Nokia kicks off Lumia Black software update with new features, apps

Nokia kicks off Lumia Black software update with new features, apps

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Lumia Black, Nokia’s latest software update for Lumia models with Windows Phone 8, has begun rolling out around the world, the company said today. The update includes new features, apps, and improvements from both Nokia and Microsoft (covered in more detail here), and will be available first on Lumia 925 and 1020 phones, with other Lumia models to follow.

What’s in it?

The official Nokia Conversations blog today has the full scoop on the new update and even more pretty screenshots. But here’s a brief rundown on some of the goodies Lumia owners can expect:

App Folder. A new Start screen feature for grouping similar apps and settings, making it easier to personalize and organize your phone.


Nokia Glance screen 2.0. Saves you time and taps by keeping important notifications—phone, text, email, calendar, and notifications from apps like Twitter and Facebook—visible at a glance.

Bluetooth LE. Is coming to the entire Windows Phone 8 Lumia range—big news for fans of the Adidas MiCoach Smart Run watch and other Bluetooth LE compatible gadgets.

Nokia Refocus. This magical imaging app lets you capture first and re-focus later, creating sharable interactive photos that have to be seen to be believed. (Requires 1GB RAM or more.)

Nokia Beamer. Beam documents, presentations, and whatever else you like to any HTML5-enabled screen by scanning a QR code. (Requires 1GB RAM or more.)

Nokia Storyteller. Already available on the Lumia 1520 and 2520, the Storyteller app arranges your photos by date and place, and then locates them on an interactive map, to create stories from your snapshots.

Nokia Camera. Combines two of Nokia’s most lauded photography apps—Pro Camera and Smart Camera—into one powerful and easy-to-use package. Already available on Lumia PureView smartphones, the Black update brings it to the rest of Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 lineup.


As you can see, there are lots of goodies in this new update for hardcore shutterbugs. But there’s even more than what I mentioned above. Lumia Black also brings raw DNG support to Lumia 1020 owners. DNG is a lossless imaging format that pros swear by and allows you to be more creative with your images. The update also further refines overall image quality, especially on the Lumia 1020.

How to get it

So that’s what’s in it. Next question you're probably asking is: How do I get it? When the update is available, your phone will let you know (it checks weekly for new updates). As explained on the Windows Phone website, you can also tap Settings>Phone update to check manually.

What are you looking forward to trying out most?

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  • I updated my phone but I still can't change my glance screen to night mode. I have Lumia 520.

  • The new Lumia is awesome!!

  • When is the update available ??

  • jtvfin
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    Black should have brought back the disgarded Bluetooth Profiles; DUN, FTP, GAP, HSP, SAP like was already at a time of Symbian. Lack of those BT profiles can be seen so that I cannot place calls directly from the PC (Phone connected by using a BT), Cannot have Headsets with proper controls for the phone calls (Can be used only for listening to the music, not for the phone calls), Cannot use phone as a fast modem to connect to internet (only possible by sharing a WLAN).

    So get the Lumia's on the level that they deserve to be. If they are made for business, put the business platform on them. Currently working with N8 and Lumia 925, both have lot's of good things, but N8 is still winning in the long run.

  • My phone can't find the update even when I check manually

  • I am able to download the black update but after 100% installation the phone was not restarting automatically to get affected with this update... look like a bug...

  • yes it really sux that features from 10 year old phones are missing and not implemented in newer phones! things that really mattered like profiles and scheduled push email!

  • Lumia 625 is just big for nothing so many apps are not working on it

  • NL520
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    Why not include some useful, if basic, features like moving text messages to custom folders? If there is not already...timed profiles, great for when you're at work! The Nokia 6030 can do this. And that's nearly 10 years old!

  • Why is Bluetooth LE not in GDR3?  Why is there STILL no Bluetooth HID profile?

  • Latest update   yes !! This link to the 920 support page works. Phone now back on and restoring phone to settings before the Black update, if you have issues with the update then follow the link in my previous post

  • I have tried to reset my phone using the following Nokia support page

    My phone is almost dead, I managed to get the exclamation mark on screen and then the start up cogs so it may be promising once battery has a charge.

    Have a go and see if your phone is ok after the factory restore

  • Hi Zedealcantra, looks like you have the same issues that i have with this upgrade, I thought I was on my own, my 920 is now totally dead, will not except a charge, the phone was fine before upgrade, after upgrade it killed the phone, I am going to try and contact Nokia UK and get something sorted as the phone has been rendered useless.

  • just installed the update and only having problems

    everything button i click my phone needs to load and goes back to startpage

    or the screen is black now i cant use my lumia 920

  • Hey,  using HTC 8x when will we get the new features

  • Now i have discovered that my 920 will not except a charge, the phone is dead !

    who do i get in touch with please!

    Not impressed!


    Ian Blackmore

  • I have just installed the Black update onto my Lumia 920, and am not impressed!

    The phone was working fine before update,, I was informed on mobile of new update, so i installed it.

    Following installation and restarting of phone, i am left with a useless phone.

    The phone is constantly on, cant turn it off by using off button, have to press both volume down and off buttons for 10 seconds, the phone restarts back onto merry-go -round of frustration and disappointment.

    The home screen appears to be "locked" into Saturday 18 january 2014 ( date of update ) , now it is Sunday 19 January 2014, I can swipe left from " Home screen " to " Apps ", then go to " Settings ", click on it. " loading " comes on screen for about 10 seconds then reverts back to settings, so i cant go to " About " to reset the phone..

    I am disappointed in this update, the phone is rendered useless, I own the phone, I am not on a contract, so cant get it changed as faulty, the phone was working fine before update so its a software issue !

    Now I do not know where to turn to or who to contact regarding my dilemma, any advice from members or even better from Nokia/ Microsoft would be most grateful

    Thank you and Regards

    Ian Blackmore

  • Its good to see that nokia is really trying to give the consumer what we want but only launching new updates is not important but to see whether the consumer are having access to these updates is also necessary. I owe a lumia device in India which is still running on old version even after the launch of lumia amber update.

  • voldik
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    Download app Nokia Lumia Black

  • A reminder to all.  Microsoft has committed to making updates for 3 years for phones and I believe Nokia is similarly committed.  Unfortunately most of the Mobile Operators are the ones that control you actually getting an update onto your phone.  In my case T-Mobile has chosen not to continue support for the Lumia 810.  I can only be hopeful that Microsoft and Nokia, with their impending merger will find a way to bypass such shenanigans.  As consumers we make significant investments in our smartphones and I find it unconscionable that T-Mobile would choose to abandon their loyal customers in this manner.

  • Наконецто - дождался, интересно вот только что же добавится, так как большинство новых возможностей уже есть

  • osikiri
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    How exactly long does the 'coming soon' mean in the update status page?

  • lets go nokia!!! always goooood....

  • damn lumia black! hpeing to get this soon for my nokia 920,820 here in the us

  • WASD
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    After the Black update I cannot find glance in settings and my bottom three buttons dont lit up in low light. :( Not happy.

  • Is there any particular reason the 822 isn't an available device for this update? It meets all the hardware specs requirements and is only a little a year on the market. I don't like this at all, I started using the Windows Mobile OS back in November of 2012 when the phone was released and I'm already being denied updates when other phones older than mine are getting the update?

    If this is how Microsoft and Nokia are going to treat loyal customers then I can easily switch back to iOS or Android. I switched because I loved the interface, the Xbox Live integration and other features that the competitors cannot match.

    I'm not liking this at all...


    check WINDOWS phone 8.1 new GUI app

  • @nokiaarg  finally   ™ WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 app must download ...

    somebody recommnd me ! try # ; enjoy

  • I'd really be pleased with this if Verizon/Nokia/Microsoft didn't have the update in a still pending status for the Nokia Lumia 928.

  • r_v
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    nokia beamer and nokia camera is the best i think in the update

  • r_v
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    i am eagerly waiting for the black update on my WP8

    thanks to windows for creating such updates for WP..but still i am waiting for many awaited apps not yet on WP but available on other platforms..

  • mec
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    If windows team can't program features and games for 512 Mb ram devices than why they'v sold such devices to millions and millions of innocent people knowing that half of the features wouldn't work.....????

  • Oh man, IE11 does NOT like the Refocus plugin for Facebook at all.

  • Thanks Lumia.....

    awaiting for more updates in future...   :)

  • Okay, App Folder is an app:

  • Awaiting the day when I can have more notification icons on my lock screen

  • Microsoft/Windows, thank you for this update. Looks like it's going to make my Lumia 920 even better. But when will we be able to set a wallpaper as the background in Lumias, I would love to be able to make my Lumia 920 even more unique. Pls include that in the next update. I hope I will be able to do that when I finally get my hands on the Lumia 1520. +I would like to see it in both: the Home screen and the App list. And to be able to set it as one picture for both like the Photos HUB, and one different or the same picture for each side (in case that the picture is a portrait and not a landscape.

  • Sven
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    For the Windows Team (maybe they read this). App Folders would be nice on Windows 8. When I install a desktop app, like Visual Studio, I used to get a folder in the start menu, with Visual Studio and all the support files. Now I get individual files which are alphabetical, or by category, in the all programs screen. It would be nice to group them into one tile/folder on the Start Menu to keep them together and easy to find.

  • Sven
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    @jimbo and anyone else. You have to download App Folder from the Store. It's an app. You create folders within it, which are essentially tile sized, then you can select apps from a list to ads to that folder/tile. You can pin the tile/folder to start (or not). You could just use the App Folder app as a grouping feature by itself.

    You can change the Start screw tiles to all three sizes and icons of the included apps are displayed, up to a point. Seems like four visible for tiny, 6 I think for medium...  Can't put mail accounts in folders. Can put other social network stuff, Facebook, Twitter. Doesn't look like the folder tiles have any live-ness. Waiting for an update on something to see if any numbers show up. Guess I don't have enough friends. ;)

  • AMRooke
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    predsfan4life, the Lumia Black update will include GDR3.  I flashed my ROM a while back to get the AT&T branding off my 920 (and to get the Amber update quicker), and my phone not only has Data Sense (no longer AT&T stripped out of my phone) and free data tethering (AT&T like to charge a bundle for this), and now with a French developer's ROM (even though still with AT&T as my carrier), the Nokia updates page lists Black as "Available - Coming soon", yea!

  • I have a 928, and am anxiously awaiting the update, since Oct. Why so slow on the 928? Especially for Verizon customers, who are relatively new to Windows, and sticking in there, waiting for the technology to catch up with Android, and iPhone.

  • Why, when you go to the product page on the Nokia website, aren't the Verizon phones there? Does Nokia not care about Verizon and their customers? It's really hard to find 928 accessories too. Why is this?

  • The 928 is still waiting for GDR3. Will GDR3 be included in the Black update?

  • jschroedl
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    @tribexx The Nokia Conversations page lists the 928 as waiting for approval in North America. I'm eager to get the update too...

  • tribexx
    8 Posts

    Nokia 928?

    Hopefully with the acquisition of Nokia handheld, MS can do future product launches on all major US carriers at the same time...

  • How do you setup an App Folder?  I can't figure it out for the life of me.

  • I got BLACK on my 1520. Love all the updates, keep up the good work!