The Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update

The Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update

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Last week was a busy week for the Windows Phone Team:  not only did we celebrate the launch of Windows Phone across Europe, we also released the Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 Update.  The update, available here on the Microsoft Download Center, provides:

· an updated Bing Maps Control that improves map performance during user gestures

· the Capability Detection tool, which scans your application and reports on detected phone capabilities which will be applied during ingestion to marketplace.

· the WP Connect utility, which enables creating a connection between the Phone and your PC without require Zune to be running, enabling debugging of media APIs.

More information on the Capability Detection tool is here on MSDN, and details on the WP Connect Utility are here on MSDN.  The update requires that you have the Windows Phone Developer Tools installed and that language/locale of the update and developer tools match.  If you haven’t yet installed the developer tools or created a developer account, head on over the AppHub at for everything you need to start building Windows Phone apps.   Windows Phone 7 is finally here and there are some great apps appearing in the app store—you’re not going to want to sit this one out!

Happy coding!—The Windows Phone Developer Tools Team

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  • - @Michael -

    I understand what those 90$ are for (certification, validation, publish, ...). What I don't understand is why developers who develop "internal tools" or "personal tools" also have to pay (ok this avoid cracked apps to appear but not sure it will stop them for long).

    I've read many blogs/forums where "old" winmo developers were asking why they have to pay for making personal developments, others don't understand why by paying for VS2010 they are still locked ; the VS2010Express is free so it's ok to pay for unlocking devices, people are not asking for "100% free unlock" and neither do I.

    About the emulator I agree it can be used to make some demo but many things are not emulated : simulation of phone calls, simulation of geolocation...I found some tricks to use XML files instead of the real GPS but well we have to make some dirty code like "if I'm debugging then call this fake code, else call the real gps", this should be manage by the emulator not by our programs no?

    Also I cannot emulate accelerometer, neither camera's going to be pretty hard to make a demo that convince without having it "running on a real device" because of those missing features in the emulator!

    Anyway I may buy the right to unlock my phone personally but really as a MSDN Subscriber I'm not happy with this new point of view...hopefully the SDK and VS2010 are great!!

  • DarkAngel-- Application deployment to the phone requires that you have registered as a developer and that you've enrolled the phone via the Developer Registration Tool.  If you're still in the "proof of concept" phase, the Windows Phone Emulator is available without  the need to register.

  • Hello!

     I just get the update and tried WPConnect. It says "ok connected" but when trying to deploy from VS it says me my device is locked!  I've been looking aroud for more information on this because during presentation of windows phone developments (Microsoft Days in france) and all buzz made around the web about windows phone for developers I never heard that we need an "unlocked device" so I bought an Omnia7 just to do this and damn.......Starting to think about sending it back :'(

      I'm quite surprise to see that, as a developer, we have to pay to be able to do "real test" (or demo)... Do you know if there is another way to unlock ?

     In my company they wants me to make some "proof of concept" before paying things like this, we are MSDN subscribers (VS2010 Ultimate) so they don't understand why I have to buy more stuff to make some demo! They were cool enough to bring me a wp7 to replace my iPhone but now........

     Any ideas on how to convince them is welcomed :o)