Remote Desktop Preview app now available for Windows Phone 8.1

Remote Desktop Preview app now available for Windows Phone 8.1

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If you currently have Windows Phone 8.1 installed on your device as part of the Windows Phone Preview for Developers, you can now try out the Remote Desktop Preview app which is now available in the Windows Phone Store to download.


The Remote Desktop Preview app uses RDP 8.1 and RemoteFX that enables you to have a rich multi-touch experience that supports Windows gestures when you connect to Windows 8 devices for example. For a complete drill-down into all the capabilities of the Remote Desktop Preview app, head on over to the Remote Desktop Services Blog and read this blog post from David BĂ©langer who is a Program Manager on the Remote Desktop Team.

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  • Azarien
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    There should be a way to DISABLE sound redirection, to allow remote control of a music player (yes, that's my scenario...)

  • Any plans on being able to use Remote Desktop Gateway services?  Thanks

  • Tried numerous times - cannot get it to connect.  Extremely frustrating.

  • trymlol
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    I'm happy with this new update it gives a lot of good experience, thanks.

  • henbo
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    What.Took (Takes).You.So.Long?

    Been waiting for that since PocketPC.

    Never satisfied with paid options, envied iOS and Android.