Bing Rewards app now available for Windows Phone

Bing Rewards app now available for Windows Phone

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Earning and redeeming Bing Rewards credits just got even easier with the new dedicated Bing Rewards app for Windows Phone – now available for download from the Windows Phone Store. Bing Rewards makes it fun to discover ways that Bing can help you do the things important to you. All you need to do is sign-in and search with Bing. As you search with Bing, you earn credits that can be redeemed for apps and games from the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store. You can also redeem for popular gift cards from top brands, Starbucks, Xbox, Fandango and more or donate your credits to a local school or charity of your choice.

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With the Bing Rewards app for Windows Phone, you can now search and earn credits on the go. With the app, you get access to your Bing Rewards dashboard with you can see all your offers, manage your account, redeem credits, enter sweepstakes, and more. You will also get exclusive mobile-only offers for opportunities to earn credits on your Windows Phone.


Pin the app to your Start screen on your Windows Phone and have its Live Tile monitor your credits and the status of your search and earn offers.

See this blog post on the Bing Blog for more details.

Download the app and get started today. If you’ve signed in and done a lot of searches on Bing, you may already have a bunch of credits! I’ve got 1,023 credits I’ve got to decide what to do with… 3-months of no ads on looks enticing.

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  • Just to clarify. By "useless", I mean that I'm unable to log into the app with my Facebook account, where all my points are. My Microsoft account isn't earning any points.

  • shaung
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    Is there a reason why it's not available in Canada? Really frustrating when things like this come out and Canada is not able to download the app. You need to ensure you are clear on who this is available for. Communication, Communication, Communication

  • Apparently, I need Facebook logged in to see my current points. So...this app is currently useless to me...

  • Albert
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    Hey Brandon, awesome that I can now earn credits through all the searching I do on my phone :) One thing though, it seems like there's a great incentive to link Facebook to a Bing Rewards account (i.e. big points prize and constant notifications to do so), however, with the way sign-in works with Bing Rewards, it is a real hassle when there is no way to concurrently sign in with Facebook and a Microsoft account. This new Windows Phone access to Bing Rewards is one example that highlights the hassle in what appears to lead to earning credits on two Bing Rewards accounts linked to the same Microsoft account (correct me if I'm wrong). For example, at work I log in to check my email but definitely don't log in to Facebook. While I'm searching on Bing (and signed in to my Microsoft account), I'm earning credits on some ghost Bing Rewards account because I'm not logged into Facebook. On Windows 8 (and now Windows Phone), when only a Microsoft account login is available, the same situation arises where credits are earned only to this "ghost" account and not the Bing Rewards account linked with Facebook. I imagine *someone* on the Bing team has experienced this, any idea on whether this is planned to be addressed? Thanks for your time Brandon.