Visual Basic Comes to Windows Phone 7

Visual Basic Comes to Windows Phone 7

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It’s been just one week since we went final with the Windows Phone Developer Tools. The uptake has been incredibly strong, and we have been so excited to hear how happy developers were with the additions of the Panorama, Pivot and Bing Maps controls. Well, that’s last week’s news.


I asked this question yesterday as a little bit of a tease for what we are announcing today. Ever since we first announced the application platform for WP7, there was a loud chorus of Visual Basic developers asking if and when they would be able to build apps for Windows Phone. That wait is over. You can now download the Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools. Provided in this download are all the templates, designer support, emulator (and phone!) support and IntelliSense for Visual Basic.

We’re not formally announcing the schedule for when Visual Basic will be fully supported. We’re giving VB developers early access to the Windows Phone 7 platform so that they can start thinking about what amazing apps they want to build.

A couple of important caveats:

  1. This is a CTP, which means we want to give you early access, and are hoping to solicit feedback, but this is not a final implementation, and you should not expect anything you built to be commercial ready.
  2. There is no Go-Live license, which means you shouldn’t try to release apps built with this version of the technology.
  3. You need to be a Visual Studio 2010 Professional (or higher) customer. So if you only have the Express edition of the Windows Phone Developer Tools, you cannot use this version of the CTP. I hear Visual Studio 2010 have a trial download if you are really itchy.
  4. You cannot build XNA games. Silverlight apps only.
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  • pantana
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    I noticed the templates do not work in Blend.  Is that coming as well?

  • mofo77
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    Please, i'm waiting for C++ managed version...

  • Ah, the VB haters never cease to entertain me.  I had installed the developer tools and didn't get a chance to look at them until today.  I was disappointed when VB.NET support wasn't there - but elated when I saw that this CTP was available!  Here's to a speedy release of full support so I can go live!

  • Great !... now we will have all those VB wanna be programmers mucking up the phone world - <sigh>... when will it STOP ?

  • Brandon,

    Thanks for the welcome update. I attended FireStarter in Charlotte and I was suprised at how many of us were thinking about enterprise apps. We need to have support for it asap. I am very happy of the progress made so far but I encouraged to keep thinking on how business people could benefit from it. This comment is not to be taken as a criticism rather as an encouragement to keep it in mind and get something done on that area too.

    Best regards


  • This is great news , however IMHO this should also have been comunicated through the VB team  , i have posted on MSDN a few days ago that i was dissapointed because i feel that MS is again favoring C# in new technologies first it was XNA ( wich is still not availlable ) and now it was Windows Phone 7 this is agains the comitmne bt MSFT made that both would be treated  equal  :-|   and hey "I am a VB" !.

    But nevertheless thank you for taking us VB developers to the Windows Phone ! it is sure apreciated

  • I would love to have C++/CLI. This would totaly reduce porting time and would help to keep libraries for Windows Phone, the Desktop and WiMo->Embedded Handheld!

  • 7flavor
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    Next should be C++ which would enable easily porting millions of apps.

  • XNA has been out for years and people have been asking for VB support. It still has not come yet. Was not expecting it now.

  • 1) please allow one to sign in using Microsoft Passport (or Twitter etc.)

    2) shall we ever see VB for XNA (for Xbox & Zune [hoping new XNA will decide to support Zune again] too, not just WP7)?

  • odrp
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    Awesome news.  I'm a helpless with Silverlight but a mighty dev with VB.   (Well, not mighty but just not as helpless).  Looking forward for the beta!

  • Thanks Brandon - made my day seeing this in the forum.  Woohooo!!!

  • This is great news.  I was seriously debating on whether or not to go ahead and get an Android phone.  I mean, if I was going to have to learn a new (at least to me) language anyway, why wait for WP7?  Now I can start porting the couple of little ham radio programs I've written for Windows Mobile over to WP7.  I wonder if we'll be able to put SQLCE on the WP7 phone?

  • Let's see if it faces the same shameful fate of eMbedded Visual Basic...