Announcing New Features in Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Announcing New Features in Windows Marketplace for Mobile

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I’m pleased to introduce a few much anticipated upgrades for Windows Marketplace for Mobile going live today. We introduced Windows Marketplace with the launch of Windows phones on October 6th and promised a second wave of features in November. Today, we’re adding more advanced anti-piracy protection and an improved developer portal for our registered ISVs, as well as introducing PC based shopping and account management for Windows phone customers.

Developer portal improvements and stronger anti-piracy protection

We’ve been gathering input on what we can do to improve the developer experience and have made some subtle but important enhancements to the developer portal to enable easier uploading of images, greater insight into account status and several other refinements based on feedback from developers. Today’s update also provides more advanced anti-piracy protection. While the underlying technical changes will be transparent for customers, developers will now be able to take advantage of these new protections by following the steps outlined in this anti-piracy whitepaper. As always, updates to existing applications can be submitted for free. To learn more about developing applications for Windows phones, head over to the Windows Mobile for Developers site.

Browse and buy applications from the PC
While we’ve heard great feedback on the Marketplace experience on Windows phones, sometimes people just want the benefits of a shopping on a PC. Starting today, Windows phone customers can browse, buy and download applications online at the Windows Marketplace for Mobile site. The selected applications are delivered wirelessly to the customer’s Windows phone and install the next time the Windows Marketplace client runs on the device. This creates another way for customers to easily find and purchase applications and gives developers a whole new level of exposure.

Marketplace has been extremely active and I couldn’t be happier with the reactions from both developers and customers. We’ve been open for just over one month and already we can see that there’s demand for an application marketplace that doesn’t compromise on quality or experience. I look forward to providing a more detailed update on Windows Marketplace for Mobile when we extend the service to Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 customers later this month.

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  • UCFw00t
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    The one main feature I wish it had was the ability to remove apps that I've 'purchased' in the past.  I've downloaded/installed a whole bunch of apps that I don't care for.  There's a few that I do want.  Whenever I hard reset, I would like to be able to just hit one button and have all of the apps that I actually use get installed.  I was hoping that I could do this with the web interface but still no go.

  • I would like to be able to install apps on my storage card. I cant really install anything since I only have about 10megs left out of 51 on the Motorola Q 9c.

    Until I get a new WM phone(when this one dies) I cant use Marketplace but to see new apps and try to download them from internet explorer mobile.