Reading List now available for Windows Phone 8.1 (Updated!)

Reading List now available for Windows Phone 8.1 (Updated!)

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Throughout any given day, I am reading a lot of content from my favorite websites and blogs. And sometimes I run out of time running between meetings here at work, picking up my puppy from “doggie daycamp”, and wedding planning to finish reading those articles. So I share those articles to Reading List in Windows 8.1 to read later when I have time. Because I also read articles on my phone, I have always thought it would be awesome to have Reading List on my Windows Phone too. And now it is! Reading List is now available from the Windows Phone Store for devices running Windows Phone 8.1.

wp_ss_20140430_0006 wp_ss_20140430_0002

Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 shares many of the awesome features seen in the Windows 8.1 app like being able to organize and filter articles into categories. Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 has an improved Home screen that highlights an article from your list with a nice big version of the article’s image and under that, the Recently viewed section will show the five most recent things launched from Reading List.

wp_ss_20140430_0005 wp_ss_20140430_0004

Also on Windows Phone 8.1, you can pin your favorite categories to your Start screen! As you can probably imagine, I’ve got the tech category pinned to mine.

Once you’re done reading an article, you can quickly delete that article. If you accidentally delete an article, you can go into the recently deleted section and find it. If you really like an article you read, you can select and share it to apps like Facebook or OneNote.

Ok, here is the really awesome part: articles you share to Reading List on Windows Phone 8.1 will sync across to your devices running Windows 8.1. So you can access your articles across all your devices! This means if I’m on the go and share an article from my phone to read later, I can go to that article on one of my PCs or tablets running Windows 8.1, fire up Reading List and access that article. This is really awesome.

If you’re giving Windows Phone 8.1 a try today as part of the Windows Phone Preview for Developers, give Reading List a try!

UPDATE 5/8: Today we released an update for the Reading List app that addresses one of the top pieces of feedback we’ve received about the app: a transparent tile! If you are using a Start background on your device running Windows Phone 8.1 and Reading List pinned to your Start screen, you will now see that is has a transparent tile.


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  • paulsan
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    Does the reading app always delete web sites pinned to the start screen?

  • Nathan
    63 Posts

    @GoodThings2Life, regarding sharing in Desktop IE, vote for this (click "I can too").

    Would be nice if someone can also tweet the attached pic in the feature request and that link to @iedevchat (

    Hopefully someone at Microsoft get excited about that concept (especially the QR code thing).

  • @LMFChicago, these apps are designed for Windows Phone 8.1. If you haven't installed the developer preview, you'll have to wait until they push it out officially over the summer.

  • Aside from some delays in syncing, my biggest gripe is that Reading List only works with Modern IE not Desktop IE. I hope that Share contracts are something that comes with "Update 2" for Windows 8.1, because it'd be awesome for those of us who either need or prefer to use Desktop IE.

  • I have an up to date Lumia 920 and the store tells me this app is not compatible with my phone. Sad to hear that as this is something I would find useful.

  • Good to see this coming to windows phone but it doesn't do anything offline so pretty useless. My main use case for this would be to put articles and content in there to read when travelling/commuting therefore offline. I need this app to automatically download stuff that's added (even on other devices) so it's ready to pick up. Without that functionality is quite worthless.

  • For those of you experiencing sync delays - I heard back from the team. The first time you install Reading List on your device with Windows Phone 8.1, it can take a little while before all the items you've already added from other devices will show up in the phone app. One way to get your items to sync to your phone sooner is to share something to your list from your PC after you've installed the phone app. The team is aware of the specific issue and plan to address it in the future.

  • and - Thanks for the feedback regarding the sync timing. I am passing this along to the team.

    - Give it some time and check again and see if they sync.

    - Should work between your phone running Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1. Make sure your Surface is logged in with (or that it's user profile is connected to) the same Microsoft Account as your Windows Phone.

  • Is this supposed to work with Windows RT? Cause it doesn't seem to sync with my Surface.

  • Gurtej
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    Hey Brandon, welcome but hasty release. Painstakingly delayed syncing. Nor there is a Sync option in the settings. I cannot believe Microsoft employees can't utilize the full potential of current ecosystem. One example is NextGen Reader app. Live sync on all my devices. Another example is 3rd party Poki app. No sync delays at all.

  • Links aren't syncing for me either.

  • [UPDATE] And after opening the app for a 4th time, my bookmarks just appeared.  VERY strange.

  • Nathan
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    Windows and IE teams, please consider this idea:

    Thanks again!!

  • Nathan
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    Thanks 100X! I love this app.

  • Finally!  Been waiting for this app to come to WP.  However, syncing of Reading List bookmarks is not working.  I have quite a number of bookmarks I have in the Windows 8 app, and just will not sync to my WP8.1 device.  Yes, I am using the same MSA on both (I have no problems with the Bing apps, like Sports or Finance syncing between devices.). Yes, I do have "Sync my settings" enabled on my Win 8.1 system, and read the FAQ.