Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1

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Whew, what a day! What a week! I’ve just gotten off the stage at Build in front of 5,000 of our beloved developers talking about the future of the Windows platform. And now I’m here to tell YOU about the stuff we’ve been working on to delight all our Windows Phone users and fans!

During my time on stage, I went over what’s next for Windows PCs, tablets, and phones with two major updates: Windows Phone 8.1 and the Windows 8.1 Update. Both releases bring a lot of new features for consumers and businesses alike, built from the feedback we’ve heard from customers along the way. We’ve also continued to invest in our partners, enabling lots of great new phones, tablets, laptops and PCs for you to choose from in the months ahead.

Windows 8.1 Update: Focused on Mouse/Keyboard

For PCs and tablets, we’ve made improvements in Windows 8.1 that will noticeably improve the experience when you’re using a PC without a touch-screen. We’ve made commands easier to find with mouse/keyboard, we’ve made switching between apps—especially Windows Store apps—much easier with mouse/keyboard… and we’ve made it easier to find new apps to install.

To learn more about the update to Windows 8.1 for your PC and tablets, head on over to the Windows Experience Blog and read Brandon’s post. What I really want to cover in detail here is…

Windows Phone 8.1: More Personal, Smarter, and even a “World Record Holder”!

If you’re a Windows Phone user, you already know that we set out to create an experience that puts you and the things you care about most front and center. As a result, we believe Windows Phone is the world’s most personal smartphone… and with Windows Phone 8.1, we’ve added a BUNCH of new features that make your smartphone even more a reflection of your personality and desires.

Want to experience it all in one giant demo? Then watch this marathon 15-minute video. Else… read on!

Start screen: Make the Live Tiles Yours

We want your Windows Phone Start screen to genuinely reflect your personality and the people and things you care about—so we are making it even more customizable!

Start_ShadowBox_03_16x9 Start_ShadowBox_03_1080p_116x9

In 2013, we added a third column on devices for 5-inch screen or larger devices, like the Lumia 1520, to enable more stuff to show up on the screen. People really liked this so we are enabling this on all screen sizes in Windows Phone 8.1. Pin away! We’ve also added the ability to customize your Start background with a favorite picture or one of the options we’ve provided, which will make many of the tiles on your Start screen become clear so you can see the background you selected as you scroll up and down.

Lock screen: Lots of new “themes” to choose from!


The Lock screen is the very first thing you – or your friends—see when you grab your phone, and in Windows Phone 8.1 we’re providing a new app that lets you set a wide range of interesting “Lock Screen Themes” which show all kinds of different visuals and animations. Make it yours…

Cortana: Your PERSONAL Digital Assistant

Of everything we’re announcing today, I’m most excited to introduce you to the world’s first truly personal digital assistant, now on Windows Phone. We were inspired by the popular character from Halo who served as a brilliant AI and a deeply personal digital assistant to Master Chief… so we called her Cortana.

Powered by Bing, Cortana is the only digital assistant that gets to know you, builds a relationship that you can trust, and gets better over time by asking questions based on your behavior and checking in with you before she assumes you’re interested in something. She detects and monitors the stuff you care about, looks out for you throughout the day, and helps filter out the noise so you can focus on what matters to you. Cortana will launch shortly here in the U.S. first as a “beta,” and then will launch in the US, the U.K. and China in the second half of 2014 with other countries to follow afterwards into 2015.

Cortana_Home_16x9 Cortana_Collection_Travel03_16x9

In Windows Phone 8.1, you get to Cortana by either a Live Tile on your Start screen or by pressing the search button on your device. This will take you to Cortana Home. To interact with Cortana, you can either speak or type—if you’re in a meeting, just type and Cortana won’t talk out loud. But if you ask her a spoken question, she’ll answer verbally and even carry on a natural conversation.

When you interact with Cortana for the VERY first time, she will start learning things about you... like your name, how to pronounce it, and ask for some personal interests.

Once she’s learned a bit about you, Cortana’s home populates with information that is curated just for you. You’ll see things like flight information she’s found from your email confirmations, weather, the latest news, and even traffic information once she learns your commute routine, such as from work and home.


To develop Cortana, we talked to a number of real personal assistants. One technique these assistants spoke about was keeping track of the interests and preferences of their bosses in a notebook. We thought... what a great idea! So all the stuff Cortana curates for you is stored in Cortana’s Notebook. This information enables Cortana to be proactive and helpful throughout the day. For example, she’ll let me know if my upcoming flight back to Seattle is on time and, if I choose, will even pop-up to recommend what time I should leave for the airport based on traffic. Cortana can also manage your phone when you don’t want to be disturbed by setting quiet hours where she will silence any notifications, in-coming calls, and texts. Cortana understands the “inner circle” of people-closest-to-you, and she can let them break through at any time during quiet hours. And Cortana is the only digital assistant that lets you setup people reminders. You can have Cortana remind you that your buddy owes you $20 the next time you talk to him. And ALL of these interests and preferences are under YOUR CONTROL via Cortana’s notebook.

What’s more, because Cortana is powered by Bing, some of the interests in Cortana’s Notebook will light up on Bing.comwhen you sign in on the web. will give you access to the things Cortana tracks for you, like your weather, stocks, news, and flights.

We’ve also designed Cortana to be able to interact with 3rd Party Appsinstalled on your phone. You can ask Cortana to help you make a video call in Skype, watch a TV show in Hulu Plus, look up a news feed on Facebook or send a tweet using the Twitter app – all of which we demoed during this morning’s keynote.

And finally, Cortana isn’t just a dry computer returning search results. Just as she has in the game Halo, Windows Phone’s Cortana has a bit of personality. But you’ll have to talk to her yourself to see what I mean by that. Or… I bet you’ll be able to find some videos on the web pretty soon to see what I mean.

We think you’re going to really love having Cortana as your personal assistant!

A Whole Slew of New Delighters


Action Center:Live Tiles are a great way to “glance and go,” and now we’ve added Action Center to enable you to see notifications from ANY app – pinned or not—and to give you a customizable way to quickly access the settings you care about most, like Wi-Fi, Flight Mode, Bluetooth and Rotation Lock.


Word Flow Keyboard:The keyboard in Windows Phone is smart enough to learn your writing style and even knows the names of people in your contacts for faster typing. Best of all, our new Word Flow Keyboard lets you glide your fingers over the keys to type INCREDIBLY quickly… a kid was able to BREAK THE OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD previously held by the Swype keyboard on a Samsung Galaxy S4 using Word Flow by 8 seconds!


Skype:The new Skype app for Windows Phone 8.1 brings the best of Skype on a smartphone. It’s integrated with the Phone dialer, so if you’re on a call you can quickly and easily “upgrade” your ordinary phone call to a Skype video call at the tap of a button! And… the new Skype app is designed to work seamlessly with Cortana so you can use Cortana to setup your calls within Skype.


Calendar:The new Calendar has been redesigned to add a new week view which lots of people have been asking for and it has many nice touches—like panning right to get to the next day or week or month! What’s more, it looks a lot like Outlook on your Windows PC… e.g., the weather is integrated at the top – just like in Outlook.


Music, Video, Podcasts: We’ve made a ton of improvements to these experiences, which are now split out as separate apps and all of which can be updated via the Store. In Music, you can edit your playlists and manage your cloud collection really easily and effectively. Video makes it possible to buy or rent videos from Xbox Music, and Podcasts now lets you subscribe to any RSS feed AND provides a Bing-powered podcast search for every country where Windows Phone is available. Oh… and we’ve improved the phone volume control by including separate sliders for your ringer/notifications and for your apps and media. Just the way you asked for it!


People Hub, Email and Accounts: The People Hub has higher-fidelity feeds for your social network content (large photos!) and it connects directly to 3rd-party social networking apps so that you can have easy access to all the full functionality of the 3rd party apps once they are installed. Email now supports S/MIME secure email, and we’ve broadened our support for different account types, now including iCloud.


Photos & Camera:The Photos experience now jumps directly to your most recent photos and shows as collections automatically organized, in a view grouped by date and location. Online photo albums are now supported via app-extensibility, so 3rd parties can plug in their services. In the Camera, we’ve updated the UI and added “burst mode” photography that lets you capture exactly the perfect moment—just like on Windows 8.1.

Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, and Battery Saver:We’ve added a number of features in Windows Phone 8.1 that are designed to help you get the most out of your data allowance, battery life and storage.

DataSense_Overview_16x9 Settings_WifiSense_16x9

Data Sense lets you track how much data usage you use in a given month and will give you a breakdown of usage by app so you can see which app is using the most of your data. As you near your data limit, Data Sense will more aggressively offload data to Wi-Fi and limit cellular usage… and in 8.1 there’s a new “high savings” mode that cranks up the compression of images as you browse the web so you can browse even farther using less data than WP8.

Wi-Fi Sense will automatically connect you to free public hotspots it finds to help you save cellular data. And, if you’d like, you can opt-in to automatically and securely enable your friends and contacts to auto-connect to your home Wi-Fi, so they can use the internet connection at your house without hassling you for the password and typing it in manually. If you turn off Wi-Fi in Wi-Fi Sense, you can have Cortana automatically turn it back on when you reach one of your favorite places as identified in Cortana.


We’re introducing Storage Sense to help you get the most out of the memory and storage on your phone. It will help you manage content you have on an SD memory card if your device supports those. You can also move content – like apps, music, photos – between the storage built in to your device and an SD memory card.


And Battery Saver gives you a clear breakdown of how apps are using your battery so you can make more informed usage decisions. With “automatic mode” enabled, it can dramatically extend your battery life.

Windows and Windows Phone Together

Your Microsoft Account allows Windows and Windows Phone to work together in amazing ways. Windows Phone 8.1 furthers the integration between phone and PC. If you change your theme color, that change will sync across all your Windows devices. If you buy an in-app purchase in some of the newer apps written for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, the purchase works on your phone AND your PC. And other settings like your home Wi-Fi password will also sync.

Ever wanted to project your phone screen onto a PC, TV set or projector? We’ve added support for that as well—connect your Windows Phone to a compatible PC using a USB cable and you can run an application on the PC to show the phone screen. Some of the forthcoming new phones will also support wireless Miracast display to compatible TVs and other devices.

And finally with Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone, you will be able to see all the open tabs you have on all your Windows devices and all your Favorites too. Plus the new Internet Explorer gives you InPrivate browsing, password caching, and a super-handy reading mode.

Great for Business Users and IT Managers

Windows has long been the choice for the enterprise and professionals. Windows Phone fits easily and seamlessly into a corporate ecosystem making it easier to work when you are on the go. Last year, PC Magazine’s readers selected Nokia Lumia/Windows Phones as the Business Choice Award for smartphones by scoring them the highest in end-user satisfaction.

With Windows Phone 8.1, we’re making it even easier for IT professionals to manage devices and for professionals to connect to essential business apps and services with features such as customizable MDM enrollment, support for loads more MDM policies, LOB application & certificate management, S/MIME and VPN support. Stay tuned for a detailed blog post later today on the Windows for your Business Blog that covers all the key features for businesses.

Sounds Great! When Can I Get It? And on which phones?

Windows Phone 8.1 will start rolling out to existing Windows Phone 8 users and will come pre-installed on new phones, including the Lumia 630 and 635 and Lumia 930 announced by Nokia today, in the coming months. If you want to try out Windows Phone 8.1 and you are a registered developer, you can update your phone as part of the Developer Preview Program in the first part of April.

We are very proud of the progress we are making with Windows Phone. Industry analyst IDC proclaimed Windows Phone the fastest growing smartphone platform in 2013, and we think the future is even brighter. At Mobile World Congress, we announced our commitment to growing the number of device partners making Windows Phones, and were proud to welcome nine new partners to the Windows Phone ecosystem. Today we announced two more partners - Prestigio in Europe and Micromax in India – to further ensure that individuals around the world will have access to the amazing experience that only Windows Phone delivers consistently across all price points.

We know we have lots more to do – for developers, for business customers, and for consumers. Today’s announcements at Build were all about taking the next steps – making it easier than ever to build great devices and write great apps for Windows, and enabling a new generation of cool experiences for customers that show the power of designing around people, delivering truly personal computing, and helping us all to get more out of the technology in our lives.

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  • I am using lumia 525

    can i update my O.S to win 8.1

    how will i do it

  • i am using lumia 720. when and how can i update my O.S to windows 8.1

  • When i get Windows Phone 8.1 update, I use Lumia 820 Device.

  • June19
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    My phone is used for talk and text , and an occasional Youtube.  I  Don't do the social media thing  on my phone.  Do little surfing the internet. Sometimes listen to music , but not much.  Don't use a lot of apps.  Don't need such . Although I don't do a lot on the phone , I still prefer a good looking smart smartphone.  I have a Verizon LG G2 and my next one will be a Windows Phone.

  • I have Nokia Lumia 525. Please,make,it happen. I can't,wait any longer for windows 8.1 for my fon and other. And I don't want any lack okay. Hahah

  • I've a lumia 620 no call record option in this device . Problem Sending multimedia sms . MMS settings not available in Pakistan . Please solve it as soon as posible.

  • Mauritz
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    I recently decided to move from Android to Windows Phone as it is becoming more important, as a business owner, that my PC, tab and phone are within the same ecosystem which will ensure that each device sync flawlessly with each other. It is becoming more & more difficult to sync between the different OS as each company is fenching it in order to force consumers to make use of their full set of services.

    Windows main objective is therefor that the Windows ecosystem is the OS of choice and your current objective to have one OS which will work on both PC, Tablet and phone is for me the best option available and if Windows can deliver on their promises but more important listen to their customers request, Microsoft will again be the OS of choice world wide.

    WP8 is a young OS and is behind on apps available. For this reason Windows should get the basics right. The notion that phones are mainly used for socializing and phone calls which then is the centre of smart phones is not entirely correct. A large number of these consumers are also business owners and company workers who all would wish to make use of their phones for business purposes.

    For this reason things like attaching documents straight from e mail, also having direct access to One drive, Dropbox etc. In short my phone to be an extention of my tablet being an extention of my PC.

    Sincerely hope Microsoft will listen.

  • Can't believe we don't have Lumia 1520 in Canada.  What can we do with Windows Phone 8.1 if we don't have this great phone?  Completely disappointed and many others are too.

  • pkrao
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    Please Provide Original Email Editing Before Forward

  • I want to know that is system wide file manager and USB on-the-go added in windows phone 8.1 ? Also in offce is it possible to open excel file protected by password?

  • bl0rq
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    Some of the new stuff is nice, but killing FB integration in messages and crippling it in the me and people hubs as well as calendar kills the thing that made WinPhone different.  Now it is just a me-too android-ish thing with MUCH worse apps.  Also, the new downgraded pictures app is much, much worse than before.  As is the music hub.  Too many steps backwards.

  • Not able to attach office file in mail in lumia phone ....plz do something to solve about this small problem but looking like big...

  • Not able to attach office file in mail....plz do something to solve about this small problem but looking like big...

  • Hola ya he probado a cabalidad Windows Phone 8.1, me gusta funciona muy bien, y sigo pensando en los detalles que ya reporte, ahora, he encontrado lo siguiente:

    1. Al conectar el equipo, para cargar este se plasma, (friza), no toma la carga se debe apagar y dejar que este se encienda solo.

    2. Al conectar a veces se friza y este debe ser reiniciado.

  • i am using lumia 625 will i able to get this update?

  • Videos from music hub can't be shared via Bluetooth please fix it and  Internet explore doesnt support java encrypted page please fix these to.

  • musa141
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    The previous music hub was perfect, don't know why you had to make changes to it. Now I don't listen to music because all songs need to load everytime we open the hub, the swipe to change songs was amazing. I also noticed while using the shuffle option not all songs are played. Most people would agree with me on this. I mean seriously, why change something that was good. Games should be in the games hub and not in the menu, as it makes the menu list very long

  • Saludos: como se llama la aplicación de "temas de bloqueo de pantalla" ???


  • I have wp8 & I thing it's a good WP. however, there's no international Portuguese (Europe) voice, only Brazilian. I leave at Portugal and, of course, I wish I have Portuguese Portugal voice, cause the phone don't recognize my accent, so, I uninstall it. please, do it I, Portuguese from Portugal... Only just a dozen of words... Not a difficult job... Thanks.

  • you must have in action center the posibility of  "DATA  QUICKLY ICON" it´s vey very important

  • @Sanjana u can update after public release u will get patches/Fixes and also firmware no need to fear

  • Does updating my phone as a developer mean I wont be able to access the public version when it comes out later? Or are they same?

  • Si dovrebbe aggiungere il pulsante dei dati mobili nell' action centre ma soprattutto ascoltare youtube in multitasking. Per ultimo di ascoltare la radio fm anche senza auricolari.

  • Phone contact list filter in windows 8 was not there in 8.1.this to be included...

  • To be rectify in 8.1 as of now and add features

    1.Games are not saving in games like windows8..directly saving in app list alphabetical order

    2.Data connectivity icon should be added in notification side along with Bluetooth,wifi,etc

  • 1)internet explorer desktop version not working

    2)when closing tabs in ie it stuck    

    3)many apps lags in wp8.1 (properly worked in wp 8)

    4)stops many times.

    5)game hub- after updating to new version its not showing any are shown in app list

    6)no option for xbox sign in sign out

  • I have updated to 8.1 dev. However, i am not able to sign-in to microsoft account. I keep getting this error - "Cant Connect - we're having trouble signing in. This service isnt available at the moment, pls try again later." How can i solve this issue?


    Microsoft have release lumia 8.1 only preview for the developers for beta testing.

    you can also became a developer if you want the 8.1 now. sign up for microsoft developer which is totally free of cost... and then download the software "preview for developers" from the store and sign in with the developer account which you created before and search update in the phone settings in the tab 'phone update'. first of all the phone will update to preview for developers and then when the update will complete, connect your wifi and again search for update and thats will receive lumia 8.1 update there.

    enjoy its really cool :)

  • Hola estoy probando Windows 8.1 esta bastante interesante luce bien, y opera a lo esperado, solo tengo unos detalles:

    1. Los Juegos no son tomados dentro del HUB de juegos, lo cual implica que se crean accesos directos a ellos en la vista completa de aplicaciones.

    2. La radio fue sacada del HUB de música, ¿no debería estar a dentro?

    3. Presento fallas con las alarmas ya que no se están ejecutando.

    4. En mí Nokia Lumia 625 No he recibido a CORTANA, :'(.

    5. En mí Nokia Lumia 625 No puedo personalizar mi pantalla de bloqueo.

    6. En mí Nokia Lumia 625 No tengo la pantalla Galance, :'(.

  • Feedback to Windows 8.1:

    1. The Games hub every time says loading, dont know for what reason

    2. The bug that makes the screen turn with dark colors on unlocking still exists

    3. The Music hub is slower than before, it works as a third party app rather

    4. Action center does not have option of the data connection

    5. The Facebook integration is now so confusing

    6. Certain settings cannot pinned

    7. Cannot swipe close individual notification in Action center

    8. "Resuming" still exists while mulit-tasking

    9. Please add Audio settings option to the Music hub

    10. FM radio has been separated from music, please put this back

    11. Add purchase and downloading of music and videos

    12. Add Scrolling option to have more than four shortcuts in Action center

    13. 8.1 Update is a battery eating update

    14. The Windows store is scattered and shabbily arranged

    15. There is no way we can stop a particular photo to be uploaded to one drive, as there is no uploading option as earlier

  • is w8.1 contains moving graphics at lock screen?if not why dont you add it


  • itcrack
    0 Posts

    @ Brandon LeBlanc, will Cortana's notebook be backed up as part of the built in WP backup program, that way if you break your phone an get a new one, she doesn't have to relearn?

  • itcrack
    0 Posts

    @Cybdiver I saw some screenshots that you can manually assign DNS settings on a particular WiFI connection (unfortunately it doesn't look like a blanket setting).

  • I really excited for  8.1 update tell me when this update will be released in India I hv 620 can I update my phone in to 8.1 and I hv lil complete pls provide personal lock code for massage,or other app like app store and wallet and provide file manager plz....

  • Hey.... My Phone is not UPDATING to WINDOWS 8.1 I have a LUMIA 720

    can somebody HELP ME :( :(

  • If it possible to save me videos that I was downloads in my phone Lumia 925

  • So excited about the Calendar update! Its about time!! And also glad to see the windows phone gaining speed in the app department as well. As a previous BB user, the decision to roll forward to my windows 1020 rather than choosing the new BB last year was tough. BB offers a great business minded phone. But after 6 months with windows, I feel the love growing. Look forward to the updates listed here!

  • lovewp
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    windows phone 8.1 show percent currently functioning battery  ??? if not ---> wp very bad. feature small but effective for user very big. see more

  • Will LongListSelector be controllable or it will be automatically activated after the download of 45 apps with no way to come back?

  • Is Cortana going to be able to be activated by voice - rather than by pressing a button? You know, like 'Okay Google Now (which is silly)'. I'd like to say 'Cortana', have her respond, then keep listening for questions and commands and responding until I say 'Thank you'. That would be very cool...

  • So when I'm going to be able to update my phone ): need it so badly ASAP

  • Hawk
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    So here's MS announcing an update that most won't see for a few months and it'll be like August for AT&T subscribers.  About time on the calendar but as to everything else, yawn!

  • VVagner
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    I just would like you to create an app or  way to track a tablet with windows rt as with Windows Phone.... Ive got an Asus and i had an incident but if i wouldve had an app for that it wouldve been diferent... Anyway I just love windows and thats why every single device i have uses complaints besides that one.... thanks

  • abuleiz
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    This concept of WP 9 is very cool

  • vieya
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    Joe this is great. But when will you guys be bringing Nokia windows phone to Sprint? I've been waiting two years. It would be nice if you guys could do something about that. At this point I'm ready to give up on windows phone altogether.

  • I'll bet we still can not change the DNS settings

  • Bango!

    A new challenging board game .

    Can you beat computer on first attempt?

    For Windows 8 Devices :

    For windows phone 8:

  • Hola

    Estara  disponible la actualizacion  WP 8.1 para Peru

  • - Windows Phone 8.1 has not yet been released for the Lumia 1020. An update for this device, and others, will roll out in the coming months. Look for more details from us on this in the future.

  • hii my phone is not updating to windows 8.1 i have a lumia 1020

    can somebody help me

  • I can't believe it looks like they are NOT updating the DIALER feature where choices of contacts show up when you type a number or letter... this is my ONLY complaint after being a WP user for over 2 years... NEED to allow for that instead of having to get an app that offers it like rapid dialer... PLEASE UPDATE!!!!

  • thanks for all team to make it. but launch it fast, now we can't wait it

  • Tella
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    Can't wait for the update! My favorite additions are the action center, word flow, lock screen enhancements and new calendar.

  • amit_lp
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    Hi Team,

    Glad to hear WP 8.1, just keen to know if display of " battery percentage" added in this update?

  • 8.1 great ,But what about old windows 7.5 and 7.9 phone user can we updates on 8.1

  • MoWeb
    0 Posts

    Hey guys, thanks for the great update (both in terms of this article, as well as the software itself). A couple of questions though:

    1. As "English (Australia)" has never been part of Windows Phone, and we almost all NEED to use "English (US)" -  because the "English (UK)" recognition of our accents is so poor - will we get access to Cortana sooner than 2015? Will Australia be included along with the UK in the early release (2014)? And is there any way to be part of the US Beta from Australia (as we already use Windows Phone 8's US speech recognition)?

    2. Will the update permit the use of wildcard and/or self-signed certificates as part of an 802.1x/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 WLAN configuration? The current implementation, particularly on the Lumia 920, forces validation of the server certificate via CRL, which prevents these handsets from connecting to our wireless. Very frustrating, considering the Lumia 925s appears to have a different driver and/or implementation that actually works.

  • Hi, any documentation on how will this impact the current speech recognition app-defined actions/tasks behaviour?  I have an app on the pipeline that relies heavily on this (hopefully Cortana won't make it obsolete :p)

  • Its so hard to wait for windows phone 8.1 update. I'm so much excited about Cortana  and other awesome features of new updates.. Windows is the worlds best is system for phone as well as fir PCs..

    is this true that we can install app on SD card in Windows Phone 8.1?????

  • Scrumpy
    0 Posts

    Great that now comes a week view for the calendar. Will there also come categories in calender too? I am waiting therfore since 4 years and use my old HTC HD2 with windows mobile 6.1 because of the for me very important categories.

  • itcrack
    0 Posts

    @ Brandon LeBlanc:  Thanks for responding and taking the feedback for adding Family Safety web filtering to the WP platform.  There are no apps that can help protect your kids online on the WP platform like on other mobile OSes.  Alternately, having the ability to hardcode a DNS server so I can point it to OpenDNS would be a good stopgap.

  • Hello Joe,

    I look forward to the update for my Lumia 925 and my PC.

    Thus, the work with my hardware is even better.

    Microsoft is for me the best system for any hardware and it is with the updates even better.

    Much success!

  • And what about a Bluetooth HID profile?

  • @Wall-swe

    You missed my point.

    My point is that I'd rather have the choice to use Cortana in english (even if I had to type stuff) rather than no choice at all. Because, while I can't use Siri in portuguese, I can in english.

    Also, I'm pretty sure that Microsoft already has the technology in place to do voice recognition in portuguese, because the Microsoft Language Development Center is here in Lisbon and because we already have the World Search app for WP8. And Brasil was one of the first markets to get the Xbox One...

    And how cool would it be when one day I ask Cortana something in english and not only do I get the answer, she also tells me that I can use portuguese now?

  • I am excited about Cortana, but I surprised that it dose not sound like Cortana from the halo games. She sound alot like siri to me. I think if you are gong to advertise a feature such as Cortana it should sound like her. I hope in the future that a update to Cortana will resemble the AI from the game

  • Hi Microsoft!

    Do you have a list of eligible devices for upgrade? Will every device be eligible for upgrade?

    Thank you!

  • Just wonder, can "Cortana" call up without touching the phone physically??

    Example, by using the front facing camera, with a wave of hand over the front camera (something like in Glance setting using the "Peek" function) & "Cortana" is on & respond "Master Chief, anything I can help". :P

  • Joe Belfiore and MS Team congratulations,

    When i watched first video Joe Belfiore, showing what is windows actually, i was amazed and i bought windows phone, i really enjoyed it and i am  awaiting this amazing windows 8.1 update to my phone, thank you folks

  • Microsoft team,

    All these functions look very nice to me. I am especially looking forward to "Cortana", and want to see what "she" could do to assist my dailt life. But I want to ask that does Cortana needs wifi to work??

  • Appreciate the footsteps towards windows phone and windows ecosystem. I take a step back and compare what was not included vs what we have now this year with windows phone.

  • Microsoft team,

    I acknowledge for taking all the views and developing the OS and releasing this; I was spellbound!

    I have no words to describe how I was feeing.

    My main purpose of commenting today is that since 2012, and I am consistently in a thought that I don't know why we all exclude INDIA from your major concern.

    From Bing features to xbox music/videos till cortana, all are perfect but with this you are disappointing the Indian

    technology market and the beloved customers of windows phone at large.

    Allsays, changing the regions will solve it but, hello m living in INDIA.


    1. Bing swipe to search for Movies, videos, news.

    2. Local scout which is most awaited features looking forward to give access in India.

    3. Bing Music search.

    4. Xbox music/video are unfortunately not available in INDIA, but now you are deploying Xbox Music/Videos in

    Windows Phone 8.1 separately what are we going to see.

    5. Skype credits are not available in India.

    I guarantee you, remove all the barriers and/or even if you allow these services to work as per the regional capabilities it will strengthen the OS market and not only that, fortunately it will be one of the dominant to prove your tag line. Again this is not going to give you conspicuous benefit but also inconspicuous benefits.

    People across the world are so tech conscious nowadays and look for the conspicuous benefit but the features you are providing I guess none of the OS is that capable enough. Grand salute to you guys!

    Furthermore, I do agree that everybody eyes are on what you say and because of the regional problems, INDIA is left behind of all the loved features in Windows phone.

    In nutshell, It is my humble request, please provide all the services and allow them to work as per the regional capabilities and secondly, please consider INDIA as one of the focus country in the list of region wise compare to the way you have for USA, UK please. India is also developing! Give us that chance. In fact, let us all prove to be the one of the global village through Cortana!

  • fotisf
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    good W 8.1..end the best phone the nokia lumia 1520

  • rakecs
    0 Posts

    Thanks Brandon. Looking forward to own one.

  • whether win 8.1 update will have a feature to store or install apps on sd card also and whether in 8.1 update the problem with storage i.e., other storage/ temprory memory solved or not?

    please clear that

    and when will win .8.1 update will officially launch for phone

  • onnorh
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    Why does it take so long (1.5 years) for 8.1 to come to into being... only for MS to show off Cortana (not even ready and it lacks countries) and Notification Center (which is missing actionable notification from the demo). The release cadence for WP should be 6-8 months, and not 1,.5 years. I bet if Scott Guthrie was in charge of WP, things would have moved at a faster update cycle. The WP UI is STALE and VERY OLD. Personally, Joe Belfoire has just been too slow for my taste. Metro Ui needs an upgrade bad, but no UI enhancements were shown. The Metro header text are so big it just looks dumb. Who ever came up with this design. The sad part it, there are no new templates to address this and we will continue to see Metro UI with the header text so large that it takes up 1/3 of the screen real estate. The text on the user SMS screen is so large that it cuts off the user name and u have to go back to the SMS list just to view the names as this is where it fits on the screen. This makes no sense. There is no folder to group apps. The "All Apps" list is a huge long list of apps that badly needs a makeover and there was no word on fixing this issue at BUILD. All these things are easy to change, but MS will wait for another two years to address these simple fixes.

  • Hi Team,

    I liked Microsoft's aggressive approach to build the perfect OS for mobile Devices and they are almost there, but the most important and the most essential part for an OS is the Explorer ( File Explorer ) which is MISSING in the Windows Mobile OS. Rearranging the files and the folders is next to impossible using the Phone. We have to connect the Phone to the PC for doing these little things. Its not always possible for every one to connect the Phone to PC. In India every one does not  have PC of their own but they might have a Windows Phone. If these features are included in the Phone OS only then no one have to connect the Phone to the PC quite often. In India we like sharing our stuff using Bluetooth and other media but rearranging them is quite a cumbersome task for us.

    Whatsapp have updated its software to create a separate folder for its own use ( To attach Videos, Pictures, Audio files etc). If the File Explorer was there then there was no need fo that.  

    The key behind the success of the Android OS is the ease of usability and availability of free softwares.  My suggestion to Microsoft Development team will be not to over look the smallest things of the Mobile OS and if possible try to include all the Symbian OS features in the Windows 8.1 OS.

    The Symbian OS was the most successful Mobile OS earlier and all the options were outstanding and easy. Combining those features will increase the user experience and all the users will be happy. I don't know but if any one noticed or not, Android OS Platform was different but features were all like the Symbian OS with different names and attractive new set of Icons and softwares.

    "FREE" this concept was the key behind the  of success  Android OS. Free licence for the Developers to Develop softwares, Free download for Users, in one word the Marketing strategy was awesome.

    Microsoft is also following the same path now and my good wishes are Microsoft, but they need to look at these things first and include all the basic and necessary things in the OS.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Soumin Kumar Saha

    Mob: +919836832378

  • abraz5
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    I suggest the windows phone 8.1 update should add the application of My Mobile ,which gives windows phone users access to files on their phone &SD card. It is similar to My Computer on a Windows desktop

  • We need:

    1. The ability to track/ lock/ erase a phone by SMS - Text a predefined code word to your phone, and it locks itself.

    2. Phone lock down + SOS message (automatically) to predefined numbers if the SIM card is changed.

    3. Notification lights/beeps (user customizable) to alert the user about missed calls, voice mails  etc without having to turn the screen on.

    4. In built voice mail app to divert calls - independent of the network carrier.

    5. Security app - to track a lost phone (like McAfee)

    6. View/ edit/ delete the "Other" in Storage Check

  • What about storage sense? And storing apps on sd-cards, will this be available for Surface 2?

    @CarlitosLx - shill man, Apple still hasn't released siri for non-English speaking Countries.

  • And what about a Bluetooth HID profile?  And USB OTG?

  • Will it sync my app settings and data so I don't lose EVERYTHING when I try out a new phone?

  • My question is will these update for the Nokia Lumia 521? I would love to have some off these?

  • Brandon LeBlanc: I have been working with some really great guys in MS's X-box support for several months on this issue.  I am a huge Nokia and Windows Phone OS fan. I own a Nokia Lumia 900, 920, 1020,1520 and 2520.  Regarding the 1520 specifically, since it has SD storage, will Storage Sense allow 1520 users the ability to download and store MOVIES purchased through X-box Video onto the SD card instead of only the flash drive? Most purchasers of the 1520 only have 16gb of flash storage and this is not enough for the OS system, Apps, and Movies too.  I am lucky in that I have a 32 gb version of the 1520, but I still I have a 64gb SD card that can not store a single movie I purchased (and I would like to purchase more movies from MS!).  I bought this Nokia1520 specifically for the purpose of having a single device for work and play since I live in a remote area of the US where streaming on wifi is not available or fast enough where I travel (Alaska).  Please say yes, the SD card will be able to hold my purchased MOVIES from X-box Video :)  Thanks for all your hard work on the WP platform.  I love all my Nokia Windows phones!  Great, great products, everyone of them.

  • "other countries to follow afterwards into 2015"

    That's a joke, right?

    Why not give *everybody* the choice of using it now, even if in english, rather than no choice at all?

    Because, if current behaviour is anything to go by, we still don't have the news thingy in Bing (even though the Bing News app does have quite a few local news sources, and works just fine), "never" seems like when we'll have Cortana here.

    This is why no one takes your announcements seriously, because everbody knows that whatever it is, it's either half backed or completely unavailable.

    And I'll not even mention podcasts...

  • For lumia 520 will be available?

  • Is this "all" new features? What about a lot of things thta people confirmed last weeks? Like file manager or UTG?

    No one talked about the "Cellular data" on the Action Center, it will exist?

    Can't wait to get my hands on the update =p

    For now... nice job guys!

  • joanev
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    What about the limit of bloutooth device? Any change for more opions? For Nokia Luma there are only a few that will work, for Luma 1520 less then 920.

  • @dev team

    Photos app is now a pivot app with black background. No more beautiful photos app with personal background.

    Please change it back.

  • Majority of WP users are outside US & UK so Microsoft should launch Cortana outside US in top priority if they really care for WP users.

  • Well what about Here drive, Cortana, and the word flow keyboard. We Surface users would love to also get Cortana and the swype keyboard..

  • I have a question in the first place, why the action center does not have a shortcut to the mobile network, secondly why in the music application is missing the slider to scroll through the music, since the application from movies?, thirdly what is not in the application settings of music, for example, "send to", "set", "eq", why?, for me personally, this is the basis, why are only two backgrounds, black and white, and I'm not talking about the so-called carpet under tilesWhat with fast searching for contacts using the numeric keypad, if this is not correct because you praise the fact that this is the most personal smartphone in the world

  • I'm waiting for the Preview for Developer version of Windows Phone. Can you tell me when it will be released? Thanks!

  • HTC
    14 Posts

    US only??? You have got to be kidding... Get this rolled out in Asia and Europe asap.

  • Has Microsoft Added support for Human Interface Device support or USB on the go support for windows phones with this Windows phone 8.1 update ??????????

  • Will it available on nokia lumia 920?

  • - Cortana will be available on Windows Phones (as beta) with Windows Phone 8.1, not the Windows 8.1 Update. See above blog post for more information including availability. Thanks for your comment!

  • Is CORTANA Available on Windows 8.1 desktope version update on April 8 as well ????

    Plz answer it .

    Seriously cant wait to see CORTANA on my phone and talk to her

    Just want it ASAP .

    Plz tell me what date is update comming on windows phone..

  • Can't wait for the update but I was wondering if the new OS will be compatible with SMART WATCHES with is a tech that many are adapting to. THANKS and GREAT JOB

  • - HERE Maps is available for all Windows 8 devices (PCs and tablets) from the Windows Store today. And they announced that HERE Drive+ will be available on all Windows Phones running Windows Phone 8.1:

  • So excited, can't wait for this update to be available to developers. This is practically everything I have ever wanted for my Windows phone. Great work guys. It is easy to see that you guys have been listening to consumers and working hard to get as many of the desired features out to us as possible. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi, I'm very interested in the "project your phone screen onto a PC, TV set or projector". Is this a 2 way interface? I want to be able to control my phone from a touchscreen monitor and vice versa.  I am working on a project to control my windows phone from a touchscreen in my car. Please let me know if this is possible.  Thank you!