Facebook Messenger arrives in the Windows Phone Store

Facebook Messenger arrives in the Windows Phone Store

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Last week at Mobile World Congress, it was announced that Facebook Messenger was coming to Windows Phone. And today it’s here! You can now download Facebook Messenger from the Windows Phone Store.

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With Facebook Messenger, you will be able to see who’s online for a private or group chat, send a private message, and bring messages to life with pictures and stickers. You can also share your location so people can know if you are nearby. All your Facebook friends are automatically added to the People Tab for you to get started sending messages but you can also import new contacts too. Download Facebook Messenger today!

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  • - I am not sure I understand the feedback you are giving here. The Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone is a Facebook app, not a Microsoft app. So naturally they are going to require you to sign-in with your Facebook account - not your Microsoft Account - to get access to Facebook.

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    It would be a more complete user experience if users can swipe to navigate between conversations

  • The most affected are Windows Phone 7.x users. Too bad.

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    What is the point of this, Windows Phone 8 proudly announce that we can get Facebook chat status

    settings or post an update with out sign in to our Facebook account. Now we can not use this feature

    with our live account connected with Facebook as Windows Phone 8 suggested. With out fixing this issue

    you gave us a so called new massage app that appears to be used by many people from long time & u think we're foolish enough to think WOW. You have to return our money and time consuming by misleading information which is violated our privacy policy, Windows laughed when Apple iPhone paid back million's of money to their customers recently. I think it's time for you to get serious about the products you sold all around the world and if you don't want to provide what you featured before selling than stop this nonsense. Admit that you don't OR can't provide additional features.

  • Awesome. I love this app

  • This doesn't really make sense - there is a Facebook app - why don't you just make that work in such a way that people want to use it...and this is also redundant with the regular Messaging feature. Why don't you just improve that?

  • Great for Windows phone 8!! What about WP7 ?

  • Yeeeaaahhh!!! this are really nice news for all WP users!!