4 ways to personalize the sounds on your Windows Phone

4 ways to personalize the sounds on your Windows Phone

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Windows Phone is all about letting your personality shine through. For instance, whenever I receive a call from my wife, The Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back plays. (Love you, honey.) With that in mind, here are my top tips for personalizing your sounds in Windows Phone 8.1.

1. Take your pick – If you go to Settings > Ringtones + sounds > Ringtone, you’ll notice that there are now over 20 ringtones built right in—a whole bunch of new ones, and the oldies you already know and love. Just tap one to make it your default (or tap the Play icon to hear a sample first). Want to add more ringtones? Learn how.


2. Give ‘em a tone – As I mentioned earlier, you can give that special someone in your life a unique ringtone. That way, when that person calls or messages you, you know it’s them. In People, tap a contact, and then tap Edit. Tap Ringtone or Text tone, tap the ringtone or text tone you’d like to use, and then tap Save.


3. Customize your reminders and app sounds – New in Windows Phone 8.1! Some people like bells when an incoming text arrives, others prefer a dog howl. Go to Settings > Ringtones + sounds, and then tap Reminders to choose a sound for reminders, or tap Manage app sounds to customize sound and vibration settings for stuff like Facebook notifications, incoming emails, text messages, and more.


4. Pump up the volume – This new feature was the result of, er, voluminous user feedback: There are now separate volume controls for your ringer and notifications, media and apps, headphones, in-call volume, Bluetooth, and more. You can still adjust the volume with the traditional hardware buttons, of course, but now you can also manage volume controls right on your phone screen. Simply press the Volume up + or Volume down - button, and then tap the Open volume bar arrow at the top of the screen to use the new volume controls.

Drag your finger along the slider to adjust the volume, or tap the icon beside it to mute or unmute. The slider and icon will be different depending on what sounds you’ve currently got going on your phone. You can also turn vibrate on or off with a single tap. For more info, check out Ringtones, sounds, and volume.


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  • Dear numbnuts,

    I have an idea - stop building garbage very few users care about and build things most people find useful. The reason why WPs dont sell is because there are so few apps. MS has been completely unsuccessful in their attempts to pay companies to develop on their platform and worse at developing on behalf of companies on the WP platform. Its is so bad now that it cannot be fixed without increased adoption. So lets move on from this issue.

    Since WP will not have the necessary apps without increased adoption, they should focus on the business consumer, who tells you what he wants below. Focus on making the business consumer happy. Make the WP an essential business tool. That's how y'all conquered the os world after all. Capture the business consumer and they will force the consumer model.

    How do you do this? Build a file explorer for WP that it mirrors the surface one drive explorer. Give people the option of creating emails with attachments of any kind from their one drive. Oh, and go pay adobe whatever they want and get flash functional on WinMobile. That is obviate the need for half of the apps as they could then be launched from a browser.

    but what do I know, I'm just a dummy with a useless windows phone.


  • Here's a place you can leave suggestions for features you want in the future.


  • Hello, how about continuous vibration option during incoming calls? Do you know how ridiculous is this not having this option?

  • Hey, thanks for posting.Hmm, not sure, but I’ll be sure to pass this suggestion along to the folks here.

  • Would a future update make is possible to change the sound made when connecting our phone to a charger or computer?