Top 4 Windows Phone apps for the Winter Games in Sochi

Top 4 Windows Phone apps for the Winter Games in Sochi

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Let the Games begin. If you’re looking for the best Windows Phone 8 apps for keeping tabs on all the Olympic action and athletes this month in Sochi, here’s my shortlist from the Windows Phone Store.

There’s a pair of official apps from the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, one from the event’s official U.S. broadcaster, NBC, and the all-around superb Bing Sports. Grab them all and you’ll be fully plugged in to whatever’s happening on the slopes, skating rinks, and sled runs.

And for all you weekend and wannabe Olympians, make sure to check out the Store’s winter sports app collection for more must-have downloads for your phone.

Any others you’d recommend? Let us know in a comment.

Sochi 2014 Guide

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Keep up with all the event schedules—even buy tickets and navigate the village grounds—with this free and official guide to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Download it

Sochi 2014 Results

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Once you’ve downloaded the official Sochi guide, you’ll want the official Sochi 2014 Results app to follow the medal races in real time and memorize stats of your favorite athletes. Download it

NBC Sports Live Extra

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NBC is the official broadcaster of the Olympics here in the U.S. As I wrote earlier this week, the NBC Sports Live Extra app will deliver hundreds of hours of live streaming coverage of the 2014 Winter Games, and it’s especially handy if you already have a cable or satellite subscription. Download it

Bing Sports


From Sochi 2014 to the Stanley Cup, Bing Sports makes it easy for you to keep up with all your favorite winter sports and teams. Download it

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  • vita09
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    Suggestions for windows phone:

    Integrate your services more in windows phone. launch xbox video/music on other platforms

    Let apps communicate amongst themselves.

    Lower the price of entry to OEMs and Devs to develop/design windows phones.

    And for users, devices must be equipped in the high-end space with the latest hardware.

    Oh how do we make it for devs, to "code once, deploy everywhere?" obviously bringing the OS's under the NT kernel was a great step, but in terms of app design (mind you i haven't developed for windows, only embedded with qt) is to make the content dependent on PPI/Screen size.

    CSS has already done this, hence why there are many mobile apps that are HTML5/CSS wrappers of websites: dynamic-resolution-dependent-layouts

    Simple, 4-6.5 inches get one design with some info, 7-10 inches get another one with more info displayed, and 10+ gets the default one that devs code on. devs upload to windows store and its available for WP, RT and x86, and in RT/X86 they can be rezised to have heck, "windows". Again, make the os/app intelligent to recognize input method, make speech recognition, touch, gestures, and keyboard/mouse be available to be used as input methods regardless of screen-size (what if i connect a bluetooth keyboard in my 5" phone? or make the window smaller in my tablet?).


    Oh it looks like a chicken and egg catch 22 situation huh? "No users, no apps; no apps no users" kinda like "no investment, no sales; no sales, no investment" Here's the deal, you push devs to build apps regardless; but actually that is NOT the case.

    Windows Phone offers nothing more compelling to iOS  or Android feature wise; so neither developers nor users, no matter how much you bribe them, will not use/develop for the platform.

    The truth is you have not invested enough in WP so that is why you are not even at 5% global!

    WP has a good foundation, but originally you wanted it to be a feature phone so the user would buy a windows tablet. Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed.

    So, you NEED FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, to push development of wp to a feature parity of IOS and android, and then offer x86 features to WP to beat android/iOS. The UI is great, its simple but people want to do more, and control their device as they see fit, downloading and using the content they want. apps will come later as more users see its better than android and iOS.

    Mobile is the future, and we will want to do everything in one device. So give me the features of winRT in wp, and  productive x86 in wp also. and WP should influence x86 also, with this:

    All new programs should be made with the modern environment. Make all the OS windows programs/settings windows even old stuff like the file manager use the new modern design. Allow developers that made x86 apps to port to the new UI Design. Allow the ribbon interface to be used on modern apps.

  • Woww❕❕❕ I haven't been here in a while... Michael, I think it's time you joined us on WPCentral...........

  • But I just want to play curling on my phone.

  • str
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    But why does the Sochi 2014 Results App need "phone identity, owner identity, location services"?!