Update to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

Update to Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers

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We’ve had an amazing response to the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers we began delivering one month ago today. Developers (and enthusiasts) have been putting the software through its paces and giving us great feedback. People are loving the new features like Cortana, Action Center, and the Word Flow keyboard with shape writing. We’ve managed to make the world’s most personal smartphone even better, and folks are pretty stoked. Thanks to all of you who have been participating in the preview and telling us about your experience.

One of the cool things about the Preview for Developers is the direct feedback loop it creates among the savviest of user communities. We’ve received a ton of great feedback so far on what people like about Windows Phone 8.1, and some things we can improve. To that end, we’re happy to announce that starting today we’re delivering an update to the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers (build number 8.10.12382.878). This update includes several improvements based on the feedback we’ve received, and we’re happy to be rolling it out after just one month.

If you are on the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers and want to get the update, go to Settings then Phone Update and click “check for updates”.

Thanks again for your interest in Windows Phone, and as always – let us know what you think!

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  • Email attachment issue on WP8 and WP8.1

    I have discovered that some of the times email attachments sent to the email on the phone contains the network path where the file is at.  (Like r:\toni.f\files\june\june.xls)  when this happens the Windows Phone will say, “Can’t open attachment Oops! We’re not sure what’s wrong, but we can’t open this file.”

    However, if you forward it to droid or iphone the file attachment will open.  We have Exchange 2010 SP3 RUP5

  • Microsoft take WP8.1 to the next level and integrate phone & Wi-Fi tools.

    We need phone memory checker, a task manager, a Wi-Fi Analyzer.  Group them much like Windows Desktop as System Tools.  Put the backup in there.  Battery check including countdown as to how much time is left with battery much like cars have now for gas.

    Just as I said the System area shows no organization it looks childish and like an amateur did it with some having the first letter Capitalized and others all small letters.  Take some pride in your work.

    Staying on the System – I don’t think I was clear enough on the Phone Backup before in regards to Pictures being pushed.  From the Phone Backup you should be able to push all photos instead of having to go to photos to do it.  From an Admin stated point that is where we should be able to do it.

  • This seems to be s merry go round with updates causing significant new problems. MS needs to put more horsepower into this and get it out before it is viewed as a flawed system. The Nokia phone is great, but the windows 8.0 has serious problems and is extremely behind android and Apple in basic functionality, not to mention apps. The apps will no doubt come, but not until the operating system is fixed.

  • stefan00
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    i have so many ideas and Suggestion for Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview. Can you integrate a Feedback or Suggestion function in the notification Center?

    You could get Feedback with a Screenshot directly from the Situation from the Phone.

  • I had already posted about the problem with typing texts. Now the battery seems to drain much much faster than in the previous versions. Mobile even gets heated way too faster and its little scary when we have it in our pockets. I need the next update ASAP. Please make it faster. I was very much satisfied with the previous updates. But this ruined everything.

  • stefan00
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    Please integrate Bing Vision in Cortana.

  • stefan00
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    The moving of tiles should be easy as the movement of tiles in windows 8 with two fingers. Hold the tile with one finger and move the startscreen with the second finger.

  • stefan00
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    I come from Germany and want to try out Cortana. Therefor, I set the location and language to U.S. english to aktivate Cortana.

    I told her to save a date and this date was in the calender. So far everything is correct.

    But when I changed the location and language setting back to german, the date was not visible. I changed location and language back to u.s.... And the date was back again^^

    I connected the windows phone and my windows (desktop) with my microsoft account an every dates are synced (my desktop windows is in german). But the date, made with cortana, is not in the calendar.

    It seems that cortana saves only in a separate location based calendar. this is not good ;)

  • gagneet
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    I am facing issues with Skype App, since I have updated to the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1

    Everytime I open the App, it just crashes and does not allow me to do anything.

    The first time I open it after uninstalling and then installing it again, it opens properly and even allows me to Sign In and check the account, the app even remains open for a minute and allows me to check the settings. But, as soon as the previous chats come up, it crashes and then does not allow me to open it again without crashing.

    Anyone has found a workaround for it? This is on my Lumia 920 phone.

  • stefan00
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    I hope you read my feedback. I have the Lumia 920 with WP 8.10.12393.890.

    I want to discuss these things:

    1. When I set the bing picture as lock screen, I got only the default backgrounds (german location).

    2. I want the Time when the battery is empty.

    3. When the battery is empty and want to start the phone, I got no symbol for a empty battery. In the OS version before, I got the symbol when the phone battery is empty and want to start.

    4.Although I have used the app backup, the display shows 0 byte what is used for the backup on OneDrive (search for backups).

    The function to create a backup, should also stand directly in the Backup menu. And not only on the menu for the app backups. Because the backup also includes SMS.

    5.If I am looking for an external display is no result. The search will not stop.

    6. The maps app is excellent and should replace Here-Maps. Here-Maps has a worse performance.

    7. When navigating in the maps app, the path from start to the destination is displayed. However, if one gets the maps app during navigation (so you have a different source-starting point) or another way strikes (alternate route), then the path is not updated. This should be taken into account.

  • i am having the same problem as mention below with my nokia lumia 520 "I have a Nokia Lumia 720. And i updated my phone to the latest version of OS and that is 8.10.12393.890. After the update I have a problem. While typing a sentence i can only type one word at a time. If I want to type the next word I need to press the back button once and again touch on the area where i need to type the next word. Its like this : Hi (back button) (touch) How (back button) (touch) are (back button) (touch) you (back button) (touch)."

  • I have a Nokia Lumia 720. And i updated my phone to the latest version of OS and that is 8.10.12393.890. After the update I have a problem. While typing a sentence i can only type one word at a time. If I want to type the next word I need to press the back button once and again touch on the area where i need to type the next word. Its like this : Hi (back button) (touch) How (back button) (touch) are (back button) (touch) you (back button) (touch). Im sick of this. Please come up with a solution. Thanks.

  • Soltan-

    Windows Phone 8.1 is only available as a beta in the form of the “Preview for Developers”.  Once that app is installed and the person is signed up as a developer and you login to the app will the updates for 8.1 show up.  If you want it there are instructions all over the Internet on how to install it, just remember even a phone wipe will not take the phone OS back to 8.0

  • Soltan
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    i Have Nokia Lumia 920. But

    Windows Phone 8 is not showing me availability  of upgrade to  8.1  by going to

    Settings then Phone Update and click “check for updates”.

    It is keeping to say me that My phone UP TO DATE


  • I just received another 8.1 update and the border persists around the start screen on the Lumia 1520.  So rather than see really big, bold, beautiful tiles I get to see smaller, meaker, pretty tiles.  I haven't tested the bluetooth yet to see if it can maintain its connections. I am hoping that it is fixed.  Does anybody know where to access the change logs for these releases or where to post issues as they are found?

  • To truly advance the Windows phone and move Microsoft ahead and show some leadership instead of following, Cortana should be always on listening for an action, however, Cortana should only respond when the user says, “Cortana Wakeup”.  Cortana also needs to understand via voice recognition and only respond to the phone owner.  

  • Got the second update and was hoping wifi issue would have been resolved in that but no. Wifi issues have increased, along with that my initial conclusion of the battery life being better is down the drain. Battery life has decreased and I can say this is due to the wifi issue. On windows 8 the battery on my Lumia did last me a full day with still a few % still remaining. With this it drains pathetically 74% down in 12 hours.

  • The WP 8.1 looks great and has some great features. In my opinion i think that you should work one the following things:

    1) You can't edit your contacts. You have to dial first and then you can open it for editing.

    2) Please work on the Music Player. It is very annoying because it cannot save all the songs that you choose into a playlist (sometime it does, sometimes it doesn't). For example, i select 18 songs and i add them into a playlist. After a few minutes when i look again in the playlist i see that there are only 7 songs. Another issue: if you create a bigger playlist (40 songs or more), you can hardly scroll up or down through it (the movement is very choppy). It would be great if you can implement back the old interface, but keep the functionality of the Xbox Music. Also i think that it would be awesome if you can somehow implement folder functionality in the creation of the playlist. It would be more easy to select a folder from the phone and to create a playlist with that songs.

    3)I would like to see a Data Connection shortcut in the Action Center.

    Keep up the good work!

  • ONE more thing.....

    Why cant we start typing a name and/or number on the dialer and its brings up numbers to select from?

    This is a very handy and NECESSARY feature to have.

    Thanks for all the brilliant updates MS!!

  • I have a Lumia 520 and live in RSA.

    I love the new 8.1 OS update!

    I have only two issues thus far.


    This take forever to open and take a picture.

    Phone book:

    I can't edit contacts from my phone book, i need to call them first and them edit them via the call history ?

    Please have a look at this.

    LOVE MS WP 8.1!!!

  • About Windows Phone should have the phone’s phone number listed instead of having it just listed in the phone dialer area.

  • Missed one - 8.1 removed the option to select all photos and push them to the OneDrive.  That needs to be added back.

  • WP 8.1 is lacking the ability to remove a Microsoft account such as a Live account without having to wipe the phone.  This is a major disappoint that WP 8.0 had and I thought it would get fixed in WP 8.1

    I would also like to see in the Settings area some sort of “Organization” either alphabetical or function wise, it’s as if things are just tossed in there and you need to scroll around to find it.

    For those of us using the Windows Desktop Synching application it would be nice to have the ability to synch my IE home page and Favorites between desktop and phone.

    In the phone when you hit the person it calls them instead it should have options to what number to call like in history

  • Updated my Lumia 1520 to 8.1 around 5 days back.

    Pros :

    1. Font size smaller

    2. Flow works good, awesome for typing in those apps which do not yet give a landscape mode.

    3. Google Mail as items arrive option is back

    4. Performance is better.

    5. Notification dropdown is nice

    6. New calendar is nice

    7. Other tweaks which have been done are nice.

    8. Battery life is not affected in fact I found it a tad bit on a higher side.

    Issues :

    1. Screen turn on delay ( There is a delay of .5 - 1 sec after pressing the power button that the screen turns on ). Same while manually pressing power button to turn off screen, the screen turn off sound is  after a delay of .5 - 1 sec sometimes. This was not present with windows phone 8

    2. Start screen not occupying the entire screen (end to end ), there is an extra small border left around the entire start screen. This was immediately noticed when the phone was upgraded. The screen is fully occupied in other apps other than the start screen.

    3. The menu bar overlaps the keyboard in the landscape mode to an extent that the letter P button is only 3/4th visible. Only affects the top line of the keyboard. This happens always the first time but goes away if the keyboard is closed and re brought up or if the phone is switched back to portrait and then landscape.

    4. WIFI issue, not able to determine a pattern but there are 2 wifi issues happening. Have deleted and recreated the access points however that only solves the issue b for a limited period.

    a) Wifi seems to go into a hung state. It doesn't update the signal strength unless you manually go to the wifi settings and then you can see it will refresh the access point it is connected to and will show the new status. This happens a lot.

    b) Wifi even though showing connected is disconnected and the phone bring the mobile data active. The only option to have this corrected is to switch on airplane mode and with airplane mode switched on enable wifi and then turn off airplane mode. This makes the wifi work properly for sometime and then again breaks. I have tested this with speed tests as well as checked the mobile data limit in data sense and the mobile data indeed gets used when this happens.

    5. As with wifi the Bluetooth seems to have a mind of its own. It sometimes will stay connected to my Bluetooth headset and then while playing music suddenly the music is gone and sound starts coming from the phone speaker. Device has been unpaired and repaired however the issue exists.

    6. Happening randomly that if an email is deleted or replied to then instead of the phone coming back to the list of the emails in the inbox , it directly goes to the start screen as if the email app has crashed. Noticed this for all my email accounts.

    Hope this helps in having the next update resolving the issues so windows phone 8.1 can be made better.

  • jon.m
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    Just updated to 8.1 on my Nokia 925.  So far all works well except for texting while using Wi-Fi calling.  I was able to do this with 8.0.

  • My bluetooth is not staying connected after the update. I have tried paired and unpaired devices. But it's connected for some seconds then its gone. Sometimes it comes back and again gone. Its not only my problem but also some of friends who recently updated their phones.

  • And forgot to say that sometimes disconnects from Wi-Fi without a reason and it finds it difficult to connect even with perfect signal

  • The one update is worst than the previous. Always restarts trying to take a photo,lags quite often, the new keyboard has no comma, throws me out after watching a video in YouTube and generally is faulty

  • kriz
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    I updated lumia 620 black  to windows phone 8.1 preview.i got step by step instruction windows phone 8 to 8.1 from toocly.com/windows-phone-8-1-developer-preview-released

  • kriz
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    I updated lumia 620 black  to windows phone 8.1 preview.i got help from http://www.toocly.com

  • baqwas
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    Noticed a "slight" improvement in power consumption on my Nokia 1520 but I have been chastised by the experience. I have had to abandon many PocketPC devices because I could no longer afford the replacement batteries. I don't know whether I can survive my two year commitment to Randall Stephenson's company.

    Of course, Cortana leaves a lot to be desired despite some notable features. The flight status and related queries "what is the plane flying overhead" pale in comparison to similar offerings from the competition. I have seen screen shots of flight status looking superb but I did not achieve the same results with simple queries for "flight status for United One" etc.

  • baron164
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    Only issue I have with 8.1 on my Lumia 920 so far is that the battery only lasts for 5 hours. I have to keep it near a charger all day. If the battery life for 8.1 is going to be this bad I expect some big complaints from users upgrading older phones.

  • My Samsung ATIV S has been actualized, but the bigger problem (phone restart at each 30 seconds) is not resolved. How about the fix for this?

  • Two features missing that would make life easier:

    1.  On the facebook app-When you put a hyperlink in a post, facebook does not bring in graphics from the link, like it does when you do this on a PC with a full web page.  This is a valuable feature to most people who use facebook since the pictures and partial article text that get pulled in help people want to read your post.  To test, go to a desktop browser and while on the facebook put a web link in.  Then do the same thing on a phone.  Notice how the phone app only shows the link and nothing else in the posted, post.

    2.  Lack of consistency on contact groups/ categories between outlook.com, outlook desktop for office 2013 and the people app on windows phone.  There seems to be several different ways of establishing contact groups on each.  When will there be one?  For example if on Outlook.com I create a group called soccercontacts, will this now show up correctly or at all in the people app?  Windows phone seems to have its own grouping method.

  • ale2999
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    WL1999 transfer the contacts to an hotmail account (I know that you have one as you need one to operate the phone). you can do this on your pc. When you are done, the contacts will autodownload to the phone even if it isn't the primary contact. The phone will actually merge the contacts with facebook and twitter profiles.

    This is the best solution. You do this once and you will never ever have to add a contact again!

  • WL1999
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    A family member, has asked me for help. They have a Nokia Lumia 820, all they are trying to do is copy their Outlook CONTACTS from their PC onto their Nokia phone. Simple. However, we have failed. It has been totally frustrating experience. There is no PC connectivity software, looked on the Nokia web site. Tried to do an export from Microsoft Outlook 2010 (except the only format is CVS), but then how do get the Nokia to import it?

    The primary email is not Hotmail, as he an email address from another ISP.

    Brandon LeBlanc : I want a stress free life, I don't want the IT headaches. You wonder why people are resisting upgrading from Windows XP PC to Windows 8. Microsoft leaves a bad experience.

    (The phone screen had been damaged, and the people in the repair shop wiped the phone. I personally think people should have the ability to kick-off a remote back-up, when their screen is broken).

    When he bought the Nokia Lumia 820, he was able to transfer the contacts from the Blackberry to the  Nokia Lumia via Bluetooth. He has got rid of the Blackberry, so the only option is to transfer contacts from the Outlook on the PC. But it is ridiculous, you can't get Microsoft Outlook (PC) to talk to a a Nokia phone. Both are Microsoft's products!!!

    After two hours of trying this and that, we gave up.

  • I'm having a serious problem since upgrading to 8.1 on my Lumia Icon.

    I can have a full charge on my phone or even 80% and I lock my phone and comeback later to find my phone very warm to the touch and battery nearly depleted. I did not have this problem before upgrading to 8.1 and it seems to have got worst with this latest update. Before the latest update it had only happened 2-3 times but now it can be twice a day. Please find out a cure for this because I can't have my phone just suddenly dying like this.

    Also, where's support for Glance for the Icon? I thought this was suppose to be top of the line for the Windows

  • I bought a lumia 1520 last march. I am still running on a Windows 8 black OS. When am I going to update this to 8.1. I regularly check the settings for an update, but still there is no such update. I am still waiting. Please provide me with an answer for this issue. Thanks.

  • ADB
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    Hi neo6237, Definitely installs on Huawei W1 - I did 2 of my families Huawei's installation this weekend. Will not be doing my Nokia 1320 at this stage.

    Make sure you are registered as Dev.

    Download and install the Developer Preview.

    Run it and follow instructions. You might be running Check for Updates before getting the little update before 8.1 update. You need that funky little update prior.

    PLEASE NOTE : Windows 8.1 does have a fairly significant bug at the moment.

    Both my Huawei's had totally working SD Cards.

    After updating to 8.1 the only thing I found did not work at all was the SD Card functionality.

    Basically cannot find the SD Card on power or reboot.

    Someone has found a way ( nice intellectual exercise ) but not practical ,which identifies that it is a software bug of sorts.

    1) Plug phone into wall charger.

    2) Open phone.

    3) Remove battery. Yes , phone carries on working fine without battery.

    4) Remove SD Card from phone, and then re-insert SD Card.

    5) Put battery back.

    6) Close up phone.

    Sd card will now appear under Storage Sense. Content is all there. You can disconnect phone from wallcharger.

    DONT reboot or power off/on because it is gone again. :(

    Not a nice bug. Hope Microsoft identifies the problem soon.

  • I have my lumia 520 please elp me know when I can download 8.1 for it im looking forward to trying it and I do need some of progs I read up on thanx please hurry for us poor folks

  • I installed the WP8.1 update on the 15th May... Since then my battery last for 7-8 hours tops. I have tried a soft reset, but the result is the same. I expect the battery of my Lumia 820 to last 24 hours. With WP8 it was almost 36 hours.

  • Subhro
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    Has any one getting issues with battery after the last update on the 14th May .... i am having lots of issues , my cellular network coverage has gone down ... social apps are no longer receiving responses .... i have to to do a reboot for the same ... any solutions to that guys .... need help my lumia 820 is dying it seems :(

  • AlanV
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    Just installed the update on my Lumia 928 and cannot turn on WiFi.  

  • @ Brandon LeBlanc,

    Please read my comments written on April 4 to you on the "Cortana (yes!) and Many, Many Other Great Features coming in Windows Phone 8.1"  blog published April 2 questioning whether Storage Sense will allow PURCHASED X-box movies to be transferred to the Nokia 1520 SD card as you can do with the Nokia 2520.  It is demeaning and degrading to me as a consumer to be ignored. I rather be told no than ignored. I have been working with X-box engineers and a personal assistant of Randall L Stephenson (yes THAT Randall L Stephenson) since December on this issue since your original advertisements of the phone in November stated X-box video was a feature of the phone (a complete lie until an upgrade on December 18 -. I returned my first 1520 because of this).  Then when the upgrade finally came weeks after the phablet's release only to find out I could not store my purchased movies to the SD Card, well that's when I got really involved.  AT&T and Nokia have been great. Can't get an answer from MS. Can't get decent human respect from MS.   Look at how many devices I own of yours.  You should be ashamed.  As a strong early adopter of the WP 7.5, 7.8, and 8 Nokia Lumia phones, phablets and tablets, I should be given more respect.  Gosh an owner of one NL 520 should be given more respect.  I hate Android, but have owned Apple and right about now, Apple's looking pretty good to me.  But I'll stick with MS and WP IF I ONLY GET A RESPONSIBLE ANSWER.  

  • defmec
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    the latest update just stopped the use of my camera and flash . :( please fix ... lumia 920

  • Tell me, please, when windows phone 8.1 update is going to be available in Armenia? I'm currently using Nokia Lumia 520 with windows phone 8 and I can not update it to windows phone 8.1.

  • Hola soy usuario de Hawei w1 al actualizar no se reconose la tarjeta SD. solo diganme si microsoft ya trabaja en eso. gracias

  • When are you guys releasing Cortana to Canada? the rest of the 8.1 software runs really well on my 1020 but it will be awesome to try Cortana and not only watch videos about it.

    I do not think it was a great idea to take out the games from the game's hub and put them with the other programs. It does make the program menu really long.

  • Your vpn support is nothing less than a sick joke for nearly half a decade I and many others have been waiting for vpn support in windows phone, When it finally arrives the only protocol you chose to support is ike2 which is a pathetic choice for a remote support vpn (site to site is fine)

    So how many years will it take for you to support Microsoft VPNs like SSTP will you ever ? Or is your goal to make people abandon windows server remote access and use the vpn solutions from other vendors who CAN be bothered to support their product ?

    If the latter is true id say you are doing a great job.

  • For all those facing WIFI issues : Go to WiFi Sense and disable "Connect to Wifi Hotspots"

    Works like a charm!

  • knssub
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    WP Team, What have you done to the video app update. None of the videos are playing on 925 Lumia :-(

  • Genghis
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    Transitions are smoother than before.  

    Battery life has indeed improved.

    Phone not resetting to original ringer volume setting after Quiet Hours ends.  

    Strange behaviour with a Facebook event that was declining and yet still showing on Calendar Live Tile, yet doesn't show in Calendar day or week view.

    Still like to see better sophistication with calendar app and tasks.  Can't snooze an appt for 30 minutes.  Can't schedule something (task or appt or event) on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  

    These things are important for scheduling tax returns and other routine jobs.

    Thx, and HTH

  • Updated right now, no visible changes, everything lookslike  woking well

  • neo6237
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    Microsoft, please help. I've been using Huawei W1 running windows phone 8. I've tried updating to 8.1 many times but still nothing happens. The system says "you are currently using the latest update". I already have an account in appstudio and follow the instructions. Yet, nothing happens. Please help me.

  • I too HATE the edit cursor.  That change was a mistake.  I wasn't thinking the Word Flow keyboard would work, but it is really awesome.  I find myself using it more and more.

    WiFi also is an issue, although I believe this might be more a low level issue without my device (Lumia 920) running the Cyan Update.  I do not have a battery issue.  In fact, I would argue that battery usage is MUCH better in 8.1 than it was in 8.0.  I haven't touched Battery Sense, and have left it as default (and I have over 80 apps installed.)

    I also would echo A CHANGE LOG.  Why is it so damn hard for developers to include a CHANGE LOG with updates??  This is notorious with app developers in the Windows and Windows Phone Stores.  It should be a REQUIREMENT, not an optional piece to uploading a new app or update.

  • rrabi
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    One issue that was fixed in this update is my Nokia 920 screen going blank immediately after dialing. This issue started after 8.1 update and with the current fixes, it appears to have been gone.

    Those who are having battery issues, please note that all the apps have their background process set to "allowed" by default. You have to manually disable one by one.

    Settings -> Battery Saver -> Usage. The apps show with the status as "allowed". Change it to "not allowed" for the ones you think should not be running in the background. e.g., Flashlight app. (why do they want to run in the background?)

  • Ever since I updated this morning it KILLED my data connection on both LTE & WiFi. I've restarted the phone several times, nothing has fixed it. It also disconnected me from Visual Voicemail. Phone & Texts still work, but no data/internet connection at all. Nokia Lumia 1020 AT&T please HELP!

  • Brandon said: "This update includes several improvements based on the feedback we’ve received"

    Thanks for listening. What are the improvements? I haven't been able to notice any changes on my Lumia 920.

  • knssub
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    Firstly, thanks for the last update and the latest one. Many great features and very helpful to improve productivity.

    You should publish what are the changes in the new update instead of just mentioning that there is an update ? How would one know what features to look into? Few comments:

    1. the Podcast app really does not yield good results on Video searches. There is lot of scope for improvement

    2.  the video tool takes too long to load and why in the world you would like to sign in while the video app is loading?3. the video playback there is no forward or backward option which was present earlier. you should bring it back or make the curser little big for easy fwd /rewind

    4. Outlook in WP6 had better features than what we have now. You should provide Sync timings (peak, off peak), why is it so difficult for you folks to bring it back. It saves lot on data

    5. Meeting request there is no option to postpone the meeting the way we can do with outlook

    6. Calendar takes time to load

    7. Dialing pad and Address book can be much more improved. Dialing pad can be intuitive, you can just see the features provided by some excellent third party apps

  • UserVoice for setting the time by NTP:


    It's got 3 votes from me!

  • wi5nia
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    Can't get the update on my Lumia 1020 :(

  • AlexY
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    Sorry, I don't see how it save the battery. It isn't significant that I can see.

    The other thing I really need which is "search contact as you dial". Such a great feature, you have it in WM and Symbian, why it?

  • MikeGH
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    look  good - some way of setting time via NTP (whether through a developed app or the OS) should be available

  • Nickyy
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    since the previous 8.1 update, I'm slightly annoyed that the HTC Tile(Clock) won't sync/update the time untill I 'refresh'/change the tile size a few times until It starts showing the current time properly.

    For example:

    Notification Bar and lock screen show : 11:09am.

    HTC Tile shows: 10:46am

    - Windows Phone 8X by HTC

  • +3 on the edit-cursor (@p-chip, @andrevilloso).

    I don't notice the map issue on my 822 - if people remember to put the address in the Location: field when sending me an appointment, it always allows me to go to HERE+ Maps simply by tapping.

    I've noticed some random issues with the display when the phone has been idle and the Glance screen is up - sometimes, when I hit the power button, the lockscreen photo appears as a negative image and the touch screen won't respond to the swipe-up gesture to give the unlock screen. Hopefully this problem has gone away.

  • Has the issue been addressed where the phone has a hard time connecting to hidden wifi networks?  Samung ativ-s Neo

  • I got the update on my 2 Lumia925 phones.

    My biggest problem with the 8.1 Dev.Preview is unfortunately NOT solved : the very weak WiFi

    WiFi is OK as long as the phones are close to my router.

    WiFi disappears when the phones are 3 meters away from the router.

    This is a huge unsolved problem.

  • sich
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    Please, please, add support for ID2D1Factory::CreateWicBitmapRenderTarget, really lack this functionality for software high-quality rendering! My scenario is programmatic rendering of map overlay tiles. These tiles should be rendered in background and should NOT load the GPU to not interfere with the UI.

    I added a ticket to user voice: wpdev.uservoice.com/.../5872847-support-id2d1factory-createwicbitmaprendertarget

  • I have Lumia 925 but am not able to register my phone on developer preview.

    how to get 8.1 windows update for my Lumia. Is windows 8.1 is also designed for

    Lumia 925..am very eager to get new windows on my phone.

    plz Nokia help me.

  • owarej
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  • Esta Nueva actualización quizas sea porque esta en pañales pero es un asco total. La bateria dura solo unas horas y calienta como tacho hirviendo. es terrible, YA NO PUEDO, ver los mensajes de otras cuentas en Conversaciones, Ahora tengo que ir a la aplicación? que decepcion, en imagenes su diseño es pobre, y al finalizar cada cancion se escucha un sonidito al final. además se congela demasiado. Juro que hoy de la desesperación lo mande a rodar lejos. Tengo el Lumia 520. se que no debo pedir mucho pero se supone que todos los que tengan esa versión deben funcionar igual. A por cierto algo de lo cual me he venido quejando desde la actualización amber es que, cuando no tenia esa version tomaba fotos muy nitidas siendo el 520, era magnifico porque me hacia sentir que valia mucho, PERO.. desde que se actualizo a la amber DIOS!!!! se convirtio en una desepción ya ni quiero encender la camara, ya no toma fotos de 5MP  ahora toma de 4MP y eso lo dice una de sus aplicaciones de camara. es desepcionante porque el efecto granulado entorpese las imagenes, uno creo que han salido buenas  pero luego va a imagenes y es una completa Porqueria!. No quiero combiar de equipo ni de marca porque quiero crecer junto a ustedes, espero que lean todo esto en verdad, tengo muchas ideas para ustedes, espero comentarlas luego y que sean tomadas encuenta. Les escribo desde Perú.

  • Disappointed to discover that the 'stuck headphones' bug hasn't been resolved yet - social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../920-stuck-in-headphones-mode-days-after-updating-to-81-dp

  • Would love to see a change log for this to detail more of the "general fixes".

  • musa141
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    Could someone please specify what changes have been done. I do not find any change as such. Neither has the music app improved nor the games

  • Still don't have Wi-Fi unless I'm plugged into a power source.  I can have mobility or I can have Wi-"Fi, but not both. As soon as the screen dims itself on battery power, Wi-Fi is disabled.  Attempting to re-enable Wi-Fi yields "Can't do this right now.  Try again in a little while.  If the problem continues, restart your phone and try again."  I am having to restart so much that I genuinely fear the power button will wear out.

    Between that and the random reboots, I'm looking longingly at my old Android phone.

    Device:  HTC 8XT

  • drlacus
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    Thank you for the update! I hope the battery life on my 920 will be much better now.

    But a noise still can be heard at the end of every song while listening to music. This should be a bug, because it did not occur with 8.0.

  • I really agree with @p-chip comment about the cursor. Battery life was really a problem with my 1020 with the first preview and I hope it improves.

    One thing missing for a long time is that when you have a contact and the contact has an Address you can "Map" the contact address directly from the contact.

    For Calendar appointments you should be able to do the same. When I have a meeting somewhere, I always put the address in the Location field, but I cannot map it. I either need to do a big workaround to copy & paste it or I need to remember it and retype in the Here Drive/Map.

    Finally it would really nice to be able to draw things on Onenote.

  • Got the update on my 925 haven't had a lot of time to dig around.  Also, wonder what some of the improvements are...

  • p-chip
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    Hi, I love the update. Action Center is truly a blessing. Here's something I can't stand -- the new edit mode cursor. It is pretty much impossible to use. You need to bend over to see where the cursor is since it's hiding under your thumb, especially when you want to go up a line. Secondly, no matter now long you press, if you press on a word, it gets into the selection mode, and the only way to undo it is to tap elsewhere on the screen. The design is truly impractical and is frustrating to use. It's been driving me crazy. This alone is reason enough for me to dump the update (which I unfortunately can't).

    Can we PLEASE get an option to revert to the old edit cursor? Sure, make it pop up earlier than it used to. But the new cursor flow/design is terrible.


  • juhian
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    @Joe Belfore


    When is the plan to get File Explorer and option to Attach email from skydrive or document saved locally in the phone.

  • gregw74
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    @David Any noticeable issues with the initial WP preview on your 928?

  • Downloading now! But... There's no changelog? I'd like to know what has changed insted of just "bug fixes and battery improvement"...

  • NuAngel
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    Early reports say improved battery life and bug fixes.  Can't wait to see if a changelog does crop up with some more details, though!

  • ap3rus
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    Awesome, downloading now! Is there a more detailed changelog? Thanks!

  • I can't wait to get it on my Lumia 928