A new spin on Angry Birds – play from the Pigs’ perspective in Bad Piggies

A new spin on Angry Birds – play from the Pigs’ perspective in Bad Piggies

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The Pigs are after the Angry Birds’ eggs again—but as usual, nothing is going according to plan. In Bad Piggies, it’s up to you to help them create the ultimate machine to fly, crawl, roll, spin or crash them safely to their destination. Download the game now from the Windows Phone Store for $.99.


With more than 200 levels to play, enjoy your fill of pig-flying, crashing, and exploding. To pass each level, you’ll have to build just the right machine and steer it successfully. It might take multiple attempts to achieve all the objectives for each level, but figuring it out is part of the fun. And once you get three stars on every level, you’ll unlock 36 more puzzles.

“Pig” time fun with Bad Piggies. Get it from the Windows Phone Store today.
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  • Off subject!!!

    First off, Great job with WP8.1!! It is absolutely amazing!!

    Now, please bring back the awesome design of the photo hub. The new hub is just boring and sad compared to the last one. We love the rotating images, asked the beautiful design of WP8.0's photo hub.

    Please bring back the life tile of the XBM hub. We want the cool background images, and cool graphics that used to be there.. The whole XBM app needs serious work as well.....

    We want, and love, WP8.1, but we shouldn't have to sacrifice the things that originally made WP different, and great...

    I can't say that I completely agree with everything that this guy is saying but he does have some great points.