Instagram isn’t the only great app coming to Windows Phone. Here’s the full list from Nokia World

Instagram isn’t the only great app coming to Windows Phone. Here’s the full list from Nokia World

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News of an official Instagram app—not to mention two new Lumias and Nokia’s first-ever Windows tablet—will undoubtedly dominate headlines out of Nokia World in Abu Dhabi today.

But Instagram is just one in a long list of great apps and games for Windows Phone 8 in the pipeline that were talked about today. Other highlights include Xbox Video, FIFA 14, Temple Run 2, and new games from Ubisoft.

Here’s the rundown:



Scan, sync, edit, share and manage your documents. Coming soon


The official ESPN F1 app for Windows Phone brings you the best Formula One coverage across the globe, delivered in English, French and Spanish. The app provide news, features, live race commentary, and detailed information about teams, drivers, and circuits. Coming soon


InstagramforWPhome1 (2)

The wait’s almost over. The mega popular photo and video sharing app will be coming to Windows Phone “in the coming weeks,” said Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom. "We're looking forward to watching the Windows Phone community use Instagram to capture and share beautiful moments." Coming soon


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The easiest finger writing app for taking notes, writing memos and making annotations. Keep all your work, school and personal to-do notes organized with this simple-to-use note taking app. Available now

Nokia Camera

By merging two of its most powerful and popular stand-alone photo apps—Pro Camera and Smart Camera—Nokia makes it easier than ever to shoot and adjust photos, or create amazing motion shots and videos. Coming soon

Nokia Storyteller


Relive your memories in a dynamic and interactive way. Storyteller integrates your pictures with HERE location information, then plots the chronological picture journey on a map. Video, animated Cinemagraphs, and burst shots make your experiences come to life. Coming soon


A natural handwriting note-taking app that you use just like paper, Papyrus lets you take notes with a stylus or your finger. Select, move, resize, cut, copy and paste your handwriting, and even edit the color and thickness of your writing. Coming soon

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Share high-res photos with friends and family between a variety of devices. will soon also offer this feature for documents. Available now


Create and share multiple custom Instagram photo feeds with Windows Phone 8. Instagram account holders can Like and Comment on Instagram photos directly from PicFeed. Easily discover new content through feeds pre-loaded with some of the best photos on Instagram. Coming soon


Manage and share your videos, music, and photos across Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android devices, and any smart TV. Coming soon

Smart Resize


Forget cropping and resizing your photos yourself. Smart Resize can analyze and images and decide what’s important and what’s not, automatically cropping the visual clutter. Available now


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Now redesigned for the 6-inch display on the new Nokia Lumia 1520. Pick from a variety of beautiful new filter packs and weave in HERE location information, Wikipedia commentary—or even your own notes—using the new template-driven user interface. Available now

Xbox Video

Easy access to a massive library of the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows. The Xbox Video app for Windows Phone lets you buy or rent your favorite movies and shows, and watch them across any supported device. Only Windows Phone customers will be enjoying Xbox Video on their phones this holiday season. Coming soon


Capture and share your short video loops with friends. Coming soon

Vyclone Pro

The new and improved Vyclone Pro video collaboration app is designed to take advantage of the 1080p screen on the Lumia 1520, sporting an updated user interface that lets you record and upload videos from anywhere, plus select from three exclusive video filters. Coming soon


Asphalt 8: Airborne


Drive 47 high-performance vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette and more on 9 challenging tracks. Optimized to run on the full HD displays of the new Lumia 1520. Coming soon

Danger Dash

Are you a real adventurer? Prove it in this endless runner that challenges you to dodge tigers and collect coins as Chuck Ace, adventure lass Miranda Rose, or the brawny Blowing Wind. Coming soon


Feel the excitement of every pass, strike, and tackle in FIFA 14 from EA Sports. Features more than 30 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players—from the English Premiership and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond. Coming soon

My Talking Tom

Adopt your very own baby Tom. Feed him, play with him and nurture him from a cute kitten to a fully-grown Tom cat. Coming soon

Rabbids Big Bang

Ubisoft’s famous Rabbids have blasted off into space. Pilot a Rabbid using your jetpack’s boost and the gravity of surrounding planets to collect coins and avoiding obstacles in each stage. Coming soon

Rail Rush

This epic game, from the makers of iStunt2 and Gravity Guy, is exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones for three months. Step into your cart and start collecting precious gold nuggets and gems while accelerate down insanely fast rails and avoiding the obstacles and other surprises along the way. Available now

Rayman Fiesta Run

Adventure and surprises await as you race through a tasty environment made of food and cooking supplies. Coming soon

Temple Run 2

The sequel to the smash hit endless runner that took the world by storm. Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you make it? Coming soon

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  • Any specific date for Instagram release?

  • faster i need instagram in my lumia!!!!!!

  • so you are gonna launch temple run 2 when ios and android are gonna launch temple run 3

  • We want WatchESPN App......!!!!!

  • We need ESPNWATCH....come on guys....bring it!!!

  • ladanna
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    Please, please, please  please bring candy crush saga

  • i love windows phone :)

  • what about subway surfers ?

  • A dj mixing app will be great

  • SNAPCHAT c'mon guys, some better web browsers (Firefox, chrome, etc), and keep innovating the OS also, tiles are awesome, but take a page from windows 8.1 and allow a background being them, i really enjoy alot of the newer features that came with it, a windows phone 8.1 (ish) would be really cool just saying.

  • I would love to see these apps on my Windows phone, one Since I am live in Seattle, Starbucks a actually app, I ride the bus system here in Seattle Orca card, Table project.

    I would also like better advertising for phone, android's phone seem to be way to hard to learn for the average user. And the only reason there ahead of Windows Phone was you were slow getting back into  the game. Now that you back forget about Apple and more to the android's phone. Windows are much easier to use, and more secure focus on those things.  I talk to a lot of people who left windows to android's the main reason no Apps. Microsoft has lots of money to move in.  

  • Thanks

    And also we need Opendoor and  YAHOO MESSENGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Still needs  a video downloader that save videos in video library...and please make some free Good games

  • Cak3
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    For Instagram, I have always used 6tag, since it worked better than Instance or any other 3rd party app. But it's great to know that us Windows Phone users are getting official support. As for the fact that more apps are being released and the Windows Phone is getting more support, I'm glad that it is growing, and over time it might reach a point where it can even attract hardcore iOS and Android users. I'm interested to see how all of this unfolds. Anyways, keep up the work Microsoft!

  • What about pheed??

    I Love Windows Phone 8, tnQ Microsoft

  • Krunal
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    Satisfied by Windows Phone..!!

  • goda
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    google chrome , opera mini ,fire fox and some cool games like sub way surfuce apps like BBM

  • A date for release. Will it work for Nokia Lumia 520? Bring candy crush saga and bitstrips. Keep up with google and apple please.

  • Snapchat and bbm also some good decent games and maybe free :)

  • goda
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    also we need google chrome , opera mini ,fire fox and some cool games like sub way surfuce apps like BBM

  • And also we need google chrome , opera mini and some cool games

  • BBM  

    Whatsapp update

  • Well , We want candy crush , subway and weheartit

  • For everyone talking about snapchat. Download the AP swapchat! It works perfectly. I use it all the time!

  • I have the snapchat (unofficial) app, but it won't even open. I've repeatedly tried to make an account, but everytime I try it just shuts down on me. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled and it still won't work. Real snapchat please.

  • FOR ALL OF YOU ASKING FOE SNAPCHat:    There is an app on the store called snapchat (unofficial) although it is not as good as the actual snapchat it will work with other apple and android users.

    when sending snaps you will sometimes receive an error that says "network failure" but if you just resend the snap it will usually work

  • alieh
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    YAHOO MESSENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Moya_33
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    SNAPCHAT!!!!!! Please I'm tired of using my iPod and having to be connected to WiFi to use it

  • facebook messenger, mx player

  • dco1993
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    Temple Run 2 and Asphalt is great, but i like Dungeon Hunter a lot and i love The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but Instagram (finally i can stop to use Instance) is very good.


  • SNAPCHAT. SNAPCHAT. SNAPCHAT. Please, I snapchat more than I text, but I have to use my terrible iPod 4 camera. I want to use the amazing camera on this phone! Snapchat. Make it happen or, so help me, I will buy an iPhone. Don't make me do it.

  • SNAPCHAAT AND CANDY CRUSH !!!! pleaseee come on

  • fun run needs to be here

  • Please make snapchat for windows phone also. Come on stop being so late on these apps. i love windows 8 but i might be switching to iphone because of the app problem with microsoft. please change my mind, im looking forward to it

  • I know my kids will be happy about Vine and Instagram. Rail rush is a fun game to pass the time with and of course the nokia pro cam is an excellent choice for those that care about a quality pic.

  • As for snapchat, there is an app on the store called snapchat (unofficial) although it is not nearly as good as the actual snapchat it will work with other apple and android users

  • Snapchat is necessary!!

    snapchat please!!

  • When is the update coming anyone know ??

  • Please make any VPN app like hotspot shield and BBM and additional user interface instead of metro as well app that will allow me to have back ground behind life tiles , thanks to Nokia for all the support for instagram we use 6tag and its amazing app no need for instageam anymore :)

  • Hozae
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    Minecraft Please it will complete windows

  • goda
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    Where is google chrome, opera mini and Firefox web browsers? Pls answer me.                                

    Where is subway?                            

  • Yet it never has any new apps

  • Bitstrips. It seems all the new apps are only for android and iPhone. Windows has a huge fan base yet

  • Snapchat snapchat snapchat snapchat

    Fun run fun run

  • For those that want MS / Nokia to please work with  to deliver  please direct some of your passion to those app providers.  My suspicion is that the Wp8 evangelists ARE working with those 3rd parties. More likely the 3rd parties aren't shifting their development resources to WP8 apps.

  • Still no snapchat? Are you kidding me???

  • Adding Instagram will do wonders for the platform. I personally know quite a few people who've all mentioned lack of Instagram when discussing the attractiveness of WP8. It'll definitely add sexy points.

  • Sure wish Windows Phone would accommodate the Square Credit Card processing app.  When is this going to happen, hopefully soon!

  • AsH83
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    if MS did not push for instagram to WP7.8 then they should say good bye to one of their first customers who trusted them at the launch of WP.

  • You know what would be better than new apps? Fixing existing, built-in apps. Xbox Music is still a complete load of garbage, the calendar still doesn't have week view, email still doesn't have sweep features, and the list goes on.

    I'm starting to wish I went with Android - at least Google updates their own apps on a regular basis.

  • damaker
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    Good news. I'm looking forward to Instagram, Vine and Fifa14.

    But does somebody know something about snapchat?

    Thank you in advance

  • If you want an app on WP that isn't currently available then join the push. Email and call the developers and tell them you want WP support for their apps. Email them everyday. Make them realize that they have a sizeable number of people on the WP platform who want their apps. Microsoft can try to negotiate with the devs, but hearing directly from their consumer base could be what is needed to push them over the edge and actually start supporting our platform. Be vocal! Be persistent! We can be involved in bettering the platform and pushing it to the level that it deserves to be.

  • Candy Crush Saga needed

  • scabys
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    Flash player? BSPLAYER? come on can do more...instagram?we need a small pc...not intragram.I can t watch a movie on my lumia phone now.I m nokia and Microsoft fan but hurry up with apps

  • Hope Temple Run 2 will be free!!!

  • Ivan18
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    Windows Phone 7.x DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • You Guys Should Add The WWE App ! Please ?

  • Please get candy crush on Nokia lumia i love my phone but its not complete without it.if you had that along with other apps on android and iphone it would simply be the best phone ever but untill then its not even close

  • na espera !!! meu Lumia 1020 vai ficar show !!!

  • Much awaiting for the Instagram. Instance app never compete with original. Make it soon  

  • bayanii
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    Nice. You know what's pretty funny. Instagram became available after the ios update. After the fact they made their ios look more "modern". Its still a tough road for windows, but i still support Windows and Nokia. I agree with Colby on the third person parties. It would be nice if windows phone sync seamlessly with those companies. I know you sob are working hard on it. I'm chillin. I love my phone. In the end, its just a phone.

  • Amazing list of apps! Also inline with comments by Microsoft and Nokia regarding all major apps making it to Windows Phone by the year end.

    We will surely have a lot more apps coming on board during the holiday season!

  • Deneen
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    Great news but Windows phones will need much improvements in order to compete with I-Phones/Androids. Windows phones should have the same downloadable apps as the other phones. Without it, I could see why the other phones are so much more popular. When I finally upgraded to a Windows phone, it was a major improvement from my ancient 'flip' phone but when friends told me about fun apps to download, I was disappointed when I get msgs that says, "This app is not available on your device." Besides Instagram, IMO I would like Bitstrips, Candy Crush, etc. etc. plus many more games and any other popular app that's out there. If Windows phones are going to be around for a while, then upgrades to more apps is a must! Get on with it already!!

  • I want subway surfers too

  • Colby
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    When is MS going to work with 3rd party OEMs to deliver the types of apps that make using a WP useful? I'm tired of all these companies only supporting iPhone and Android:,,,,,, etc., etc., the list goes on-and-on.

    Until MS starts working with these types of companies to provide apps that actually make WP phones useful for more than just making phone calls and playing games they're never going to gain anymore market share. I absolutely LOVE the WP platform and still believe it's the best phone OS out there...but I expected the number of utilitarian apps in the ecosystem to rival the iPhone/Android apps by now and that's just not the case.  It's gotten to the point where I'm going to have to think seriously about switching from WP to Android when my contract is up (and I've used MS mobile phones exclusively since I switched from Palm around 2002).


  • All i want in Microsoft to talk to supercell ad get clash of clans.

  • I just want Instagram, SnapChat, and Candy Crush already.

  • We want yahoo messenger very badly

  • Where is Yahoo! Messenger?????

    Where is the File Manager (Explorer)????

  • caresrg
    5 Posts

    I've been waiting for a Nook app for a long time. Isn't Microsoft buying Nook? Why the wait for an app?

  • Its true.

    Get 100Gb free space with surdoc tru privacy security policy

  • Great News!It's a great period for Windows Phone!

    But please Microsoft and Xbox release more than one game per week so that WP can catch up with its competitors!

  • List looks good but When is Subway Surfer coming to Windows Phone

  • Please tell me Instagram will also run on Windows Phone 7.8 ...

  • Jafaifl
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    great but we need candy crush too ;)

  • Now only if they could work a deal with SnapChat the girlfriend would be pleased.

  • Thank you for all your work. I recently bought a Lumia 1020 and I'm very happy with it. I'm looking forward to see the new Nokia Camera App. Some features are still missing (not very important ones to be honnest) but overall I'm more happy with my new Windows Phone than I was with My Android phone.

  • It's just for WP8?

    I'm user of WP 7.8 and I'm waiting for months!

    Microsoft forgot the WP 7 and 7.8 and their users!

    I'm waiting for some reply if possible.

  • @Alkaseri - Yes, Flipboard is coming to WP. As for the other two, no clue as of yet.

  • @jjbowles - Square has a partnership with Apple so I wouldn't expect to see it on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone anytime soon if ever. However there is a company called Cube that works with Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows Phone and they charge 2.5% per swipe vs Square's 2.75% so you might want to check them out.

  • jjbowles
    43 Posts

    but where is SQUARE?!?!?!?  Grrr....

  • In the preview of this it specified that Vine was only coming to Lumia users. What?! What about us HTC/Samsung owners, are we just left out in the dirt? Or is this a mistake and that's why it's been changed?

    Please set my mind at rest!

  • I am glad instagram will be finally available for wp, any chance of having candy crush, flipboard, pinterest coming to wp soon?

  • Where's Path? Anyway its a pleasure seeing these apps lining up. Hopefully they will be available soon.

  • Absolutely awesome news today! Between the new Lumias and all these apps, it's gonna leave Apple to announce #AnotherBoringiPad.

  • Is Toy Story Mania still coming soon to Windows Phone, as was announced in April 2011?