Welcome to the new Windows Phone Developer Blog

Welcome to the new Windows Phone Developer Blog

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As we roll towards full public disclosure of the details of the Windows Phone 7 Series development platform there needs to be a place where members of the team building it can engage in conversations with the community.

This is the place. Subscribe to this feed to get deep technical information on the tools, platform capabilities, and so forth. We’ll be linking to other blogs and content sites as well. We’ll do our best to keep away from marketing spiel and instead focus on great technical conversations.

On twitter we are @wp7dev.  We use #wp7dev to track twitter conversations on the platform.

Here are a set great blogs from some of the team members you’ll be getting to know:

Charlie Kindel:
Topics: Everything
Blog: blogs.msdn.com/ckindel
Twitter: @ckindel

Andre Vrignaud:

Topics: Multi-screen gaming
Blog: www.ozymandias.com
Twitter: @ozymandias

Christian Schormann:

Topics: User experience design
Blog: electricbeach.org
Twitter: @cschormann

Shawn Hargreaves:

Topics: Game design
Blog: blogs.msdn.com/shawnhar 
Twitter: @shawnhargreaves

Todd Brix:

Topics: Marketplace
Blog: windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windowsphone  
Twitter: @toddbrix

Anand Iyer:

Topics: Mobile social media
Blog: www.artificialignorance.net/blog
Twitter: @ai

Michael Klucher:

Topics: Game development
Blog: klucher.com
Twitter: @mklucher


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  • i am working on my windows phone application for my collage, but having problem with images its not showing the images when i am running the app in emulator. can any one help me out

  • I just want to pass a message to Microsoft about their Windows 7 phone OS.  Using the phone regularly by far has to be the worst experience I have ever had with a cell phone.  The OS is 100% incapable of completing a single task without unecessary delays and lock ups.  I can see Windows decided to go back to the old rebooting format to make an OS work.  This phone needs rebooting at least 10 times a day.  Imagine switching from Instant Messaging to the phone app to make a simple call was so complicated for this OS to work through.  Wish my company had let me keep my blackberry which stayed alive for months without shutting down.  Microsoft, your Windows 7 platform for desktops is awesome.  But you need to do your homework on cell phones.  Android, Blackbery and obviously Apple are miles ahead of your curve.

  • agoyal
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    Ok,I need to develop something like a .Net Form based UI app,

    But I want it to run both in WM 6.x and  WM7 .So which technology/language do you think I should use.

    I think Silver light is not there in WM6.x and I am not sure if simple .Net form based application will run on WM7 or not.

    Any suggestion guys.

  • Wow so its time to get started tweaking/developing apps for win 7 mobile

  • Thanks for the reply Bernhard König

    If you google hd2 and windows mobile 7, you will see a lot of articles quoting "reliable sources close to windows and htc" that the HD2 will get a windows 7 update. Until last week there was no mention that this will not be possible, which is why there are so many upset people around. A lot of people bought windows 6.5 phones with the believe that an upgrade would be around the corner (6.5 was only intended as a stop-gap measure I believe). And htc has delivered on its promises on OS upgrades in the past.

    I do not want any backward compatibility of windows 7 with windows 6.5. Like you said this has adverse effects and it is better to leave 6.x in the past, but has nothing to do with the minimum hardware requirements.

    If the iphone can be succesful with specs of 412 MHz, 320 x 480 pixels, 3.5 inches, 128 MB RAM and 1 button then it is a bit funny to say that windows mobile 7 needs higher specs than 1 GHz, RAM, 480 X 800 pixels, 4.3 inches, 448 MB and 5 buttons in order to be successful. Or course 5 buttons are not enough and windows mobile 7 needs a minimum of 7 buttons to be successful :S

    Sounds like windows 7 will be a software developers heaven and I really like your solid effort that you have put in so far, but it sounds like a hell for the phone companies. As why do you need phone companies if the OS only can handle 1 hardware specs down to the number of buttons and microsoft can sell phone directly like Apple. But like you said it will be a lot easier to provide software updates and support if the new windows 7 phone is based on the iphone model. And that will be good for customers.

    Thanks and looking forward to the developments, Marius

  • this is a great for all of us, and of course for rest of the world too.. I think this is a Windows Phone 7 official blog/news source isn't it? Who is the team lead by the way? :D

  • Ahh.. At last! we now have a official windows phone 7 blog and news source, thanks soo much for this :)

    hmmm.. now where do i start to ask my questions? hehehe :-P


  • @marisuvr ... the step to leave the past behind was absolutely a neccessary step vor MS. See it as a chance for something really new. MS never can do it right for anyone ... if they'd came up with something similar and compatible to WM6, we will have complaints here that their efforts aren't enough ...

    Btw, if you look back on how often OEMs offered upgrades to existing phones ... if you were lucky, you got 1 (one) firmware upgrade, but that's it. The OEMs never put too much effort to support phones that were allready sold.

    So here's the change that maybe will solve this lacking after-sales support of the OEMs. Here's a WM OS that requires the OEMs to use hardware that doesn't make each and every Windows Phone incompatible to all others.

    This means that there is a rather big chance that WP7 OS upgrades can be obtained directly from MS and applied to WP7 devices from all OEMs. Just like you update your Zune (or iPhone) frequently.

    And this requires to drop compatibility with a device ecosystem that offers everything but ... compatibilty. And, IMHO, if you want to do this right, you have to be consistent right from the beginning. It's the only way to go.

    Also, MS announced that WM6.x will be supported in the years to come, which also means that there will be OS updates in the future. And if HTC understands customer support right in the meantime, which I doubt, you might get updates for the HD2. For the OS it was made for.

    WM7 is a completely different thing and so its a hard but required cut with the past.

    I also think that we will be able to carry over most of the code we have written for WM6 to WP7 as long as you used .NET and as long as you used a solid architecutre that makes it easy to swap the UI layer.

  • Great initiative to have a blog on windows mobile 7 development. Since you wanted engagement with the comminty here is my feedback on what I heared so far of windows 7.

    No upgrade path from windows 6.5 is such a huge turn-off for me. It is really upsetting windows mobile supporters and will surely reduce the market share of windows mobile in the next 6 months.

    Having spend big money on the fastest phone on the marker (HTC HD2 with 1 GHz processor), I am upset that windows 7 can't run on it, just because it only has 5 buttons.

    Why should people buy a windows mobile phone in the next 6 months? Anything they buy now will be outdated and un-upgradable in 6 months and will be a waste of money.

    Also bad decision for your partners. HTC has been making huge progress on behalf of Microsoft in the last years. They will also be upset to see sales plummet of their flagship model. All because someone set the minimum requirements to 7 buttons.

    Please reconsider your minimum specs.

    Thanks, Marius

  • Finally! We have a Windows Phone 7 official blog/news source, thanks for this :)

  • wait for a GREAT sdk ! ;)

  • good

  • MrAlex
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    Finally :)

    When/where can we start to ask questions? :P

  • Nice! Can't wait to get more information on the WP7 dev platform. And can't wait to start developing. A .NET/Silverlight platform is exiting ... and everything I wished for.

    Hope that also non-MIX-attendees will be able to get their hands on an beta SDK soon so we all can start porting our old WM6 apps to WM7 asap - so that there will be allready plenty of great applications and hub extensions when the first phone hits the stores in fall.

  • Shawn is doing game design and Kluch is doing game development? Would have thought it would be the other way around. :)