    I am not happy with your product and service. I bought a new phone lumia 520 and I found it's totally

    Volume down key stop working.

    Phone restart without anything.

    Too many trouble.

  • opendtv
    0 Posts

    When will apps have unrestricted read/write access to SD card storage? This seems to be the main thing holding back app development. The features that are missing in WP8 would be a lot less painful if we had 3rd party apps filling the gaps. But right now, apps can't do much.

  • Good Job, I will buy my first Windows Phone in the coming weeks (Lumia 1020) and I love the new features of this third update for Windows Phone 8.

    I just have one suggestion, could you please keep cleaning the "Windows Phone Suggestion Box website" and change the status of some of the implemented suggestions to "completed" to make sure people who already voted will be notified and their votes will be returned to them.

    Thank you again for your excellent work.


  • Still no support for Georgian (KA-GE) keyboard( what a shame.

  • What about call log? As there is no option for viewing CALL DURATION

  • Jheany
    0 Posts

    Question. Is this update 3 same with the GDR3 update for Windows Phone devices? I got confuse with these two.

  • This is great. The new 6 tile layout looks incred. You know what I think would work great with Windows Phone? The ability to go landscape with the Start screen. Swiping the tiles across the screen in landscape mode would be awesome and reflect the design language of the Surface and Windows 8 OS...

  • Great news! Thanks a lot for this update.

    But please! Raise the download limit using cellular data connections.... 50MB only is no good for people like me that have fast connections by their carriers. I don't want to use WiFi always. Give us an option!

    Love WP!!!

  • Thanks Guys for the great work!  I must say though that I am VERY disappointed that you guys have not included the most requested option that Windows Phone 8 users have been literally SCREAMING for!  Notification center!  I can't tell you the number of times my phone has "Bink-Bink'ed" at me to let me know I received some notification, however no live tiles show anything and there is no notification center so I have ABSOLUTELY NO WAY of knowing what the Bink-Bink notification was!  There might be a quick notification bubble pop up at the top of the screen for about 10 seconds, but if I'm not at the phone, busy doing something and don't see the bubble pop-up, I'm basically SCREWED!  PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE make this change SOON!  We NEED a notification tile, menu, pop-up, pull-down WHATEVER, just PLEASE give us a way to see our notifications!

  • Please, Windows Phone needs more features faster than you are doing...

    0 Posts

    will it work on my lumia 620?

  • Lord-Y
    0 Posts

    @Darren Laybourn I think some of us have some big questions for you on mobile part. How Microsoft can provide ONLY these features 1 year later?

    When MS released the first version of Windows Phone, everyone said okay, there are some missing functionnality but it should come sooner than rather but anyway the OS is great. Now Windows Phone is 3 years old and there still lot's of missing functionnality like notification etc.

    About Notification, Joe Belfiore said "we ran out of time" so 1 year later .... you still ran out of time?

    Maybe you will said it's because you are working on an unified system but what is the progression status between Windows and Windows Phone and/or Tablets?

    So my next question are:

    - how many developers you have for Windows Phone part?

    - You may not answer this one but is there lot's of turnover in Windows Phone team?

    - Shouldn't be better to release new features every 3 months like attachment in email (I don't think it should take 1 year to be released) ?

    - What will be next features released in next 3 months ( exept Enterprise Part) or shall we wait 1 year again to see anything new?

    Maybe you should have a look again on what we want

    Maybe it will be release this 22nd october ^@_@^ what should be nice !!! but personnaly, I don't think so.

    Waiting for answers ...

  • Dhillon
    0 Posts

    yes Rahul , all devices WP8

  • I have Lumia 625 when will this new update available for me?

  • How exactly can I activate the 3 rows-of-tiles feature? Just got my hands on the GDR3 and it's still the old style.

  • Please give us the ability to attach Docx, XLSX and PDF Files in Email Compose task...

  • oh!,and btw,I know everybody must be asking this but...when does it comes out for Lumia 620?

  • Cons:

    - Lockscreen has a big delay between the button press and the screen wake up.

    - Glance not working?!


    - The animations, the loadings and the whole phone is faster.

    NOKIA Lumia 920

  • wpmac
    0 Posts

    Hm, and missed the oportunity to implement real (not alone scroogle) caldav support. This will sooner or later let me switch to another platform. Too bad!

  • Hi everyone. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts.The team is always eager to hear what's on your mind. Here are some answers to your questions:

    @Dhillon Thanks for the positive feedback. I don’t know if you saw, but we announced an enterprise feature pack that will arrive in the first half of 2014. The pack includes VPN as well as a number of other great enterprise-specific features, detailed here:

    @davenasc: This should answer your question:

    @mog0: With Driving Mode, we've made turning it on and off automatic. You do need to go through a one-time setup process, but once set up with a Bluetooth device, your phone will automatically be put into Driving Mode when you pair with that device. You can still use your phone if you want, but the feature is designed to protect you from unwanted notifications and distractions when you're driving.

    @BillyPadgett: Great! As for your question, yes, the new wider Start screen is something you’ll see on future devices with bigger high-def 1080p screens.

    @Basileus:  I hope it works, too. We put a LOT of work into improving our Bluetooth stack in Update 3 and have made significant process on getting more and better coverage.

    @Michael: Our goal for this first release of the feature was to provide a consistent way for you to automatically enable Driving Mode functionality. Rather than use an algorithm that detects when you're in a moving car, we decided to opt for going into Driving Mode when you pair with your car kit or the Bluetooth accessory you use when behind the wheel.This strategy has some great benefits: for starters, you don’t automatically go into Driving Mode when you're riding with someone else in their car. Also, if you're stuck in traffic and temporarily stop moving, you remain in Driving Mode. If you use the same Bluetooth device both inside and outside your car, you would have to manually enable and disable the feature.

  • Oh Great! Now the only "useful" feature of the update that gave the close button placed it on the right side of the tile. Are you guys seriously telling me that no one in Microsoft cares about left-handed people? And then you talk about accessibility!

  • It might be a big updates for OEMs want to release higher configuration phones. But as a proud owner of Lumia 920 my proudness feels defeated. As disappointed as I can be. 1 close button is all that this update delivered for me. Feeling ashamed right now and hoping to regain my proud back with BitterSweet Shimmer. Help Nokia Help!

  • Great!,im glad to see that the OS keeps going foward,reaching out the competition,silly me,because the feature im most excited for is the "lock rotation" feature :P,and im interested to see what the "better storage management" means,because I do tend to have problems with the lack of space in my phone,hehe

  • Good NEWS for many features but for the "Easily close apps" feature, I thinks it not easy enough if using the 'X' button. It should be replaced by "swipe-to-close" behaviour. Imagine that you have the 5 inches WP on a hand and which is the easiest way to close the App between 'X' button and "swipe-to-close"?

  • A bit concerned about reviews I'm seeing that describe "Mobile Accessibility Mode".  I was under the impression that the screen reader was built into the OS and that it made no modifications to the home screen when run on its own.  Further, I assumed that any apps that didn't work with the screen reader didn't have UI Automation or similar API properly implemented.  The review I'd read on CNET describes it as a "simplified home screen, an IMAP email client, a phone dialer, tiles with 'voice readout' (that description is often the mark of someone who's not familliar with what they're reviewing), and special versions of Lync and Skype".  No Exchange support?  No Windows Phone store?  More importantly, if I write an app for Windows Phone, and rely on the screen reader, can I deploy and test said app?  NB: Am totally willing to accept that the CNET review shot wide of the mark on this.  Am reluctant to spend $400 to "upgrade" to the equivalent of a feature phone though.

  • Seriously Windows Phone Team: This update is a joke. I know you might delete my post but I would still like you guys to read it before you delete this from comments.

    WP is being touted as an OS for business. But How?? When you cannot even attach documents stored on SD card through mail? When you cannot edit the mail while forwarding it? Seriously WP will become a bigger joke when business comes to know about this.

    Being a developer myself I have explored the possibility of developing apps for WP myself, since there are less users and I though I could have better visibility. But the OS is so crippled in terms of API's compared to Android that I simply had to give up. No ability to share videos from file system? Seriously ? Are we in 2013 or 2003?

    As I said, I understanding tombstoning concept of WP8 and I understand that pressing home button just tombstones the apps. What is the added advantage the closing apps is going to give in terms of RAM? Rotation lock is just meh since I dont need it. Driving mode needs bluetooth to activate.. but why??  There you go with that stupid requirement you have killed anathor awesome feature just like you killed Kids corner with stupid requirement to have password & autoreduction of volume down to level 13 when we step into Kids corner.

    The real enhancement for me would have been ability to set some backgrounds textures for my start screen and volume profiles. But seriously WP team are you guys so incapable and dumb to see these features no essential and pushing GDR3 as a major milestone??

  • dalydose
    11 Posts

    I can honestly say that I'm excited about this update. The biggest single "feature" to me is the preview program. That is huge and plays to the part of your customer base that influences other potential buyers.  

    CONFESSION: My biggest "win" is having Morse Code for "text" as my text indicator.  Yes, I'm a simple man who is easily pleased! :)

  • Hey Microsoft, are you listening? Every single person who asks 'Oh a windows phone, whats it like?' when they see mine hears, AT LENGTH, about how broken the phone is for business purposes due to the inability to add multiple email attachments in reply to a client query.

    They hear AT LENGTH about how if they want a phone which is good for sending pics of yourself and social networking then WP8 is no worse than Android/iOS, but if you want an actual business tool then buy an Android. Every single person who asks me about my WP hears about how they should buy an Android phone unless they are a hormonal teenager or an id10T in which case they should probably just go with iOS.

    Who exactly was this OS made for? I'm so upset by this fail that I am seriously considering moving to ChromeOS on the desktop in protest and will definately never ever buy another WP.

  • Necroman
    18 Posts

    Nice updates, but it's still not possible to update the Me tile in Landscape mode, note this was working in WP7 but somehow only portrait mode is supported in WP8 when writing the status.

  • Michael
    1 Posts

    Now that I'm using this new update, why does it take a Bluetooth device to activate the driving mode function?  

  • Whoa! loads of feature goin for a dive in this update, just wanna hear one more thing that MS is working on good video players or option for video codecs to support most video formats which android and iphone users get.

  • Lord-Y
    0 Posts

    I think you guys from Microsoft have to see this video:

    This is what we all want so when can you provide this kind of awesome OS? That will be great and be sure all people will buy a Windows Phone or develop apps for Windows Phone.

  • Korn1699
    114 Posts

    Is there EVER going to be a fix for the "other storage" issue???  My 920 has had around 7GB of "other storage" with GDR1, GDR2, and now GDR3.  When I look in the new storage manager, it is just short that amount from the total used.  If I use the Nokia tools, it still shows 6.9GB of "other storage".  I don't want to have to do a reset because I will lose a few games/apps that I paid for and won't be able to reinstall because they were pulled from the store.  I wish the phone store were like the Steam store, where you can redownload EVERYTHING you paid for, whether it was pulled or not.  It is just really annoying to only be able to use 3/4 of the space on my phone, and the only option I know of to fix it will cause me to lose a lot of apps that I paid for.

  • Hope the bluetooth improves. NEITHER of my WP (Lumia 800 & HTC 8x) actually WORK

  • Today we saw the GDR3 update preview...great news, everybody loves updates.

    We also see some Nokia's efforts to gain the business market today, even post a diagram comparing their features to other OS.

    But let's be honest, how can gain business market if you can attach files inside the e-mail app? You can only attach one. You can't reply with attachments. You can't send videos ou audio files. Even applications like Whatsapp (That yes, some use for business) I can't even send a movie (presentation) from my library.

    How can we gain business market if we do not suppor vpn.

    How can MS can even think on that, missing such basic features?

    Maps? iOS and Android has free offline maps services.

    Office? Google gave Quickoffice free for android and iOS. I have to mention that gmail app is so nice, that you can do everything inside that app.

    Really missing opportunities with really poor job. On Business MS will remain good as long Office is still a great thing on our phones, but Quickoffice (free) is growing and we Still lack simple features.

  • Does it have the back and forward button for internet explorer. if not, it is really bad that such a important feature of a browser is missing when other phones have browsers which do lot more like back and forward through swiping too.

  • SKLee
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    If Xbox Music still does not improve in metadata display and interface, I will flip out.

  • try to devolop MOVE  option for moving pics and music to folders

  • Installed nice update. was really looking forward to the 3rd column on my 920 but I guess we have to have a larger screen phone for that to be enabled. Is it a 1080p only feature? oh well at least the 1520 isn't to far away.

  • I'd like to echo the sentiments about AT&T (and other carriers) dragging their feet on updates. You do have to work on this, so that customers (not just developers and enthusiasts) know what's coming and that it IS coming.

    Also, posts like this should happen far more frequently. Keep the information flowing! :)

  • i just had the update installed, and i guess it still has issues deleting temporary files. It just doesn't work.

  • And im still waiting Telecom Argentina to release GDR2 :(

  • Hawk
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    Looks cool but I'm sure all of us AT&T customers won't see it for another 3 or 4 months knowing GDR2 was FINALLY released last week!  MS dudes...if you want that market share here in the US to grow, you gotta do something about AT&T dragging their arses with updates.  

  • Thank You for great WP Preview Program. You are awesome!

  • Love it! Cant wait till its rolled out.

  • tom5
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    Your support for the Snapdragon 800 is announced at least 6 months late. Compare this to other platforms that have 800-based devices already on the market.

    WP still lacks basic functionality like proper multitasking, I can't even see my battery or network status all the time because someone at Microsoft decided this is not important data so may be setup to auto-hide. I think you are the reason we see Lumia 1020 released with a year old SoC - just because there was no support for newer hardware in the OS.

    I really hope WP development will be faster than it is now because you have great devices like Lumias, unfortunately many current Android users still don't find WP powerful enough and power-user friendly enough. Hope it'll change soon.

  • Sounds great. But I was hoping that a notification center might be included.Any chance for that?

  • kyorin
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    The one and only app I miss from my Android days is Swype. I would love to see something similar to this on WP8 as it was by far the best way of entering text on small screen. Tapping to input text is not ideal and is also slower as well.

  • arg0
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    Happy to see GDR3 starts rolling out: custom notification tones were surely overdue. I missed too many reminders because of the short and not repeating reminder sound!

    I'd have suggested you to spare the sentence "We believe this is because we continue to advance the platform at a rapid pace." for WP8.1. In any case, I'm glad to see market share of WP is growing. Hope Microsoft can boost US market share as well.

  • Luigi
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    Fantastic news about the upcoming GDR3 updates. I am already enjoying the GDR2 updates in my TMobile Lumia 925 and love the whole hardware/software package. Do we really have to wait "several months" for GDR3, though? I thought that the Dubai event on 10/22 was the launch date for this 3rd round of updates and now I find out that we are several months away from it? C'mon, it cannot be true!!!!

  • MRM
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    i cant believe it took MS so long to add Rotation Lock. i wish you added toggles as well. so like a tile would function as a toggle. so you would cut an extra step to turning on and off things like rotation lock or wifi etc

  • Brandon
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    Wow, what an awesome day and time in WP's history and future! So excited to be able to participate in this.

    I can't help but say, however, that I am really disappointed that there is no new API functionality. STILL not having a video picker (to choose users' videos from their camera roll/photo albums) is very, very disappointing. Please add this.

  • Great Job! Posting the GDR3 information is a great move. This eliminates guesses and inaccurate speculation. I am very happy with my WP8 Nokia 928. This should keep us happy until WP8.1 (Blue) and the inevitable merge of Windows RT and WP OS.

  • tribexx
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    Good to hear about the upcoming update. Nice that it handles 1080p, but bad because I can't rent movies! I would also like, now with the new resolution, for you to add a second row of notification tiles on the lock screen.

    Keep up the work...

  • Have you seen the update mockup Christian Del Rosario prepared with PowerPoint. Some of the features are included in update 3.

    Thanks for all your hard work making Windows Phone 8 a useable and competitive platform.

  • Thank you, thank you for finally offering an "early-adopter" program! It's been a long time coming for many of us, and it is appreciated.

  • This is pretty nice for what should seem like a "medium" size update. Just one question: You had orientation lock in the pre-release version of WP7 (build 7003). I remember I had it on my LG Panther. Why was it removed in the first place?

  • mog0
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    Driving mode and orientation lock just seem like they're begging for some quick access method to turn them on / off along with airplane mode / wifi / bluetooth. Is this coming with the next update? Currently they look like they'll be clunky to turn on /off.

  • Please add Debit Card Option developer :(

  • jhp2025
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    Very disappointed OS!

    Stupid and Silly!


    What an annoying thing!

    Bought a pair of Windows Phone and just gave it away to some one else!

    Android give me more freedom in doing things!

  • Hi guys! tks for all! i have a Lumia 720 and it's developer-unlocked, when I will have the update? some applications of my group that uses new functions need to be tested! thanks!

  • You advertise your eco system, yet still no xbox movies on wp8, when is this massive blunder going to be solved. The OS has by far the best UI and the extra column of medium tiles will make it even better. But its still a fairly basic OS with a lot of missing parts.  Can only hope wp8.1 comes out just as fast as gdr3 and adds even more missing parts.

    Also is there a list of all the under the hood changes?

  • I have a Lumia 920 since a week and I know why your marketshare is growing so quickly. Simply, because the OS, while being new and not 100% perfect, is very stable, much faster with lighter hardware, more user-friendly than Android or iOS, and quite impressive overall.

    I'm a vivid Android-user and most my friend use iOS and I switched to the Lumia, because of its magnificent camera. I can honestly say I'm never going back to Android.

    One question: how about the notorious Facebook-chat bug? Will that be fixed in GDR3? I was able to use it for two whole days before I started getting the 'Can't connect to chat'-error all the time. I tried everything, it's unfixable.