Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets better notifications, new Live Tiles

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets better notifications, new Live Tiles

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The team behind the official Facebook app for Windows Phone released a new update today that significantly evolves the app’s notification capabilities, making it easier than ever to stay plugged in.

Improved notifications was the No. 1 request from Facebook power users who test and supply feedback on the beta version of our official app. In response, the team really dug in, adding new chat notifications and new ways to leverage Live Tiles. Version 5.2 highlights include:

  • Redesigned primary Live Tiles. Now you can see what your friends have posted on your wall right from your Start screen. But that’s just the beginning….
  • New secondary Live Tiles. For the first time, you can pin Facebook chat, events, groups, pages, and photo albums to Start. Only on Windows Phone can you see who commented on a photo, what they wrote and which photo they commented on, from you phone’s Start screen Live Tile.
  • More languages. The new update more than doubles the number of supported languages to 50 (up from the current 20). The app now supports all languages currently supported by Windows Phone.

That’s the big stuff—but by no means everything you’ll find in this new release. There are also upgrades to messaging, which now supports stickers and emoticons, plus the de rigueur speed and reliability improvements. What do you think?



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  • wedatz
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    Please,please,please,please,please,please make a facebook messenger for windows 7.x users,we really need one,so please make it happen as soon as posdible,it was my wish from santa too,i love wp

  • lavroha
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    Hello, Michael Srtoh! How you choose which apps to review?

  • Before using beta version notification works. but after the official update in both beta and official app notification not working...

  • Falta ficar mais rápido e mais prático com a atualização automática de envio e recebimento de mensagens.

  • why these apps are not available in India ????

  • Do not forget Windows Phone 7.x users, they also exist.

  • AS147
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    I would also like the social hub integration to be further supported but as there have been no changes in functionality since its inception you have to assume by now MS will not be likely to do anything more with this compelling feature. So my question is as a Facebook Beta user which product has more features, the Beta or this production version?

    I have found the beta gets regular updates but has the odd bug such as not being able to get data when someone wants to join your closed Facebook group and the odd crash on startup.I am ok with the Beta but a comparison table between the two would help inform us so we can make a clearer decision MS.


  • jbeaul
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    On WP8, the only reason to use a FB app is to fill the little gaps in the "Me - Notifications" and "People - What's New" built-in functionality. If I install the app and enable notifications, I end up getting twice as many notifications (not a good thing).

    I realize there are those coming from Androids and iPhones who have to see that there's an up-to-date FB app since that's what they're used to. I'm hoping more time/effort will be put into building out and promoting WP8's built-in social graph hub capabilities. If only those features were able to be updated without requiring an OS update.