Third update for Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers to roll out

Third update for Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers to roll out

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Those of you who’ve been participating in the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers know that since we first rolled out the Preview in April, there have been a couple of updates. The first update rolled out in early May and the second a little over a week ago. These updates have improved battery performance, among other things. Starting today at 10am (Pacific), the third update to the Preview for Developers will start rolling out, and you should be able to get onto build 12397. This update enables some newly commercialized devices and tweaks a couple of new APIs, so you won’t see a difference on your device, but we encourage everyone who’s on the Preview for Developers to stay current on the latest build.

As always, thanks for your interest in Windows Phone!

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  • kizi20
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    Thank you it was really good I'm doing a campaign to upgrade it

  • kizi20
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    Thank you it was really very good

  • fayyash
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    I think many people with Nokia phones 920, 925, 1020 etc.. began to have issue with the external microphone after latest update of 8.1 preview. I ( and other who posted the issue) can only use Bluetooth or wired headset to communicate with Cortana, Skype and any phone requires the use of the external mic.

    I have not see this issue on this blog and wondering if this is a known issue and Microsoft is working on new patch or fix.

    Its getting to be an annoying bug. is this issue in the backend and will correct itself later or should we wait for an update?


  • alex381
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    IE: Can not copy any text  longer than few lines, because it breaks when scrolling on virtual keyboard. In other programs it is very, very slow when selecting long text, there should be option Select all.

    IE: Can not download files, no option when holding link.

    When forwarding email, can not delete part that I don't want to share.

    Can not move pictures to custom folders.

    Clock is too small.

    Calling someone from contacts needs 5 steps.

    No data/wifi switch, everyone need it many times a day.

    Gmail calendar switching to 1 hour later.

    Battery depletes in few hours when wifi is turned on, I have to use 2g whole day and wifi only when I really need it on Nokia Lumia 520.

    Please try to fix this.

  • Jaxco
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    What is wrong with Windows Phone? I have lost TWO San Disk AND one PNY MicroSD since buying my Nokia 1520 on April 7th.  There is a huge problem here, it has destroyed all three.  I still have 7 year old cards that work in older phones.

  • Seriously expected a lot more from the navigation + action centre. Why is the option of navigation limited to 4 apps? Most importantly where is data connection toggle switch. It is very basic thing that Microsoft has missed. Well hope to see this revamped in the next update...

  • fayyash
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    Ok I have latest build on my Nokia 920, but I cannot use my external microphone!!. Cortana cannot hear me, I cannot send sound notes and cannot record clips.

    What happened to cause the microphone to stop working? I had no issue prior to the update and Cortana had no issue hearing my commands.

    However, I CAN be heard on if I use headset or Bluetooth. Not built in microphone

    I tried soft reset, but no use.

  • Can we have audio enhancement settings possible while on the Bluetooth streaming mode ??

  • stefan00
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    I have a problem with scolling on pages on Indiegogo in Windows Phone Preview for developer.

    E.g. open this side with the Internet Explorer on Windows Phone (

    You can't scroll it.

    You could add a function to send incompatible websites to microsoft via the Internet Explorer on Windows Phone to make the expericence even better.

  • tdg
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    can't assign static ip address in wifi plz add this feature.

    pls add Hide opt for images and videos in photo.

  • How about an update for the app store

  • Whats about the Exchanhe EAS Policy "Require Storage card encryption", is This policy supported on Windowsphone 8.1?

  • I have a Samsung ATIV SE on Verizon and would like to see an urgent update that fixes a known issue. Fully updated WP 8.1. Touch screen freezes, becomes unresponsive during and following cell phone calls, requiring soft reboot numerous times a day. Same touch screen issue happens less frequently waking from sleep via power button. When can we see this issue addressed and resolved?

  • dwiggs
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    After installing the latest update, my Nokia 822 for the first time since I have owned it froze to the point I had to pull the battery.  I was trying to edit a calendar entry and it just froze.  The only other possible issue with this update is that my wi-fi signal seems to have dropped considerably from time to time for no apparent reason.  

    Kodos to the team for everything else and I look forward to more updates.

  • stefan00
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    When can we see first results/features/demos with the new DirectX interface?

  • That was a Lumia 925. (see previous post).

  • Have mostly been happy with the recent updates. Hopefully the most recent one fixes battery issues. Had the phone attached to the car USB charging socket while on a three hour drive and was logging the GPS track. After a couple of hours, the phone was hot enough to fry an egg and turned itself off. I restarted it, but it kept shutting down until I left it off to cool down for an hour or so.

  • stefan00
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    Have problems with making a backup (saving apps...). Get a message with 96% that there is a problem (Nokia Lumia 920).

    And have problems with syncing Internet Explorer tabs.

  • Whatsapp complains about the App is unsupported on this version and I can't actually see the contacts list, just international phone numbers.

    Additionally, ever since preview for developers, I cannot Search contacts. I'm running Spanish version if that helps.

  • stefan00
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    The "external display" does not work. It is written that I need to establish a USB connection. I expect that on my Windows 8.1 computer opens an app that shows my phone display. But the Windows Phone searches with no results...

  • Issue about game apps: Everytime I open the game tool or tile, it says I need an update but after clicking "update" I get an answer "this is not available in the store". I think it needs to be fixed.

  • Issue about facebook: The background photo cannot be changed using windowsphone. This feature is available on android and iOS.  Also, iOs can be distinguished when someone is making an upload of picture(s). Can this feature be included on the next update, or should this be included on FB application. It's about time that we should distinguish ourselves as windowsphone users.

  • Prash12
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    Even after the update, battery performance on Lumia 520 is still very bad. Now lasts only for 20 hours compared to day and half (almost) when on WP 8.0. I hope it improves in the next update.

    I would like to see the cellular + Sim as one of the options to choose as the quick action buttons. Still have to rely on 3rd part application for this feature.

    Wi-Fi quick action button should be one touch operation – On/Off – instead of going to the Wi-Fi setting screen to turn off.

  • There is one thing I am still missing so badly: thread-dependent. keyboard language settings.

    I am alternating between English and German threads (in SMS and Whatsapp) all the time and need to switch language every time I am alternating. While this is only one click, every time I forget to do it I get a bunch of weird autocorrects which I need to manually correct back. It's extremely annoying and the thread-dependent language settings shouldn't be to hard to implement I guess. Android has the same problem, Blackberry OS 10 is actually able to figure out which language is written and changes the language settings accordingly. That would work too. Appreciate your feedback.  

  • abm
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    @, I have opened your issue here:

    There is also a slightly related issue here:

    If you have any suggestion, issues related to Xbox on any platform (Windows, Windows Phone, iOS) post it at

  • And another thing which can be added to the experience is the option to stream FM radio sound to the bluetooth speakers rather than just to the headphones. Android does it well even in its 1 year old avatar.

  • Battery life feels very compromised after the latest update on my Lumia 925. Is it just me or it's a common enough experience?

    Also that Mobile data on-off option would be a great idea in the notification area. Otherwise the updated OS feels solid and is filling the voids well.

  • Can anybody please bring back the photo zoom out trick back?

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  • MoWeb
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    I'm loving these updates. I chose Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 920, because I thought it was the best smartphone and OS for me. I've tried iOS and Android phones, but really liked what WP was offering instead. But these new updates (Windows Phone 8.1 Preview) have simply blown my mind! Using my handset has NEVER been better than now. Despite a couple of freezes that needed a restart, and a driver issue getting the "Project my screen" feature to work, I've been essentially bug-free with these builds. So, amazing work WP team!


    1. The swype keyboard and predictive text. They are simply amazing. Unfortunately, every time I now use a Windows 8.1 Update device (i.e. my Surface RT, work computer, etc.) I keep instinctively trying to use that feature and getting disappointed over it not being there.

    2. Cortana. This digital personal assistant is the best yet (IMO). Although I'm from Australia, I decided to set my phone to the US settings so I could activate the Beta... and I have not been disappointed. Cortana understands my voice commands (and accent) a LOT better than the standard voice command system, or Siri, or Google Now. As such, my phone is now a LOT easier to use hands-free. Except for the default units being imperial instead of metric, everything about Cortana works in Australia well. Bring this to the Australian release ASAP, and bring this to Windows 8 instead of "Speech Recognition".

    3. The notification panel. I'm amazed at this, I really am. With Windows Phone 8 I had absolutely no need for the notification panel. When it because a top feature request, or sore point for reviewers, I simply didn't understand. It's simply not needed on WP8, and I rarely used it on iOS and Android devices either. But wow... it's a great addition that I now can't live without.

    Low points:

    1. Project my screen. Why do only newer handsets work with this feature wirelessly? Despite technology in my 920 that allows me to wirelessly send audio and video to DLNA (DMR) devices (Nokia PlayTo), I need to tether my 920 to use the in-built solution... are you serious?. I thought this feature would work with MiraCast technology, and fall back to DLNA, and finally resort to a USB option, but it looks like its cable-only for me right now, and that's not great. The world needs an open alternative to Apple's AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring, and this new feature doesn't look like the answer so far.

    2. Text editing. Why has the old cursor for text editing been replaced? The way that it worked in Windows Phone 8, where you simply tap-and-hold on a text box to receive a floating cursor you could drop exactly where you want, was amazing. In fact, this was the first feature that other smartphone users (mostly my iPhone-using friends) said "that's much better than mine" about. Now we have an impossibly small cursor to deal with? A big feature of these handsets was the great size, the great on-screen keyboard, and the ability to use the devices with gloves on. For a larger guy, with larger hands, this meant I could enter and/or edit text on my 920 quite well. The new cursor is a minor thing for some, but ruins my experience.

    1. Battery life. Remains to be seen if this update improves things, but my 920 has received much shorter battery life since running WP8.1. I fully expect this might be related to enabling a bunch or Cortana services, and the thing constantly hitting up GPS and Data, but still... it's considerably worse than WP8 was.

    Missing features I'd like to see:

    1. HID and OTG support missing. I agree with some others here, that Windows Phone needs to support OTG and/or HID connections. While it may seem weird to desire plugging a USB key into a phone, or connect a keyboard and mouse, it's a feature that I would love. Writing long text passages has certainly been made easier with the swype keyboard and text prediction,but I still find it too slow. Sometimes, amid an ongoing text or email conversation, I'd really love to write more details. Right now, I drop the phone, head over to the tablet or computer, and write an email. It would be so much easier to use a bluetooth or USB keyboard for this. I can do this on my Nexus 7 tablet, and on my Surface RT, so why not the phone? After all, as someone said above, the thing does have Office on it... so it would make sense to support more input methods in order to actually use that.  And, like the RT and Nexus, I really would like OTG support. I don't have an mSD card on the 920, so need to tether my phone, or use OneDrive or email, to get data onto it. I'd love to use the new "Files" app in conjunction with USB keys and a OTG (micro-USB to female USB-A) cable for that.

    2. Still no "Find My Phone" app, or "Find My Family/Friends" option. Some might disagree here, and simply not want all that stalker-enabling rubbish on their handsets... but I loved the feature on my iPhone, and used Google Latitude on the Galaxy. Windows Phone has a great "Find my phone" option on the WindowsPhone website, but no app. And despite there now being a "My family" option for my account, this appears restricted to "Family Safety" features for now. I've tried a number of 3rd party apps like Life360, but they are hopeless. As the phone is already updating its location regularly (I enabled that option), why can't my wife use it to see where I am located? I hate the "where are you?" and "how far away are you?" text messages or phone calls.

    Keep up the good work WP team!

  • I'm glad I've received a response to why the Icon is getting the shaft to features like Glance and double tap.

    I'm so happy to see Verizons' flagship phone is being treated like one. Amazingly my Lumia 822 had such features...

  • Jonhy05
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    I would like the Notification Center buttons to be fully toggable (mainly the Wi-Fi button), just like the Screen Rotation lock. One tap to turn on, one tap to turn it off and hold it to open settings page. The way it is now is kind of annoying and not "fluid" enough.

    Also, something I noticed when I installed the update before this one, is that the touch stops working.. For example, my lock screen couldn't be swiped up but the notification center could be swiped down; several screen lock button presses, it worked normally again. And, when scrolling up and down on text messages, either the keyboard stops responding or the scrolling freezes and the keyboard too. Those little problems fixed themselves a few days after the update installation and haven't happened again.

    Thanks :D

  • Please add better support for audiobooks so I do not have to send an audiobook to OneDrive then download it to my phone.  Of the three major phone OSs, WP has abysmal support for audiobooks.  

    It is way past time for Microsoft to support Bluetooth HID on Windows Phone.  Sure, let's make a phone with Office, but not support keyboards.  

  • PLEASE!!! BACK WITH Word Flow e Swype, OK?

  • My Lumia 820 got the previous update and today the 12397 before 10M PDT. However, my Lumia 1520 is still on 8.10.12382.878.

  • I agree with macuser1986 even though the OS is a preview version the issues which it causes are bad for the phone's hardware.

    MS should have thoroughly tested the OS on a bunch of phones and then released it for the people to install. The OS is plagued with multiple issues and even if after 3 updates if those issues cannot be resolved then it clearly shows what a poorly built OS it is.

  • Gestalt
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    I would like to know if we can translate this:

    "...enables some newly commercialized devices and tweaks a couple of new APIs"

    as this:

    "We are introducing 3D touch API's for use with upcoming Windows Phone "Goldfinger" device"

    I must know! =)

    ...if not then maybe an audio API update for low latency performance? Please? =(

  • @McHale You can fix your 920 stuck on spinning cogs and rebooting by going following this link:- I had the same problem with my Lumia 625 when i first installed the 8.1 developer preview and it work for me.

    That should help you fix but you might lose your data but there is an option to keep your data if i am not mistaken.

  • Hopefully MS is reading this :

    -The auto-correction is broken in WP 8.1 for French language. Basically it doesn't auto-correct many common words when using the classical way to type (press a key at once), if you type "deja" it used to be auto-corrected to "déjà" in WP8.0 but not anymore with WP8.1. What is even more strange is that it is corrected when using swipe/wordflow keyboard (pass your finger over "d,e, j & a", and you get "déjà", which is what everybody wants.

    This is a major issue and everyone using the DP is complaining about it. Hopefully it will be fixed before the release of CYAN firmware during this summer.

    -Also, bring swipe/wordflow to the lock screen or the ability to use a picture password like for Windows 8.


  • Why didn't you solve the "Weak-WiFi-Problem" that lots of us suffer from since the beginning of WP8.1 ?

    The WiFi of my 2 Lumia 925 phones switches off when the phones are more than 3 meters away from the WiFi source (router).

  • I just found all apps over 20 Mb on store are ( download over wifi ) before the update was over 100 Mb , why that ???

  • por mas que an actualizado no se ha corregido el fallo de notificaciones y el problema según e notado no esta en las apps, son del mismo sistema del celular, sera algo que tenga que ver con la red porque solo tengo el problemas de las notificaciones solo cuando tengo wifi solo, cuando tengo Internet de la operadora esta todo perfecto. La app skype tiene muchos problemas no esta trabajando bien necesita actualizarse

  • While I can add music to kids corner I can not get it to play. When trying to play anything in kids corner, Xbox music displays the message that it is not supported in kids corner. Am I the only one that can't play music in kids corner?

  • @dalydose

    I understand this is pre production but the battery issue and overheating are bad for the battery. I work in the battery industry so I know how detremental it is to a battery to be drained so quickly and overheat like it has been. I cannnot just swap out this battery I would need to replace the entire phone.

    Why is the Icon getting the shaft like it is anyway? No glance support and it seems other features are avaible on other cheaper devices but the current flaggship of Verizon is getting nothing. I honestly should of kept my Lumia 822.

  • dalydose
    11 Posts

    MacUser1986 needs to realize that this is a PREproduction, PREview version of the operating system.  It is obvious, from the immature threat to go back to iPhone, that he/she needs to wait for the commercial release.

    That being said, I hope that power issues are being addressed.  I think I read that some of these will be taken care of when manufacturers provide updated firmware for the devices.

  • JReed
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    Updating now. Anyone else having issues using speech to text while connected to Bluetooth?  It used to work before updating to 8.1.  I am also still having issues with battery life and Wi-Fi on my Lumia Icon.  I hope this fixes at least one of those issues.

  • This update seems to have had no negative effect on either mine or my wife's 920 however for some reason that no one seems to be able to identify hers discharges about 1.4% per hour when idle and mine at 2.2%.  Neither is a problem but it would be nice if some one had an idea.  

    As far as play lists there is a need for a major improvement in the way they are created and dealt with.  I created a playlist with about 600 items because we are going to be driving 1300 miles and have no radio signal most of the way.  When I tried to end the list the music app said it could not create a play list of more than 1000 items.  Strange in that there are no more that 620 items on the phone.  

    So far I have had no over heating or other operating problems.  

  • Since I joined the Developer Preview my phone freezes x2 a week. The Freeze is really strange because it seems to be on a specific cycle. It usually Freezes on Wednesdays or Thursdays and then Saturday or Sundays. Usually need to hold volume down button + power for 15 seconds to get it to work again. Not sure what causes it since the phone usually freezes when it's in standby mode, and only once did it freeze with the lock screen active. I use a Lumia 1020 on ATT. Out of curiosity has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm hoping the new update will fix this bug at least.

  • I somewhat agree with MacUser1986. I have had the similar issues.Battery drains way faster than before, overheating and delay in awaking.

  • Bluen
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    You made some decent points there. I looked on the internet for the issue and found most guys will agree with your blog. I’m very glad to see such wonderful info being shared freely out there. My site:

  • Guys: you should not use preproduction software on your devices unless you can live with issues. Given that 8.1 has neither been released as an official update to the 920 nor the Icon that is exactlly the situation you're in. The official update will roll out over the coming months and everything should work normally like on 8.0 before.

  • McHale
    29 Posts

    This update broke my 920.  While the gears were spinning, my phone overheated and rebooted. During the reboot it will get to the AT&T logo and reboot again.  Since I can't remove my battery, I can't pull it to shut off the phone so now my phone is in a constant reboot until the battery dies.  

  • benpal
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    Consistent overheating problem when using HERE Drive. Power consumption is so high, even the charger cannot keep up and my 920 is completely drained in less than an hour.

    And just a few minutes ago, as I grabbed my phone wanting to download the update I found it dead. Had to reboot (Vol. down + Power buttons). Battery charge indicates that there is still 80% left.

    Hope this 3rd update will cure these problems.

  • Getting so used to the Swype interface that I want it for the lock screen as well!

  • Since updating to 8.1 my Lumia Icon has been nothing but trouble for me. Weak battery life, over heating and a delay when awaking my phone.

    Lets not forget Wi-Fi issues...

    Are these issues ever going to be fixed? I shouldn't have to have my phone in battery saver mode all the time to get half a day out of my phone  and i don't use it a lot.

    Fix these issues guys or I'm going back to an iPhone.

  • I found a bug in the preview, the lock screen PIN keypad screen is still too big on the lock screen. Making it hard to enter a pin because you have to stretch your finger much farther on the Lumia 1520's 6 inch screen.

    But the wallet's pinpad screen is smaller and much easier to use. I went to the lockscreen settings and then when I tried disabling the pin, the pinpad screen is small too, but another bug is "enter your password" text is off to the right and the grey bar is cut off.

    So basically..-lockscreen pinpad isn't DPI aware. still big on Lumia 1520.

                        -lockscreen settings, disabling pin, correct size pinpad screen but cut off grey bar and "enter your password" not centered.

  • If there are changes to the behavior of developer facing APIs it would be great to let us developers now which APIs were affected. I hope a post on this is upcoming soon.

  • "[...] tweaks a couple of new APIs"

    Is anything about that developers can access? Or are some features of Windows Phone 8.1 OS?