Windows Phone Design Team joining the conversation

Windows Phone Design Team joining the conversation

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The Windows Phone Design team is very excited to be joining the conversations on the Windows Phone Developer Blog. 

We’ve come a long ways, what a start!  It was only last February in Barcelona where we revealed Windows Phone 7 to the world.  We had been working on our new design, Metro, for little over a year at that point, and we weren’t really sure what the world would think. Our design emphasized content & typography, we created  a new interaction model with Glance & Go live tiles, a new application framework with hubs that allowed for richer integrated experiences, and a fast, fluid, delightfully responsive touch interface.  During our design journey,  we met with thousands of users and translated their aspirations into insights, synthesized them to scenarios, then to concepts and finally into designs.  Some things worked, some not.  We worked the design and kept making it better. Over time, we started to believe we had something very special.… a new experience that would build the foundation for personal, relevant and connected mobile experiences. It was a great start in Barcelona.

With the launch of Windows Phone to the market, the design team is excited to continue evolving Windows Phone and to work with you to make Windows Phone even better.  We will use this blog to share our design thinking, ideas and tools for designing better apps and richer experiences. We will share the trends that we are seeing, things that inspire us, and offer guidance for designers and developers that are excited to create new app experiences for Windows Phone.

Joining me on this blog to talk about design will be:

Mike Kruzeniski , Creative Director for the Apps Design team. Mike leads the  design team working with 3rd party developers, external design studios, and Brands to help them create beautiful mobile experiences for the Windows Phone platform.

Bryan Agnetta, Design Program Manager for the Apps Design team. Bryan has spent the last half year meeting with designers and developers around the world teaching design for Windows Phone, and gathering feedback from the dev and design community.

Alfred Astort, Lead UX Designer for the Apps Design team working with some of our closest partners designing Windows Phone apps.

You’ll also be able to find us on twitter: @WPdesignteam

Please join us in continuing the design journey for Windows Phone.

Let’s get Started…

- Albert

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  • Hi guys. I just received my brand new WP7 device and I really like the clean, cool design. One thought though: Couldn't you come up with a better icon for "save" than a diskette? My daughter (13 yrs), for instance, can't relate to that symbol at all - I actually had to find an old diskette in a drawer to explain the purpose of the symbol to her. I can understand that the diskette-icon still lives in Office, which is kind of old, but on the phone... :) It's interesting how hard it is even for our metaphors to keep up with the changing times!

  • Thanks to the team for the nice UI design on my "Samsung Omnia 7"!!

    Waiting for your next ideas on our devices ;-)

  • everything looks great except the fact that there is no phone yet

  • You need to get into Windows Media Centre, and bring in a cross between Metro, and the new Xbox Dashboard UI, WP7 support, and persuade Microsoft to dump Windows Media Player, in favour of a new Zune client!  

    You should be very proud of what you have achieved!  I say this as a proud UK Zune HD user, and a Windows Phone 7 owner!

  • Congrats on shipping WP7 and the first iteration of Metro! I am personally really inspired by the work Albert and his team of designers have done. It isn't everyday that employees at Microsoft get the opportunity to create and design the future and what will eventually become a ubiquitous design language down the road.

    Really, really excited to see how WP7 will evolve and how the WP design team will continue to innovate, differentiate and surprise people by showing them that such an innovative and unique product can come out of Microsoft.

    Now lets show Apple and Google how to do multitasking, by creating new metaphors, Metro-style! :)