Give Windows Phone 8.1 a try via Windows Phone Preview for Developers

Give Windows Phone 8.1 a try via Windows Phone Preview for Developers

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Today, you can now install Windows Phone 8.1 on your phone through the Windows Phone Preview for Developers and try out a lot of the awesomeness we announced two weeks ago at Build. To do this, follow the instructions here on the Dev Center. I suggest reading the important notes on the instructions page before opting your phone in to receive Windows Phone 8.1. For more details, head on over and read this blog post from Cliff Simpkins.

For developers, we also announced that today the Dev Center is now open for now open for Windows Phone 8.1 and universal Windows app submissions.

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  • Got the update great so far, one comment on the new calendar app: When setting up an appointment the time still displays 1 minute increments. Is there an option to select say 15min e.g. 00, 15, 30, 45?

  • rosh
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    Thank.. I update my phone it is very good and useful

  • So far I love everything about the update.  I do have a request for an enhancement:  It's great that there are now separate volume controls for ringer and for apps.  However, more than once I've turned down my volume before going into a quiet atmosphere, and sure enough, if I get a call - it only vibrates.  Then I open up a game only to have the opening music blasting at full volume.  It would be great if we were given a simple method to silence both volume controls with a single action.

  • AlexY
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    Hi there,

    Just want to share my experience with my first WP phone.  I just bought a Lumia 1020 to replace my old Nokia 808 but I am really disappointed by WP8.1, although the phone got many advance features in it but it is still missing something fundamentally important as a SMART PHONE OS.

    First thing is the Dialer, where is the [search contact as you dial] gone?

    Symbian have this feature, WM also have this feature.  I used to have iPhone and Android phone with me but my primary phone for the last 2 years was the Nokia 808 Belle FP2.  Main reason is both OS is lack of such an important PHONE feature. I just switch to Lumia and realize that this feature is not exist in the latest OS 8.1.  Please include this feather in 8.1 final releases.

    Second - Notification center

    This is even worse than the Belle FP2 Notification center even though it is customable, but it's too little selection to be customized.  It is not even as simple and user friendly as the one Belle FP2 come with.

    Third - Flip to silent

    Come on, it only silent when incoming call, it doesn't do anything to clock alarm.  Oh please, don't blame me that I keep making comparison with the Nokia 808 but the truth is the two year old 808 has better features over the latest WP OS that's what make me disappointed.  My old phone is simply much handier than the new model.

    4th - Flash light

    Again, what a handy tool but where is it? My old 808 come with it, just slide the unlock screen button and hold for 3 sec to turn on the flash light, or by pressing the widget on screen will do the same thing.  ISO also add it recently in their IOS7.

    5th – Copy and Paste function

    Very difficult to manage to use - not precise, not accurate touch and drag motion, I have to try many times to select exactly what I need to copy.  It is as worse as Symbian copy and paste.  Please fix it.

    6th – Live Tiles

    It is definitely new and bright idea but please also create more usable Live Tiles for example like a big clocks, flash light toggle, mirror toggle, Photo wall (widget of Belle FP2, I die for it)

    7th – Audio / Equalizer

    I want to know who the genius is to separate the equalizer from Music player?  Are you thinking of the hi-end home audio system, so you have a cd play, an amplifier, EQUALIZER, speakers all around you basement?  Oh please, this is a mobile device.  No one likes to start the music and leave the page and then go to, System – Audio, for more bass.

    8th – Exchange email

    Oh please, isn’t it a joke or what?  My company is using Exchange2003 (yes, I know it is old but it is stable)  I never have problem with Exchange ActiveSync with any mobile device before – iDevice, Andies, and the old WM…until this WP8.1.  MS product doesn’t work well with MS product.  With the error code, I found the reason is WP8 can’t handle certain mail format so it stop to sync.  Then, how come the mobile devices from other vendors can handle such mail format?  This is really a shame on the WP development team.  I just can’t accept this fact.  I am sorry about whatever I’ve said but this is true.  Hey, don’t ask me to check this with my administrator.  I am the administrator who managing the mobile device for my company.

    9th – FM Transmitter

    Is it very difficult to make one?  There are not every car audio system equipped with Bluetooth and 3.5” audio input but it is surely every car audio system HAS FM radio.  Think about the people who travel with rental car, you expect them to carry their CD albums with them or you want them to feel appreciate that a Nokia phone can let them listen to their own music collection when they travel?

    10th – HDMI port

    Again, is it very difficult to make one?  Please do not assume everyone has a smart TV at home, but surely HDMI port is much more popular.  You know how nice is that you can share pictures and video at your friend’s home on the big screen TV via HDMI.  Please check out this feature on 808 and you will love it.  

    11th – USB OTG

    What’s the matter with you, WP dev team?  Almost all mid to hi-end phone has it.

    Lastly – 3G signal is not stable compare with my old 808 sitting in my office every day, I observe the signal is keep fluctuating.  Sometime it shows No signal for about 10 second.  I never have this problem with all my previous phones in the last 7 year at the same corner in my office but only the last 2 days with 1020.

    With all above low-level flaws plus those mentioned by other folks, how can MS be so proud of the WP8.1?  It is not even catching up the outdated Symbian.  No need to mention of catching up other major competitors in the market.  It is only up to same level of previous IOS3 or Android 2.2.

    I have only used WP for 2days and few hours, my feeling is I can’t accept that a newly invented OS is even poorer/less features than an obsoleted OS.  To the WP team, please go back and take a look of 808 or other Symbian Belle device.  Please make sure the 8.1 release must have all functions and feature that an old Nokia phone has.

  • rosh
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    How can I install win8.1 to my lumia1320

  • Hilvl
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    some people in my website's comment said that update great, but consumes much battery. what is the reason?

  • how i can update my lumia 625 as 8.1

  • when we update lumia 625, because there is so many drawbacks!

  • Hi Microsoft,

    I am loving  the win8.1 OS, however I am still not convinced with the stability of the OS as it's the developers preview software. So I have few questions for you guys..

    1) when will you guys officially release the Win8.1 update worlds wide.

    2) would like to report few bugs with the OS, Wi-Fi is connected however says limited access under "action center" but connects fine to the internet (so the Wi-Fi icon is missing while the Wi-Fi is on)

    3) lags while receiving a call, can't answer at one go, or can't answer at all. But a restart fixes the problem.

    Hope you guys will fix all the above bugs, in the official release of the win8.1 OS. Till then keep working to make this beauty become the best smart OS of all time.

  • Any thoughts about an app to backup and restore Windows Phone 8

  • I love most of the changes, it represents a big improvement. However, a real frustration I have had, that still has seen no change, is the attach mode in email. in the email app you can only attach photos. you need to be able to attach docs, vids, etc

  • kimhoom
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    Thanks for share. i will download and install this game. |

  • musa141
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    I think the music and games app did not require a change.. The games need to be in the games hub and not in the menu, as it makes the menu list too long. As for the music app, it keeps loading music everytime you open the app. Also we could change the song by swiping which was amazingly convenient. Just get these sorted out and you have a winner for sure..

  • PeterQ
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    Answering my own question in part - the Bing visual search for QR codes etc. is now a lens. I didn't see it at first because I had changed my default camera to Nokia camera. With the Microsoft camera it takes three selections to get to it - camera, lens selector, Bing vision lens. Unfortunately, Bing vision is not a pinnable lens like Office lens, Here City Lens, Nokia Refocus, Photosynth, etc. Adding the ability to pin it to start would be very convenient. I have yet to find the music search.

  • I got the update,

    Looking good and faster.

    But in the notifications bar - Wifi shortcut not close/open

    The wifi, it's only a link to the settings.

    Need to add a shortcut to cellular internet.

    Everything else works great!

  • I downloaded the update on my Lumia 925, so far liking it

    It's awesome.

    My only gripe is email cannot attach docs from my OneDrive

    I hope you guys look into it.

  • south01
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    Isn't this a Beta version so there will be bugs, apple have 4 updates after a major update to sort the bugs each time, guy with 1520 just reset after sync with skydrive and windows phone apps,  i have a 1520 its the best phone ive had...

    im waiting for the official released update but you guys are awesome sorting it all out with the beta, nice work.

  • I tried even changing the region, same result

  • I get this strange message when I'm trying to update my 920; We are currently unable to check for updates (80190193)

    I've installed the preview for developers app and registered as a developer. Is there anything I haven't done to get the preview update?

  • Mehdy
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    Consider a place to answer to clients questions. This is the real support.

  • Mehdy
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    I updated my Lumia 1520. The changes are great. But I  don't know how to set up VPN. Which type of VPN is ok for it?

  • No LongListSelector

    More shortcuts in notification +actions

    Immediate deactivation of WiFi on notification +actions

    Ability to select what time my phone will deactivate everything(from WiFi to notifications)

    The new update is a lot of battery consuming

    All games in a hub

    Some videos cannot be voted viewed

  • With this small update to their apps, devs can help their apps make a big impact on new start screen -

  • 1. Registered as developer.

    2. downloaded Preview for Developers

    3. Checked for updates.

    I have checked for updates thrice now and each time an update has been available and installed successfully. But i do not see any updates/new features in the phone (Lumia 520).

    Am i missing something here? or does it take several updates to get installed?

  • I downloaded it on my Lumia 1520 mainly for the thing to see that if project to screen over Wi-Fi works, but for the kind information the project my screen DOES NOT WORK ON LUMIA 1520, IT SHOWS CANNOT CONNECT OVER WIFI PLEASE CONNECT USB, THE 800$ PHONE IS NOT EVEN BETTER THEN SAMSUNG S3 WHICH IS ONLY 399$ , secondly why the hell is music app taking so much of time to load even when I try to load it as soon as the phone starts with no background apps, the thing this update is for developer's I know but have it killed my expectation that it will beat my thought that going to a Nokia phone was really a bad idea over Samsung android OS

  • Typhoon87
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    Please change your though process on killing the Hubs idea at least until the separate apps can be as good as what we have now even though its just okay you cant move us backwards.

    see the posts here:

    Actually this was my favorite as it's really true after you had a cool integrated expierence with zune, ON page 2 of the link above:

     What I don't understand is how a product that was as good as the Zune music experience could disintegrate into the mess that is now XBox Music. Did they fire, kill, and bury the Zune team then delete the code so they could start over entirely with XBox Music? I just don't understand how they ended up here at this point because it is horrid in it's current state.

  • Do not install this if you use your phone for music. The new Xbox music is unusable for many. Literally it cannot be used by many people. The app is very bad, it also uses a lot of battery. It spends almost all its time looking for music on your phone. That can take awhile, than the next time you come in, it starts the whole process over.

  • all of the Huawei W1/W2 devices failed in updating the 8.1, im wondering whose fault on earth? MS or Huawei?

  • tribexx
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    @PeterQ, I agree. As a WPCentral user, they use QR codes everyday. I also use Bing audio often instead of Shazam...not sure who made these decisions.

    Also, I can't find the option to "not use Music from the cloud" when playing music. It used to be in Settings right?

  • PeterQ
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    What happened to Bing visual search and Bing audio search? I use QR and bar codes a lot. Likewise, I'll often use audio search to lookup a piece of music with having to launch Shazam.

  • Yes I do hate the missing integration of Facebook chat! To bad guys! Nobody wants to depend of an app that is ugly enough to not to use it. I'm a little disappointed  

  • abm
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    Microsoft guys please look into this issue:

    I guess its the hottest issue (12+ pages of post), still unresolved for some.

  • Removing Facebook integration from the People hub was an AWFUL move and runs completely counter to the "get in, get out" mantra that was working so well. Simply liking a post now is a bit more cumbersome since we have to wait for the app to open. Other than that and all of my games clogging my app list, this update is awesome.

    @rrabi THANK YOU!!! I was wondering why my battery life was so crappy! Just disabled Asphault 8 and a bunch of other things from running in the background so now I should get back to normal.

  • rrabi
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    Few things that I have noticed.

    After the update, all your apps are enabled by default to run in the background. So you may see the difference in your battery life. The option to disable the app to run in the background has moved. You can see them under BATTER SAVER. Disable the ones that you no longer want to run in the background.

    Microsoft Outlook Exchange connections with local/unsigned certificates will stop working. You have to import the certificate and restart your phone to get them working again.

    Cortana can easily understand my Indian accent.

  • Cortana has to be activated, for those that aren't getting her when you hit the search button. I think I accidentally stumbled on her activation when I went to set Quiet Hours in Settings.

  • dare007
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    no Cortana, Camera App don't work ,Swipe not present, Store have to much lag ,no file explorer ,the IE 11 need some polishing, we have now one more click plus for opening videos on it ,and is not opening videostream  with the new Video App but with older one...notification bar have only four butons,and there is a lot of space for five...ok it is preview ..but need more work, thank you Microsoft for this...

  • Mindi B
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    I've also been noticing with the design of the OS in places, for example the colour picker with accent colours, there's more spacing between screen elements than there was before. It seems to break the Metro design language a little and takes away from the super clean asthetic we've come used to. Doesn't look as good.

    In contrast though, there's also for example in the people hub, better and cleaner use of text which brings in far more efficent use of screen real estate.

    Guys - this build, visually at least, needs further tweaking until it's 100%. It seems a little messy in places, yet more polished in others.

  • I have downloaded the update but I got no Cortana

  • Mindi B
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    Okay I've confirmed it's not just me - there IS a virtual black bezel inside of the display rendering, why guys? It's ugly as hell and a waste of screen real estate. :(

  • Mindi B
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    LOVING the preview so far.

    - Love the new animations and smaller button sizes, better use of real estate on the screen, just looks more polished. Notifcation centre is fantastic!

    - Can we PLEASE have Cortana enabled for countries such as Australia and UK? It's annoying using a workaround such as changing the region to US to be able to play with it.

    - I've noticed only one gripe, but IMO it's a MAJOR one: the start screen rendering has narrowed (I'm on a Lumia 1520), and so it now appears like the display has a thicker bezel than it used to, the tiles are not as flush against the edges of the screen as they used to be - the display looks thick and quite ugly as a result. Having the tiles rendered as close to the edges of the display as possible looks SO good, can we please have this fixed.

    Otherwise, GREAT job!!!

  • Not sure where to submit feedback on issues. But there was a problem pre 8.1 where text message back up would suddenly stop working and lock up all other sync functions. I updated to 8.1 this morning and turned the feature back on and the bug is still present. I think I started getting it after switching from the 5-something on Tmo to the 925 (which is what I am running on now).

    Otherwise, the improvements you guys have put on to the platform are amazing and I'm really happy to have switched.