A closer look at Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone

A closer look at Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone

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The Internet Explorer Team has published a blog post today taking a deeper look at Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone. Internet Explorer 11 comes with Windows Phone 8.1 and has some really cool new features such as quick access to your more frequently browsed websites, URL prediction, unlimited (and easy to access) tabs, in-line video playback, Reading View, and more.

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One of my favorite new features of IE11 for Windows Phone is the ability to have my browsing data synced across all my devices – from my phone to my PC and tablet(s). This includes your favorites, history, passwords, and open tabs. I can pick up where I left off pretty quickly on any of my devices!


With Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone, you can also pin your favorite websites and blogs to your Start screen which will shoe rich site icons and update in the background with the latest content or posts. You can pin the Windows Blog to your Start screen on your Windows Phone and see a Live Tile that updates with our latest posts.

For a lot more on Internet Explorer for Windows Phone, read this blog post from Amin Lakhani who is a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer Team.

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  • Is anyone else getting this on this site:

    There was an error saving your comment. ( Cannot create comment - access denied.)

    Cosme Marley

  • imabird
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    Not trying to be a smarta$$, but I saw that (am using Windows 8.1 desktop) Metro's Mail app stated that this blog's automated email response to my password change said 'Be careful! This sender failed our fraud detection checks.' I had to double check the URL to see that it DOES show windows.com !  :)  Metro's Mail app seems to need updating to recognize/verify windows blogs.windows.com !  

  • imabird
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    I'm currently reading your blog on my nokia 1520. I also read my own blog ( not a windows site, mainly for parrots), in which my windows 11, running developer vrs, handles videos and photos just fine. Personally, I like using Wordpress better, but we all have our own tastes. It doesn't look the same compared to the desktop is (latest vrs too). I have my Nokia set to the desktop view, being that its a larger screen. However, I also run chrome on my desktop for my dlink (Java ) webcam. I have to use their app to view the cam on my phone too. 2nd , but it works. I don't care for Java or flash on windowsphones.

    Barry www.jacksbanana.com

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  • As long as we can expect more of the same top notch security we've come to associate with IE, sign me up!

  • Opa114
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    sorry for posting here, but this is the only one on which i can comment. on other posts i get an error message that it is not possible to comment - access denied. so i try it here. Sorry!


    please change the backup system! the actual situation is bad! file history did only save my libraries stuff - thats crap!!! make one backup system which save all important files or better a complete system image but in a look like MacOS TimeMachine, so that we can restore single files if needed (like its actually with file history) and as a second way a complete system restore (maybe at boot or something). these two things should be combined into one thing. and the dialog or window for restoring single files like file history should be done new - the design and usage is not as good as it could be.

    i mean the file history is good and with its features for backup every hour or some other options its very good, nice! yeah but it has to be improved the way i described it above.

    hope you guys did improve it! because backups are very important and thus it should as easy as i could be.

    and please no "old" start menu - it's crap. start menu is the new metro screen! improve the multiwindow function on metro, so that it is easier to arrange 3,4,5,6.. windows and make it possible to pin folders and files on the metro screen btw. right click -> new file..

    and another thing is the inconsistence of settings. the whole stuff from Start->Control Panel has to be moved into the new metro settings in charm bar where are the pc settings. all the settings are on hundred places and these have to moved to one location.

    another good thing would be the native implementation of psd and raw support, so that it is possible to the thumbnails from this files in explorer. therefore a better solution for preview pane would be nice, more a thinglike quick look on MacOS. because if i have installed adobe pdf i can see apreview of my pdf in preview pane, but could not read anything because its so small. here i think should the thing more improved, too.

    another thing is the search engine. the search engine should be better show what is application and what is file or web.

    i don’t know if it possible (licensing stuff and so on) - but a native extraction function for rar, 7zip and other files (the most standard files) would be cool, too. actually it only works with zip files. compress function, too. but this is not a must.

    these are my wanted features. hope some of these could be come in the next (or later) version. but the important of all is the backup like i described above!

    and tabs in explorer like on OSX mavericks would nice, too :)

    and if it's possible a native support for reading and writing files on other file systems(ext3/4/hfs+/etc.) would be great and usefull, too.

    i know, this are many things but i hope i see something from this in a future version and it would be nice to hear a statement or answer from you to these points:)

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  • Hilvl
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    Visitors of my website http://windowsphone.by ask why not sync browser data through Onedrive? It would be very convenient.

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  • "shoe rich icons" ?