Official Vine app for Windows Phone 8 is now available

Official Vine app for Windows Phone 8 is now available

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The much-anticipated official Vine app for Windows Phone 8 made its debut this morning.  Download it here

The popularity of Vine, a mobile service for shooting and sharing six-second looping videos, is nothing short of astonishing: In barely a year it’s already amassed more than 40 million registered users. Equally astonishing is just how much meaning and creativity Vine’s community of micro-auteurs has squeezed from the medium. Here’s what I mean:

The new Windows Phone app (screenshots below) looks great and will have you creating videos in no time. The app lets you record using front and rear cameras, then easily preview clips, add comments, and share them to Vine, Twitter (which owns Vine), or Facebook.  The videos you post on Vine appear both on your profile and on the timelines of your followers.

The app includes handy recording features like a viewfinder overlay grid and something Vine calls the “ghost” tool, which make it easier to frame shots and create stop-motion animation (a favorite of many Vine-ographers). You can also use the app to watch popular videos, browse thematic channels, and search for specific clips via keyword or tag.

The Windows Phone version of the app also makes nice use of Live Tiles. When your pin the app to your Start screen you’ll see when followers post a new video. You can also pin individual Vine members and channels as Live Tiles for faster access.

Once you start playing around, it doesn’t take long to understand why Vine is so popular and addictive. It also makes you appreciate the better videos floating around out there. Like composing a clever tweet or haiku, it can take some practice and imagination to make good use of your six seconds. For shooting advice, I recommend checking out these six tips from the Vine team.

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  • Ivan
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    So what? These people (Vine, Instagram, etc.) have been ignoring the WP community for ages and now we're all going to rush to install and rate their apps? I don't think so. Me, I'll stay with apps like 6sec and 6tag who, by the way, have done a wonderful job bringing these services to the WP community.

  • I've been waiting for this. Great!

  • @ Michael & Sergio : Thanks for your help.I will keep you updated if I have any questions

  • Oops. Forgot to include the link to App Studio:

  • @bestnaveen. First, great to have you here and thanks for your support! I love comments like this. Besides the good advice Sergio provided, another good option for getting your feet wet in app building is the new App Studio program. If you play around with it, please let me know what you think. Can't wait to see what you create.

    @Sergio Fernandez: Thanks a ton for taking the time to offer some advice and encouragement!

  • Hello @bestnaveen. I think you'll find everything you need on There's even a video series specifically on how to design apps for the Windows Phone 8 platform. I'm sure if you browse the site you will create some amazing apps. Good luck!

  • @ Michael : I am Naveen from India.  I need some help to understand developers tools. I am following your blogs for more than 2 years,I almost know you all products and used a lot. I am interested to make apps for windows 8 and wp8 platforms. I am not from engineering backgrounds so obviously I am having problems to understand tools is there any one who can help me to understand developer tools in india or any developer communities. I know what you are looking in terms and quality of apps, please help me I am really eager to make apps.

    I work remotely for US Company from India.

    Please let me know if you required any information from me.